Hi there! I’m Kristi…

…and I’m an interior decorating addict. :)

I love every aspect of creating beautiful, warm, inviting, comfortable homes — painting, upholstering, creating, building, sewing, and much more. And I love to do these things myself…to get my hands dirty.

So how did all of this come about?

I’ve always had my hands in creative endeavors for as long as I can remember. When I went to college, I thought briefly about majoring in Interior Design, but I was torn between that and psychology, believing that I wanted to spend my life as a marriage and family therapist. So in 1995, I graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.

The next several years were spent working at the Department of Veterans Affairs, going on several missions trips to Germany, Mexico, Morocco, Egypt, and Turkey, and finally moving to Turkey for a year-and-a-half. During those times, I would have opportunities here and there to decorate and create, but certainly not as much as I wanted.

In 2001, I moved back to the U.S., married my husband Matt, and settled in Oregon. For the first time in my life, I had my own house that I could use as my playground and testing ground for my interior decorating ideas. I had loads of fun, but I definitely went overboard, painting the inside of my house in 21 different colors. (Thank goodness my style and taste have been refined since then!)

It was during my three years in Oregon with Matt that I determined that I wanted to start an interior decorating business, and just a few months after moving back to Texas in the summer of 2005, I started Kristi Linauer Interiors, offering full service interior decorating services in Waco, Texas, and surrounding areas.

For the first three or four years, the work seemed new and exciting. I was starting to work with clients who had more money, and could afford nicer things. I had the freedom to go into a furniture store and pick out brand new furniture to fill rooms. I was hiring people to do the painting, wallpapering, building, window treatments, etc. I thought that things were headed in the direction that I wanted them to head…or at least, in the direction that I thought I was supposed to want them to head.

But I found myself feeling very restless and dissatisfied.

During that time, in 2007, I started this blog, Addicted 2 Decorating (actually called Addicted 2 Decor in the beginning). I wanted it to be a place where I shared, taught, and inspired others to tackle their interior decorating projects on their own. I wanted people to know that they could have gorgeous homes, even if they didn’t have a lot of money. My blog was also a place where I chronicled my projects in my own home, an 834-square-foot condo that I was remodeling and decorating all on my own, with almost no help from anyone else.

I started to notice that when I was working on my own projects, creating things, building things, upholstering furniture, and doing all of the work myself, I felt alive. I loved getting my hands dirty. I loved knowing that it was my creativity, and my own two hands, that created and transformed the items. I found it incredibly invigorating to go into a thrift store, purchase a diamond-in-the-rough, and turn it into something beautiful. Soon I realized that I much preferred shopping in thrift stores, searching for those diamonds-in-the-rough, than going into furniture stores and purchasing a room full of brand new stuff. In fact, I got to where I dreaded the “day job”, and the more I did it, the more dissatisfied I became with my interior decorating business.

So in 2011, I made the transition from “an interior decorator who blogs” to “full-time blogger”. Now I feel like I can use my creativity to its fullest. I can get my hands dirty. I can build. I can create. I can sew. I can do all of those things and more without feeling like I should really be doing the “proper” thing as an interior decorator by hiring out the work that I enjoy doing so much.

I finally feel like I can THRIVE.

So does that mean I don’t do interior decorating anymore?

Not exactly. I’m just very choosy about the projects that I take on. In the beginning, when I first started my business, I didn’t have the liberty to be picky. Financial obligations demanded that I take any and every job that came my way.

Now things have changed. Now I can be choosy. Now I can choose to work with people who know, understand, an appreciate the fact that I want to do the work myself.

Now I’m exactly where I want to be.


  1. says

    Hi Kristi-
    Just checking back in to see what you thought about my previous email.
    I need someone to help me with a few issues on my blog as well as evaluate what’s missing or what I can do to help it grow.
    In addition, I am interested in moving to WordPress.
    All for a fee- of course.

    Would you be interested and can you let me know your fee?

    Thank you,

    • Nicki says

      Hi Kristi, I recently discovered your site and I,m now hooked! I love your ideas and the fact that you are renovating a small condo. I am planning on buying my first condo and you are inspiring me to find one that I can renovate as well. I especially like the butcher block counters that you use mineral oil on. Were they originally a light wood? And is there any problems with the wood over time around the sink area where it would be wet most of the time?
      I can’t wait to see your future projects. Please keep them coming! Thanks!

  2. Jennifer Loy says

    Hi Kristi,
    Was wondering if you would share the colors you used in your Kitchen Make over? Love the colors but just not sure the computer does them justice…Thanks, love love love your page.


  3. Karen says

    Dear Kristi,
    I just discovered your blog and can totally relate to the sense of fulfillment by doing things by yourself. I bought my house last year and it’s far from done, but every little project my partner and I finish leaves us with this special glow! I’m really grateful for your sharing so many amazing ideas which I might adapt and change into things that fit my home. Many thanks and keep on – it’s great fun to read!

  4. MaryEllen says

    I am Addicted 2 UR Decorating and I am going to take on some of my projects! I too feel more alive during projects especially this time of year and my winter blues. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. susan says

    Kristi, I am so happy I found you. I am a textile/surface designer who has the same perspective as you, except I live to paint in the classical form. I also have been to the middle east . Look forward to getting to know you through your designs. :)

    Yours is the first profile I read completely and wanted more. Well I will close for now and look for

  6. vicki stokes says


    I live in australia and am very interested in converting from Drapes to Shutters and have read your views on the subject.

    For sure there must be a place for Shutters ???? could I send you some photos ???

    Kind regards vicki

  7. says

    Hi Kristi,

    I just stumbled upon your blog and so glad that I did –
    you’re an inspiration!
    Really interesting – looking forward to reading more
    thanks, Emma.

  8. Julie says

    Just stumbled across your blog and WOW you are amazing. I don’t know if you’re still taking jobs but I’d be willing to fly you out to my house and work your magic!

  9. says

    Kristi –

    I came across your blog from Oh So ShAbBy By Debbie Reynolds, you are what I have been looking for…i’m in love with your little condo, as my own home has small spaces, i have the want to be creative and get my hands dirty, but i don’t have the vision you have.

    Maybe following you I can get that look I’ve been dreaming of!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Dianne Trudell says

    Hi Kristi————– Came on your blog also by Oh So Shabby by Debbie Reynolds. Your makeover of your condo kitchen is amazing. It is done to perfection. You should be very proud of it. Look forward to seeing all the things you do!!!! Wish I had the talent you have!!!

  11. Rachel Neeley says

    I just found your site tonight and I can’t take my eyes off the screen. I love all of it. I too love to find treasures at thrift stores to change and decorate with.
    I’m wondering if you could do a virtual guide for me if I sent you a picture of a room that needs serious help? And how much you would charge for that?
    Truly addicted FAN – Rachel

  12. Marina says

    Dear Kristi,
    I found your blog as I was searching on “how to hang a picture on a tiled wall”…and I not only found the answer (it just happened that I have those Command…) but I discovered a treasure! I am also addicted to decor but you are on a class way over what I have accomplished. I have not even finished to look around your blog and I felt the need to put a comment.
    Your work and creativity are exquisite!
    God bless you.

    Marina S.

    • says

      I don’t respond to every comment I receive. Unfortunately, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day for me to do that. I do try to respond if someone has a question, and whether I respond on the blog or via email depends on whether or not the answer to that question would be beneficial to other readers. If others would benefit from the info, I’ll answer on the blog (which also automatically sends an email to the original commenter letting them know I’ve responded). If the info isn’t beneficial to other readers, I’ll respond via email.

        • says

          I’m not looking for advice on how to run my blog, either, Hunny. So far, you’ve been quite eager to hand out advice to me on how to spend my money, my time, and now how to run my blog. I’m not in the market right now, but if I ever do find myself in the market for a smart-alec, know-it-all life and business coach with a foul attitude, you’ll be my first contact. I promise. Until then, no thanks.

          • Suzi says

            Good for you Kristi
            There are always a few that can do it bigger, better, & have that motto of “Do it my way or do it the wrong way”-wonder why she has so much time to spare/share? Could it be that she’ll never be as successful as you–w/ that attitude!? & after a while u just have to tell them NO THANKS for your own mental health!
            I also had a business-painting, DIY,supplies, flowers,-& grew to hate it!”The store chores” took away frm my love-DIY. I enjoy teaching others also-love people. GREAT SITE, stumbled on frm Pintrest. Eager to see more. Now retired my newest projects are my brothers new 3000 sq foot home, currently all 1970-80’s, & an…

            antique (love them!) bedroom suite for my granddaughter.Dbl bed, vanity/triple mirror/stool, linen press,&2 nite tables currently painted all black. Would so APPRECIATE IDEAS EVERYONE! She is 13 w/ great, classy taste.

            I am very blessed; my brother does estate sales & besides buying much older sis all kinds of fabulous things he also gives me 1st pick….well, AFTER HIM! He knows all things antique, glassware, jewelry etc.
            Thanks sooo much for your generous sharing!(would love any IDEAS, any skill level in your spare time (ha!).
            suzi/ TX

  13. lisa says

    What can a I expect for a $2500 design service fee. Uncredential talented person who can help me pull it all together.

  14. says

    I am just blowin’ away with your talent. I have tried getting some help from many different designers but haven’t come across anyone who really understands what I want. I stumble across your site on facebook then came to your blog. We have identical taste in decorating I just don’t know how to do it. If I was to send you some pictures of my home would you be able to help me with it. I have a country ranch style home and I am hoping to redecorate all of it. You are now my inspiration.

  15. says

    I am just blowin’ away with your talent. I have tried getting some help from many different designers but haven’t come across anyone who really understands what I want. I stumble across your site on facebook then came to your blog. We have identical taste in decorating I just don’t know how to do it. If I was to send you some pictures of my home would you be able to help me with it. I don’t expect it for free of course. I have a country ranch style home and I am hoping to redecorate all of it. You are now my inspiration.

  16. says

    I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months now and this morning was the first time I read your “about me”. I was pleasantly surprised to read that you are located in Waco. I lived in Woodway myself for some time and Portland, OR before that. I’m now living in Austin (Barton Creek area) and am having a ton of fun decorating! Any way… just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog and the projects you talk about. Keep up the good work!

  17. Lydia says

    I just found you a few days ago…I nearly had a heart attack when I read your April Fool’s post. I thought “great, just my luck. I find someone who inspires me and she’s going” I love your creative spirit. I have visited a few(hundred) blogs looking for inspiration and a creative spirited woman…you are by far the best I have come across, thus far.
    I have a small, and new business (very small, and actually it’s a ministry) I call it USE IT OR LOSE IT. I offer to redecorate a room in someone’s home (for free). The catch is this…they have to be willing to give up one piece of furniture, one piece, or more if they want to, that they have had hidden away, no longer like, or just have no use for any longer. I leave with that piece. I take that piece home and “play” with it, use it myself or (usually) use it in someone else’s home. Mostly it is women I work with, who, for whatever reason are going thru a difficult time in their lives. I came up with the idea when I was ill and had congested heart failure. I became very depressed and so did my home. I can remember wishing that someone would come and save me from the black and gray of my life…save the rooms of my home from their colorless life. I thought …. “If I live thru this and make it thru my heart surgery I am going to do something to help someone else living a gray,dull life.” Fast forward 2 years later…I started, Use It Or Lose It. I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction from doing this. It also has helped me to Get My Feet Wet and get back into the real world. I firmly believe your home is the outer expression of what’s going on inside.
    I have always loved decorating. When I was about 4 years old my family owned a large, old victorian home on Long Island, NY. I had a closet the size of N.H. I turned it into a TEA Room and decorated with all types of scarfs, lights, and table cloths. My only customers were my dolls…lol…but it was the begining of my creative self. Any way…all this to say; I appreciate you, your art and hard work. What a great mind you have. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do to inspire and encourage others. It’s a great gift you have and I believe very much, Holy Spirit inspired….but that’s just my opinion. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me to push thru another layer of my life.
    ~Lydia O’Lydia.

  18. TAYLOR says


  19. Jacqui L. says

    Hi Kristi, I stumbled onto your website looking for help on how to build a banquette…OMG I have fallen in love!!!…with your blogging, your creativity, your style….YOU!!!!!! I can’t wait to begin my own banquette, your instructions are fantastic and I, like you, have a great husband but do it all myself because I love creating, painting, diy-ing. Can’t wait to share your site with my friends and family…you are my hero girl!!

  20. says

    Thank you Kristi for being so helpful to us newbies. I just watched your video on not being intimidated by WordPress, I decided to try it, and set up a site. Your video shows that you can just click on plug ins from your dashboard, and I can’t access them at all. Your blog is absolutely beautiful. God bless you girl!

    • says

      Hi Norma~
      You might not be able to access and use plugins because it looks like you’re on a WordPress.com site. Most of the info that I give is for self-hosted WordPress sites (i.e., the kind of blogs that are set up on website hosts like HostGator, or BlueHost, or GoDaddy). You will be able to gain general knowledge of WordPress by using the free site, but there are man things that you can’t do on a free WordPRess.com site that you can do on a self-hosted site.

  21. Ellie says

    Hi, I’m a newbie to your blog and now I’m addicted! By the way I LOVE that green “chandelier”, it caught my eye immediately! Your whole condo is great and someone will snap that up as soon as it’s on the market!

  22. Steph says

    Just found your blog and LOVE it! I briefly lived in Waco, met my husband there and then we moved back to Nebraska. Planning on using your chandelier ideas for our daughters’ room. So happy I stumbled upon you.

  23. Kari says

    I just want to know when you move to Chicago, so that I can be your first “case”. My poorly decorated home needs your intervention! Not for the lack of trying, just lack of vision.

  24. says

    Hi! I too, have just stumbled on your page from trying my own hand at this. It started a few months ago, when I had a little money to use for decorating… then the combination of looking for a bargain and downright DIYing, came into play. I really am only weeks into doing different things and the website is a bit embarassing compared to yours- (bowing with hands raised to you) But I ultimately wanted to try to make money doing this, while my daughters and I are all in school. I quickly realized that juggling a household, my own decoration trials, and a website was a bit too much, so I haven’t done anything with it. Also, this is our first summer in our new place and with the nicer weather, I have been spending all of my time trying to fix the yard up and making it cute. Anyway, I love your projects and am trying one out tonight. The paint chip artwork! Seemed very simple and was going to the hardware store anyway..(as I am sure most of us on here spend a lot of time there) It was funny trying to gather up a few of the samples while the men in the paint department kept asking me if I needed any help. I don’t know why, but I felt like I was doing something illegal. Anyway, I can’t wait to see more of your projects!

  25. Angela Chestnut says

    Hi Ms. Kristi,
    I just found your blog, well I actually stumbled onto it the other night. I had a little extra time today and here I am leaving a shout out! Wow! Kristi, its not common or even the norm for me to leave comments on website or blogs etc., but girl your design style rocks! Love it, I love everything about your style! I have a very critical eye and I could not find one thing that I did not like on your blog! You are so talented and gosh, I wish like you don’t even know, that you were closer to me. Waco really! Bummer! I would love for you to choose me to design for. I love my stuff, but I just need to bring it all together, to make it go, POW, you know, like your stuff! You have a gift, its warm, its creative, it lively, its good Kristi! Have a great holiday and happy designing!

  26. Peggy Wetmore says

    Hi …..Kristi , from one addict to another…your make-over’s in your condo…how do I say
    it ….are perfect. The colors, the wood, the balance of materials, the originality..wow..very impressed. !!! Don’t stop, I want more…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. says

    I Sooooo wish you lived around the Columbus Ohio area so I could beg you to take on my home as a design project. I love DIY ideas and have pinterest boards full of them but they never quite turn out like I planned or like the photos. LOVE your blog and came across it actually while looking up information on SBI…which has my head spinning because I agree with you and feel so stuck :(

    Can you be my mentor for home and business?! :) Keep up the great work Kristi. Seems like you’ve worked long and hard for this and hopefully you are being blessed a hundred times over for it.


  28. says

    Dear Kristi,

    You are truly doing a great job, and you are so inspiring I have started blogging recently on my blog its such a pleasure to do what you love…God bless you !

  29. sara willis says

    I am new to your blog and am thrilled to find you are a Waco resident. I’m sure you have lots of people who contact you from our little old town, but I just wanted to say hello and love the idea of the weekend retreats! My dream home is still a work in progress (aren’t they always).
    I’m thinking we may even live in the same zip code. Kudos on all your wonderful work and I am eager to see your new home and what magic you will work. And no, you are not alone in wanting an older home instead of a newly constructed one. They are by far the most wonderful to live in. So great to know others in town who think like me! Pop some tags!

    • says

      Well, hello neighbor! :) I’m always so excited when someone local finds my blog! And yep, I’ll take an old house any day over a new one. When we move into our “new” house, the first thing I’m going to do is rip up all of the yucky carpet and reveal the original hardwood flooring hidden underneath. I can’t wait!! :)

  30. Debra B Chavous says

    You are exactly where I would love to be. Fortunately I have and Unfortunately, I must work a regular 8-5 job. I love your creative use of materials for your designs. I too use anything and everything I find in Home Depot, junk shops, trashed furniture, and hand me down “stuff”.
    I usually don’t use these materials as the manufacturer intended or suggested their use.
    I can’t tell you the number of times the sales person has asked “well, what are you going to do with _________? (fill in the blank) At first I tried to explain my current project, only to hear,….. “Lady, you can’t do that and it won’t work if you do!” I then would explain I knew that was not the proper use for the material in question. Also the person telling me my idea wouldn’t work usually had never heard of the said material. After awhile I told them what they want to hear…. I’m buying the ______ for my _________ project. (fill in with the proper use) Finally I realized I didn’t owe anyone an explanation. Now, I just ask where “it” can be found and don’t tell them what I am doing.
    I love the bathroom counter top made from cedar planks. One question, why use the planks over the plywood? Why not a solid piece of plywood & a piece of furniture grade plywood? I’m thinking the cedar planks are cheaper and it resists the water damage. OR Does it just look better than a solid sheet?
    Please keep the projects, pictures and great work coming. I can’t wait to see each and every post.
    Any ideas for wood floors? Not finishing existing floors. Installing wood floor that don’t cost $$$$.$$.

  31. says

    Hi Kristi – funny we have the same name and spell it the same way too. Unusual! I stumbled across your blog while recuperating from surgery and I have never seen a site with more DIY- creativity than yours! You really are an insipration and I now have about 4 projects that I am going to tackle on my own! Thanks so much for sharing all of your great ideas!

  32. Cindy says

    Hi Kristi, Wow! I have to say this is the very 1st time I have commented on a blog site. I love your house. I read your Bio; love it. You have really lived your dream/your passion and I commend you. That’s courageous! I too love designing – building – painting – restoring – creating. It’s my passion also. I always say I missed my calling. Even before I was 2o years, I worked in construction -building about 20 houses from the ground up. But that was extremely hard work for this then barely 100 lb(er). I thought I wanted to be a contractor! Imagine that? Or a building inspector. I raised my children in an 100 yr. Victorian house and just recently bought a mid-century house to restore – somewhat like yours. I got one room done and tore out a lot of things & painted but love came calling. I let it go eventually, but have some regrets about what it could of been. I have loved every house that I lived in because I make it a home & I make it who I am. I have lived in large houses & small houses & currently live in a very large 3400 sq. ft. English Tudor. I continue to restore – build – paint – CREATE! My ideas are like a rocket soaring in my head, I’ve had this affliction for years! Kidding aside, truly not many people would understand. But I know you do! Sometimes in the morning when my husband & I arise being up about 15 minutes or so. He’ll say do you have plans for today? I usually say, you will not believe of all the things I have thought of in just 15 minutes! Then I explain & tell all the details of my 100 decorating crazybrain ideas & he just smiles his big wide mouthy smile at me! I can’t help myself!
    I think you are great. Keep doing what you love, you have truly found your PASSION & that is a wonderful thing. Your new house, new to you, has a lot of work to be done, let me say that again -it has a lot of work to be done. And you asked if this house appeared too big a project, I say go for it! I know you can do it & you will love the process. You just cannot help yourself -it’s your Passion!
    Take care – happy remodeling!

  33. Riham says

    Hi Kristi,
    My name is Riham, i’m from Cairo, EGYPT. I found ur blog few months ago and since then i’ve been hooked like an ADDICT :), Every single day i have to open ur blog first thing in the morning, it helps me start my day with a smile :).
    i learned from ur bio that you have visited and worked in Egypt !!, Maybe someday when you have the time (which i’m pretty sure u don’t have with ur successful blog and ur new home and all) you can share ur experience in EGYPT and what u did there.
    I LOVE LOVE ur condo, if i were living in the states, i’d probably traveled across states to see it in REAL :) Also i LOVE pretty much all ur DIY projects and would really like to try and do all of them, my main problem is i don’t have the experience to substitute the materials and the tools u use in the states with the things we have locally. I certainly would hope that we could communicate so maybe you could help me figure out things related to materials.
    Finally, i felt obliged to write to you as i thought u probably would like to know that you inspire women across the GLOBE and that you have fans in other continents not just the United States of America :) GOD BLESS YOU .. LOOKING FORWARD TO KNOW ALL ABOUT YOUR PLANS FOR YOUR NEW HOME :)

  34. Kruti Patel says

    I just love you ideas to decor home, I like to decor my home, I get some cute and brilliant ideas from your site. I am a working women thats why can not spend time in all this thing but I am surely try to use this ideas…. Thanks Kristi

  35. Pat Hawkins says

    You have done a lot in a short period of time. You really “busted a gut” doing those floors yourself but I can appreciate how satisfying that job has become. I have lived in several homes that I had No choice on where the bed goes and three of them were in front of a window. I got used to it after a while.

  36. Jaybird says

    Step out the front of your new home…look to your left…there behind the huge magnolia tree…I’m waving to you!!!
    Welcome to the neighborhood. It is a great place to live!

    • says

      Well hello, neighbor!! 😀 Hopefully I can meet you in person someday soon. We hope to move in sometime next week (before October 18th) but if you see my silver car in the drive before then, feel free to come on over and introduce yourself! I discovered that our house doesn’t have a doorbell, though. So depending on where I am in the house, you might have to knock quite loudly for me to hear you. 😉

  37. says

    hi Kristi,
    I stumbled on to your site looking for DIY info on placing an oval decorative mirror in the center of my big square mirror in my small bathroom. I can not figure out how to make it stay up in the center of the mirror-yes mirror on mirror- any suggestions. I noticed on your blog the bathroom looks like it has one of those puddle type mirrors in the center of your big one -is that so- or am I just trying so hard to find one I think it is there??
    If you could help in any way I would appreciate it, I am not giving up on this idea I saw on one of the do it yourself shows , can’t remember if it was DIY or TLC or HGTV but it was gorgeous!!
    Linda Webb

  38. karen says

    just wanted to comment on what your plans were for the living room with the trim inbetween i am not a professonal but i always thought the dark color looked better on the bottom & light color on the top.

      • Marilyn May says

        Even if 1 wall is an accent color, other walls a different color, should I keep wainscoating white on all walls? Stumped!

        • Suzi Farquhar says

          I also had a business-painting, DIY,supplies, flowers,-& grew to hate it!”The store chores” took away frm my love-DIY. I enjoy teaching others also-love people. GREAT SITE, stumbled on frm Pintrest. Eager to see more. Now retired my newest projects are my brothers new 3000 sq foot home, currently all 1970-80’s, & an…

          antique (love them!) bedroom suite for my granddaughter.Dbl bed, vanity/triple mirror/stool, linen press,&2 nite tables currently painted all black. Would so APPRECIATE IDEAS EVERYONE! She is 13 w/ great, classy taste.

          I am very blessed; my brother does estate sales & besides buying much older sis all kinds of fabulous things he also gives me 1st pick….well, AFTER HIM! He knows all things antique, glassware, jewelry etc.
          Thanks sooo much for your generous sharing!(would love any IDEAS, any skill level in your spare time (ha!).
          suzi/ TX

  39. Jenny says

    Stumbled upon your website and blog by accident while looking for pictures of how to hang curtains/drapes with window clips! Great site. Thank you for sharing. May God Bless!!

  40. Sharon says

    I recently came across some of your designs. I was wondering if you could tell me how you keep the screw eyes in the corks without the weight of keys pulling them out? I would like to make some as gifts. Your designs are wonderful. thank you ever so much.

  41. says

    I just found your blog recently. I love what you do. I too enjoy finding those diamonds in the rough and turning them into something that makes me proud.

  42. SMonroe says

    I love your blog. I dabble in the same type of thing but only for myself or my family at this time. I was wondering if you give advise- ie if I were to send a pic of a piece I want to redo but not sure what it needs. Thanks!

  43. Rhonda says

    I just recently discovered “addicted2decorating” and I love it! I also like to do things myself and it is so therapeutic!! I have pounded out many a frustration on a project and love the feeling of accomplishment when I complete one. It is nice to have someone (especially a “pro”) compliment something I have done and seem truly impressed. Thanks for sharing your projects, ideas, thoughts, frustrations…. Your blog today mirrored exactly how I feel when I work on something and how much I enjoy and love doing things to my home. I look forward to more stories and ideas!

  44. Angie says

    I am absolutely in LOVE with the roman shades. I have looked all over for some that will fit all 5 of my odd sized windows and have failed at every attempt that doesn’t cost a fortune. I am planning on making my own but I am completely in love with the cloth you used. I was just wondering if you could tell me where you ordered or possibly what company or brand it is?? I have been looking for days and just can NOT find anything even similar. Thank you for your help and tutorial!!!

  45. Cathy mulroy says

    Hi Kirsti, have just seen your 5 tips for painting. I am a novice at the moment and just embarking on my painting career !!!!!!!so don’t really have anything to share yet but will do soon hopefully. Thanks again. Kathy x

  46. Jan says

    Unable to access instructions and products I go on the bath fixture painting.
    Could you please share?
    Am at wits end with 40 yr old condo in Mililani Hawaii where plumbers (multiple) advise unable to change out fixtures without tearing into tiled walls at huge expense. Was all set to attempt using oild rubbed. Ronde rustoleum spray but unsure of prep. Many thanks.

  47. Vickie says

    Kristi, I need some advice. I want to build shelves to go around my son’s room and I am not sure how to hang them. I don’t want to use metal brackets. I want to use wood blocks or something like that. The shelves need to be sturdy. I was thinking screws and liquid nail. What is your opinion?

    • says

      If you’re talking about using Liquid Nails to attach the bracket to the wall, I would try to avoid that. If you change your mind later, you won’t be able to remove them without some serious damage to your walls.

      However, if you’re talking about adhering the brackets to the shelves using Liquid Nails, then yes, go for it!

      There are all kinds of wood brackets you can make using either lumber and a miter saw, or lumber and a jigsaw. Just depends on the style you want. Or you can buy very inexpensive wood brackets at Home Depot. I used some very cheap ones in my hallway bathroom makeover at the condo on the shelves above the toilet. I mean, they were super cheap, but once they were sanded and painted, they looked great! They could be stained, too.

  48. suzie says

    Hey Kristy..after four years of being down..one thing was a bad surgery..then momma stroked and it paralyzed and can’t speak..and kids grew up and out..I got so depressed..stayed in bed mostly..I did that so long I forgot who I was..saw you on fb..follow your blog..and yes..I’m up..headed to lowes..to do what I remember is and always was my nitch..my Passion ..Decorating! You helped me! Thank you for bringing my passiin for decorating alive again..much love

  49. Janet says

    Hi Kristi, I love your website. I found it about 8 months ago looking on ideas on remodeling my master bathroom. You helped me see the potential of decorating “outside the box”. What I need help on now is how do you paint all of the wood oak cabinets. Do you do it ALL by brush or do you spray the doors? Thanks for your beautiful ideas!

  50. Tammy says

    Kristi, this is from a older post that you had but I found it in my “old” mail. I’m not getting any of my bloggers post. Not sure what’s going on…. but I want to still follow yours.

  51. kristina gamberini garland says

    How much material do you need to do the coffee table tufting? My table is 3 x 3.
    Thank you for your help.

  52. Christine says

    Hi Kristi, I just discovered your blog. Very cool. I need advice on planking some walls and especially trim! My brain can’t look at that much stuff at once. I’d like to send you a couple pics with 2 or 3 questions. How do I do that? Thanks!

  53. Luanne says

    Consider this a fan letter. I have probably 15 decorating blogs bookmarked. Yours is the only one that I cannot wait to see every day if you have posted something new.

    I believe it’s because you are so open to share your plans, your thought process, the problems you encounter and your solutions. Even your mistakes! How can I go forward with my DIY before I learn from you the issues at hand?

    I find that other blogs just smooth over many of the steps to a remodeled kitchen, bedroom etc. I mean, how can we learn from a single posting “here’s my remodeled kitchen”? I can see this on Houzz. Your issue with paint shine in the kitchen had me entranced.

    Just saying, thanks and look forward to each stage of your remodeling.

  54. says

    I just discovered your blog when searching about counters and waterlox. …. so glad I found you and i love that you have a Waco connection, we went to grad school there and got married at baylor and i grew up near waco..i went to a small bapist school like DBU too (called Howard Payne in brownwood) so i feel like we would have a lot in common.

    I would love to ask you a few questions about waterloo..i put one coat on THEN found your blog..i wish i had not done it..my counters are just so rough and i want them smoother..i wish i had done more mineral oil to get there..should i sand the one layer of water lox off of just continue on with mineral oil???

    i know you get a ton of emails and may not be able to respond but thanks if you can!

  55. peggy pasicznyk says

    Hi Kristi! Love checking your blog everyday!! So much new and exciting things happening. Love the idea of the rolling doors but, not a fan of either way with the glass – have you considered doing some stained glass in the large cutout? Nothing dark -so that light would still come through and still give you privacy. A free flowing design that would encompass both doors. Just a thought.

  56. Michelle Fitzgerald says

    Hi Kristi. I love your blog. I love how you share the highs and lows and how practical you seem to be. There are other blogs that are fantastic in their own right, but do not seem to realize that not everyone can change their room every other month with a new $1000 rug. I digress. I have a specific question for you and could not locate a “contact” option anywhere on your site. I just got a critter sprayer to spray on furniture. I would like advice on what paint to use in it and if that paint needs to be diluted.

    • says

      Ha! I just came inside to take a break from spraying my doors outside with my Critter sprayer. :) So far, I’ve used latex paint (Benjamin Moore Advance, Behr, and Kelly Moore), oil-based primer (Zinsser oil-based Cover Stain), and water-based polyurethane. So far, I haven’t watered down any of the latex paint, and it sprays beautifully. And of course, I don’t water down the polyurethane. The only thing that I thin is the oil-based primer. Zinsser is kind of thick, so I do add just a bit (maybe a few tablespoons per pint jar) of mineral spirits to the primer and mix it well before spraying it. It really helps to keep it moving through the sprayer.

  57. Brenda Snyder says

    Hi Kristi – I have ivory tile around my fireplace in my family room. My fireplace is oak & takes up one whole wall because it has storage and shelves around it in a special walnut stain. (I have never cared for white tile-I feel ivory is a softer color). I really love the black, gray, white and red color scheme and would love to paint my family room walls a medium gray but I don’t think that would go well with the ivory tile ( I don’t want to paint the tile either.) What do you think? Also, my sunroom is painted “nutmeg” which is a taupey brown. Depending on where you are standing in my family room you can see into the sunroom. Is it wrong to paint the family room gray since it isn’t in the same color palate and you can see into that room?

  58. Debra says

    Hmm. If your chairs are skirted, perhaps you wouldn’t notice the base of your table? In any event, it’s nice to hear your enthusiasm!

  59. Megan says

    Kristi could you please let me know what colors you used to paint the dresser turned into TV stand? I really love them and want to use similar colors. Thank you :)

  60. Kristy Lackey says

    Hi Kristi

    I would love to discuss your passion further as I’m very interested in interior design/decorating and would like to start something similar to where you started in my home town within Australia. I would love to find out more regarding how u started , whether you did courses and where did u begin etc. Thanks Kristy -ur blog is amazing

  61. sher says

    Wow! So glad I stumbled in.
    You are my diy-hero!
    I was looking for answers on how to make my ugly sliding glass doors look more like traditional swinging patio doors. With what you did to wind up with those amazing Palazzo doors … you’ve inspired me!
    Can’t wait to browse around and see your other ideas.
    Thank you so very much for your amazing info.

  62. Carey says

    Hi Kristi! I am curious about the HCG Diet you began earlier. I haven’t seen any updates ( or did I miss them?) recently and I am also struggling with weight loss. Despite watching what I eat, sticking to weight watcher points and exercising… I am having no success this time around at 55 and am wondering about this option. Please let us know if you are still on the plan and any updates/ insights you can share. Thanks so much

  63. Janet says

    I’m liking your site! You have very good ideas. I’m going back to the age-old question of mixing metals. I have a unique dilemma. One of our builder grade brass knobs broke, so I’ve decided to go ahead and switch out. I’ve chosen a venetian bronze (similar to ORB, they look black in the darker hallway) knob. Our front door knob is a gorgeous solid brass Baldwin that I love and will keep as it matches the brass trim around the glass panels in the door. The problem is the interior door hinges. They are brass but not shiny anymore. They are sentimental because my dad wrote the name of each room the doors would go in on the hinges when we built the house. He is no longer with us, so it’s very special to my kids and I to see his writing. Is it wrong to keep the hinges and use the new bronze knobs? I’d appreciate any help you can offer.

  64. says

    First off I would like to compliment you on your beautiful work and style. I’ve been doing Interior Decorating for several years. I decided I wanted to learn more about the all the professional aspects of design so I went back to College (35 years after I graduated from college the 1s time). Let me just say, WOW, it’s the most amazing experience and fun thing I’ve done in a long time.. I was reading one of your posts and well, I was a bit disappointed by your comments about Interior Designers having high priced budgets and painters, etc. I am the most frugal designer you’ll probably find. I love to take something I see and make it my own. So off to the thrift stores I go. It’s not a glamorous job like everyone thinks, but I love it. We don’t walk around in high heals pointing out items we want our clients to have. We have budgets to stick to and a TON of work, which is sometimes done in sweats and sneakers. As for school, it’s not easy, with having to know what period furniture is from, the history of each piece, several computer programs, etc. I just felt bad that you made it sound like Interior Designers doesn’t work, ha. Their is a big difference between designer and decorator. You have a beautiful eye and talent, and i love to look at your creations. But its a big miss conception that you imply about an Interior Designer. It’s hard work. Please don’t take this wrong, it is just a message that as much as i love my job, I don’t run around in beautiful shops all day and boss around high priced painters. That would be fun though. Keep up the great work.
    Much Respect,

  65. Becky Williams says

    How do you do so much without physical help? Cement board/drywall for example. I’ve tried to hang it alone and I’m either not strong enough or coordinated enough (or a combination if both) to do it alone. I wish I could “train” under you! That would be amazing!!

    • says

      Well, I can tell you it’s not always pretty. :) Putting up the second (middle) full piece of cement board on the long wall of the tub just about did me in. It was heavy, and I had a heck of a time lifting it up high enough to clear the bottom piece. I almost dropped it a couple of times, and I was making all kinds of noises (like weight lifters make), yelling at the board telling it what to do, and making all kinds of noises. Matt didn’t know exactly what to do — whether to leave me alone or call someone to come help me! Anyway, I manage to get most of it done by myself just from sheer determination and stubbornness. 😀

  66. Nancy says

    Kristi, do you remember where you purchased that 7″ round framed mirror you used for the multi-colored wood sunburst mirror made from wood shims? I can’t find anything comparable.

  67. says

    Hello Miss Kristi! I discovered your site while searching ‘how to hang lined curtains/drapes’. Your techniques helped me immensely…. I LOVE decorating and creating items for my friends’ homes, families’ homes and my own home. BUT, I must say…YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE GENIUS!!! Your ideas are amazing…and I love the way you take so many risks! Thank you for creating this blog and sharing all of your ideas and projects. I hope to learn from you and put to use some of your ideas, maybe even with my own twist! THANK YOU, KRISTI! ♥

  68. says

    Hi Kristi! I found your site while looking for some decorating blogs, and I absolutely love it! I started my own interior decorating and event planning business last year, and your story definitely hit home. I love your ideas and would someday love to be where you’re at. Thanks for sharing your ideas and know you have a new reader!

  69. says

    Hi Kristi I am redoing my whole house from painting kitchen and bathroom cabinets to painting lover laminate counters. I am using a rustolium oil paint for laminate counters. I recently found out about penetrol for oil paint. I have used it and it does eliminate some of the brush strokes. I read about the foam roller.
    What I thought might work is if I used very little paint and maybe 1 1/2 times penetrol. To really get that smooth look evenly distributed. Can you give me your thoughts on this or maybe other suggestions.
    Thank you so much Candy

    • says

      I wouldn’t recommend using more Penetrol than is recommended on the label. On the occasions that I’ve used more Penetrol or Floetrol than the label calls for, I’ve found that the paint flows smoothly for a while, but then gets sticky and the paint brush drags. It almost has the opposite effect than what it’s supposed to.

  70. says

    Hi Kristi I am using a rustolium oil paint for laminate counters. I recently found out about penetrol for oil paint. I have used it and it does eliminate some of the brush strokes. I read that you have used a foam roller. should I use less paint that penetrol in order to get a smooth even look or does it make a difference. Thank you Candy

  71. stephanie says

    What a beautiful kitchen you have! I was in Hancock fabrics this morning buying felt; you were looking at fabric swatches and you mentioned blogging and having a green kitchen. I was curious about your kitchen and googled ‘Waco decor blog’ and here you are! Love the green and gold. I’m excited to look through all your other projects – it’s fun to read a local blogger!

  72. says

    How do you ask a design question. the Q&A seems to not go anywhere. How do you access the archives for mor Q&A dilemmas. Do people ever send pics when they take you advice and if they do how do you find those?
    Love your blog!

  73. Kathy says

    I am so excited I found your site. I recently purchased an old oak clawfoot table and had an idea in my mind of how I wanted to efinish it. Your blog gave me the exact info needed.

    Thanks so much!!!!!

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