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DIY pour in place concrete counteretops using white concrete mix and an ogee edge

DIY Pour In Place Concrete Countertops – Part 2

Disclosure: Concrete Countertop Solutions provided me with the materials to make my own concrete countertops using their products free of charge, but they are not paying me to write this or any other post about their products. After researching the process and the products available for about two … [Read More...]

one day away from pouring concrete 3

It’s Concrete Countertop Weekend!

Okay, in all honesty, if you were standing in my kitchen or breakfast room right this minute, at 8:27 on Friday morning, you'd probably look around and tell me, "Kristi, there's absolutely no way that you can be ready to pour these countertops tomorrow!" I have just a tiny twinge of doubt in the … [Read More...]

DIY concrete countertops 25

DIY Pour In Place Concrete Countertops – Part 1

Disclosure:  Concrete Countertop Solutions provided me with the materials to make my own concrete countertops using their products free of charge, but they are not paying me to write this or any other post about their products.  After researching the process and the products available for about two … [Read More...]

pour in place concrete countertop

A Primer On Concrete Countertops — Precast vs. Pour In Place

I finally started prepping for my concrete contertops yesterday!!  I didn't get very far at all, but it felt great to at least get something done.  In fact, this is the sum total of my countertop progress yesterday. Since I haven't gotten far enough to do an official "Part 1" post, I thought … [Read More...]

peninsula cabinets installed 1

Peninsula Cabinet Installation — Almost Finished!

Y'all, I am so close to being ready to move on to the next step of this kitchen remodel that I can taste it.  And it tastes like concrete.  Concrete countertops, that is.  :-D After eight days of not working on my kitchen, it felt good to get back in there yesterday and get some stuff done.  I … [Read More...]

kitchen with white herringbone subway tile backsplash from This Old House

Perhaps Laughter Brings Clarity

Remember when I said on Friday that last week was just awful?  Well unfortunately, that horrible week continued right on through the weekend.  No need for details here.  There's nothing unique about my life, and we all have those days where nothing seems to go right.  I just happened to have seven … [Read More...]

wood herringbone backsplash 2

Slow, Frustrating Week

This week has been exhausting.  First with our photo-bombing cat getting sick and having to be admitted to the kitty hospital, and then with Matt having a really rough week with exhaustion and weakness (which in turn, takes a big toll on me), I've gotten virtually nothing done in the kitchen this … [Read More...]

herringbone chest from The Pursuit Of Handyness

Moving On To New Backsplash Ideas For My Kitchen

Fair warning...this post is going to be a bit rambling.  My thoughts and ideas are pretty scattered, but hopefully I can get them all narrowed down to one great idea for my kitchen. I've just about given up on the idea of a back painted glass backsplash for my kitchen. I still love the … [Read More...]

Why I DIY (And Love Every Minute Of It)

The last two days have been a bit stressful around the Linauer household.  Our 12-year-old flame point Siamese cat Powder (the white-ish cat who always photo bombs my pictures) became very sick on Monday evening.  After an emergency after-hours call to the vet to describe symptoms, she said to keep … [Read More...]

fridge range wall - build finished

Refrigerator/Range Wall Build Complete (Plus Details On My Recessed Refrigerator Enclosure)

*My stove is sitting on a furniture dolly.  That's why it's so high.  I'll keep it on there until I'm ready to put it into place permanently after the countertops and painting are finished.  (Just thought I'd get that out of the way right off the bat this morning.)  :-D Anyway, I only got the … [Read More...]

fridge range wall 3

And Then I Hit A Roadblock

Things have gone so well and have moved along at a really good pace this week...until yesterday. Yesterday was one of those days where I hit a roadblock at every turn and felt like I was spinning my wheels all day long. The plan was to get the refrigerator/range wall completely built -- built-in … [Read More...]

fridge range wall 2

Fridge Wall Progress, Converting Wood Cabinet Doors To Glass, and Your FAQs Answered

I have lots to share with you today, so let's dive right in, shall we? Refrigerator/range wall progress: I made pretty good progress on the fridge/range wall yesterday!  I got the drywall taped and mudded (with the exception of that one area above the door...oops!), and then got all of the … [Read More...]

wall of cabinets -- building finished 1

The Wall Of Cabinets Build Is Finished (In-Cabinet Lights Installed, and Upper Cabinets Heightened To Ceiling)

I did it, y'all!  With the exception of eight small pieces of trim that I didn't have time to purchase, I'm finished with the building phase on the wall 'o cabinets. Remember the drawing I did? It's pretty darn close, right?!  (Corbels will be added after the backsplash is … [Read More...]

Make your own decorative feet for stock cabinets - 12

DIY Decorative Feet For Stock Cabinets

The cabinets on the wall of cabinets are starting to look a bit more custom now!  I made and added the decorative feet yesterday, and it turned out just like I had envisioned.  I love it when that happens!  :-D That's quite a step up from the 2 x 4 bases that were showing the day before, … [Read More...]

installing lower cabinets 9

Wall Of Cabinets Installed (Plus, How To Install Upper Cabinets By Yourself)

It took me all weekend, but I got all of the cabinets on the wall of cabinets installed, including the upper cabinets, which I installed by myself.  :) I still don't have the decorative trim (cabinet topper, crown, toekick, decorative feet, etc.) in place.  I mean, I literally only got the … [Read More...]

wall of cabinets -- cabinet installation - 9

Kitchen Cabinet Installation Underway!

I finally feel like I'm making some really significant progress in the kitchen because I actually starting installing some cabinets yesterday!  I decided to work on the wall of cabinets first, which I'm hoping will end up something like this... You can click here to see more details on my … [Read More...]

kitchen makeover - Cape 27 Blog - after

Five Inspiring Kitchen Makeovers And Remodels (Before & After)

I'm still making progress on my own kitchen remodel, but I'm at a point where showing daily progress would be incredibly boring.  (The taping and mudding of drywall seems to be never ending.)  So I thought that I'd share some of my favorite (finished!) kitchen makeovers to inspire you. Tracy at … [Read More...]

small kitchen -- Candelaria Design Associates, via Houzz

Big Kitchens vs. Small Kitchens (What’s Your Preference?)

When we first bought our house last August and I was dreaming about the changes I wanted to make, one of the first rooms I started dreaming about and planning was the kitchen.  The original kitchen was just so inefficiently arranged that I knew I wanted to make changes as soon as possible. One of … [Read More...]

painted striped hardwood floor - version 2 - 1

Painted Hardwood Floor DIY Details

Hello, all!  I hope those of you here in the U.S. of A. had a great three-day holiday weekend!  I did something I haven't done in a very long time.  I actually took a good chunk of time off from working on the house.  :) It's true.  And it was glorious.  And I definitely needed the break.  I ate … [Read More...]

Kitchen Remodel Progress So Far (Before Pictures & Current Pictures)

Sometimes when you're in the middle of a remodel that's seemingly taking forever (and, well, you've been without a kitchen sink for two months), it can be stressful and perhaps a bit discouraging to continue to go over the massive "still to do" list in your head.  So today instead of looking … [Read More...]

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