Unique Kitchen Backsplash Idea: Fabric Under Glass

fabric backsplash - kitchen of the month from house beautiful 2014 - 2

I have just about everything decided for my kitchen design now...except for the backsplash and walls. Y'all, I've been making myself crazy with this decision.  I originally thought I'd use white subway tiles.  I really, truly love subway tiles, and I think the bright white would be a beautiful contrast with my green cabinets, but subway tiles are everywhere lately.  White subway tiles with dark … [Continue reading...]

Kitchen Remodel – Finalized Design For The Wall Of Cabinets

drawing - storage wall

Well, progress has been slow (perhaps nonexistent) on my kitchen for the last two or three weeks. I got a bit overwhelmed, and then hurt my elbow and needed to work on something a little less physically demanding, so I played around with my hallway doors. Then I decided I needed to do something fun that would actually end with a pretty result, so I refinished my dining table and chairs. Then I got … [Continue reading...]

Pressback Dining Chair Makeover – Before and After

pressback chair makeover - 9

After my awful DIY fail on Tuesday with these dining chairs, I finally had success yesterday after re-stripping, re-staining, re-shellacking, and then cerusing the seats to go with my refinished dining table.  And I finally got to use my new paint sprayer for the first time.  I love it!  It was so fun to use!  More on that in a second.  First, here's how my chair turned out.  (I only got one … [Continue reading...]

Attempted Dining Chair Makeover (DIY Fail)

pressback chair makeover - 6

After finishing my dining table this weekend, I still needed to do something with the six pressback chairs that came with the table. These won't be the main dining chairs I'll be using.  If you'll remember, I have four wingback chairs that I'll be turning into dining chairs to go with the "new" table. But I have the pressback chairs, and even though they'll only be brought out when … [Continue reading...]

Eleven Ways To Update and Makeover An Outdated Or Damaged Dining Table

dining table makeover - after - pretty handy girl

When I shared my cerused dining table makeover yesterday, I had several people comment and say that their own dining table needed a bit of an update as well. Since I know that probably not everyone wants a cerused dining table, I thought I'd bring you some other ideas (as well as helpful links) to get your creative juices flowing. No need to live with an outdated dining table when there are so … [Continue reading...]

Cerused Oak Dining Table (Table Makeover) – Finished!

cerused oak dining table 31

I finished my cerused dining table, and I love how it turned out!  Here's a look at the top before and after... That orange oak table with the sad dark grain has a fresh new, modern look with its not-so-orange stain color and white grain. And here's a look at the whole table before and after... I did go ahead and paint the apron and base white just because I didn't want anything … [Continue reading...]

Cerused Oak Dining Table (Table Makeover) – Part 1

cerused oak dining table 4

I had never even heard of the term "cerused" until I saw the Cameron Diaz's green kitchen designed by Kelly Wearstler.  You know the one.  It's the kitchen that has inspired the direction for my own kitchen and my plan for green cabinets. Cameron Diaz's Manhattan apartment kitchen as featured in Elle Decor Of course, the cabinets were the first thing I noticed, but those floors also caught my … [Continue reading...]

My New Free Dining Chairs, Found Treasures, And Lighting Galore

lanterns from Turkey 1

I'm slowly but surely getting things ready in the breakfast room so that I can level the floor in there.  Yesterday was a long day of removing trim, baseboards, shoe moulding, tack strips, and more plywood from the walls, and loading all the junk in the truck.  I'm so tired of this process, but hopefully I can get it all finished today and get the floor primed so that tomorrow I can start putting … [Continue reading...]

Kitchen Lighting Confusion (Help Wanted!)

calabash p2 gold pendant light from finnish design shop

Okay, y'all, I've put out the "help wanted" sign because I have no idea how to handle the lighting over the sink area in my kitchen.  And I need to get this decided because my brother-in-law Bill and my sister Cathy will be back from their trip-around-the-country business trip soon, and they're coming to help me with all of the electrical stuff for my kitchen around the 26th of this month.  In the … [Continue reading...]

Remodeling Depression — It’s A Real Thing

remodeling depression - kitchen floors

I'm really surprised that it's not listed in the DSM-V, and that there aren't some really strong, make-you-happy medications available specifically for it, and that there aren't support groups for it, because I'm here to tell you that remodeling depression is a real thing. And it struck me hard yesterday. Honestly, I didn't even realize why I was feeling the way I was feeling at first.  I … [Continue reading...]