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colorful dining tables - green dining table via HGTV.ca

Colorful Painted Dining Table Inspiration

To be honest, I'm glad that my Plan A for my dining table didn't really pan out, because now that gives me the opportunity to do something really bold and different with the table that I probably wouldn't have considered otherwise.  I mean, stained top and black base?  It's a beautiful combo.  … [Read More...]

dining table 7

Dining Table Makeover Fail

I spent all last week working on things I didn't want to work on, but felt obligated to work on (i.e., the condo), so I thought I'd give myself a break this weekend and take a day to just work on a fun project that I've been really anxious to start.  So I got out my paint stripper, scrapers, paper … [Read More...]


Ideas For My Buffet Makeover (And My Thoughts On Painting Wood Furniture)

I've made really good progress at the condo this week! I'll share with you as soon as I have something interesting to share. :) In the meantime, I'm still spending my free time in the evenings obsessing about my dining room. I include my entryway in that also, since it's basically one big room. … [Read More...]

via Pier 1

My Thoughts And Plans For The Dining Room

Ever since I picked up my "new" dining table and buffet, I've been a bit obsessed with planning my dining room. I've spent countless hours searching for inspiration on Houzz, Pinterest, and Google. You'd think that would be plenty of time to really nail down a design and decorating plan, but quite … [Read More...]

condo finished rooms

The Order Of Things To Come

Now that Matt's dad's visit is over, you might think that I can refocus my energy on the bathroom remodel and get it finished up, right?  I have about a week's worth of work left on it, and it would feel amazing to have another room in the house completely finished.  Sadly, that can't happen...not … [Read More...]

living room with all big projects finished - 1

The Hard Part Is Done

My father-in-law left on Friday, so it's back to reality for me -- that reality in which I work by myself on my projects and figure out answers to problems all on my own.  I can already tell that I'm going to have a very hard time getting back into the swing of things around here. The progress … [Read More...]

dining room ceiling 6

Blessed Beyond Measure (A True Story About The Kindness Of Strangers)

Y'all, my ceiling in my entryway and dining room is drywalled!! No more polystyrene tiles, no more 1 x 4's covering the ceiling, and no more cracked, thin 3/8 inch drywall on my ceiling. But interestingly, in order to get it from this... ...to this... ...I didn't have to lift … [Read More...]

dining room ceiling 3

Progress Report

Hello, strangers!  :)  My father-in-law has been here for a week helping me with the house, and he'll be heading back to Oregon this Friday, so I thought I'd check in and share a progress report with y'all. We haven't gotten nearly as much done as I thought we would, but that's because I tend to … [Read More...]

painted sofa one year later

Painted Sofa Update (13 Months Later)

Well, we didn't actually get any ceilings drywalled yesterday.  We spent most of the morning working on small projects here and there, and then we had to clear out an area in the sunroom (which I've been using as my workroom over the last two months during all of the rain we've had) so that we could … [Read More...]


The Start Of My New Dining Room (New Dining Table & Buffet)

A few weeks ago (I'm not really sure when exactly -- I'm completely losing track of time lately), I decided that I wanted to keep an eye out for either an antique or a vintage buffet to use in my entryway.  This was about two weeks before I started contemplating the possibility of turning my front … [Read More...]

Breakfast Room Banquettes

As you might expect, now that I'm settled on a plan for my pantry, breakfast room, and dining room, the wheels in my mind won't stop turning. I've been thinking non-stop about colors, fabrics, furniture arrangements, lighting options, window treatment designs, and so much more. But one thing I'm … [Read More...]

bathroom built-in storage - 15

Bathroom Built-In Storage – Tiled & Trimmed

Happy Monday, y'all!  I actually made really good progress on my bathroom built-in storage this weekend.  I had no major mishaps to speak of, and things are starting to take shape in this corner of the bathroom. After getting the back piece wedged in there so tightly last week, and realizing that … [Read More...]

walk in pantry - Busby Cabinets, via Houzz

What Would Your Dream Walk-In Pantry Look Like?

It's been a slow and frustrating week.  I've made some progress on the bathroom built-ins, but since I didn't have a car for most of the week, and haven't been able to make any trips to Home Depot for necessary supplies, that progress has slowed to a virtual crawl.  Thankfully, my new ignition … [Read More...]

house floor plan - april 2015 - 1

My Dining Room/Pantry Decision (You’ll Probably Be Surprised!)

I've read and re-read your comments on Monday's post about my dining room and pantry space planning, and I've finally come to a decision.  I almost kept it to myself and waited until I actually started working on it to share my decision with you, but I'm way too excited to keep it to myself!!  I … [Read More...]

bathroom built-in storage - 1

Bathroom Built-In Storage Progress (a.k.a., My Comedy Of Errors)

First things first...THANK YOU so much for all of your invaluable feedback yesterday! It seems like videos are the way to go, and possibly with some accompanying printable written instructions filled with detailed pictures that you can print out and take with you into your garage or shop where you … [Read More...]

Help Me Help You. Help ME…Help YOU.

I'm channeling my inner Jerry Maquire this morning. :-D More on that in a minute. My week is off to a frustrating start. I got in my car yesterday to head to Home Depot to get the materials I need for my bathroom built-ins, and my car wouldn't start. My neighbor came over to take a look at … [Read More...]

Kitchen 01 - resized

Space Planning – Dining Room & Pantry

I took three whole days off of working on my bathroom...and my house in general. It was a great, relaxing weekend, but of course that didn't stop me from thinking about, dreaming about, and planning what I'll be working on next once the bathroom is finished. Matt thinks I should finish the … [Read More...]

bi-fold closet doors turned into double doors - 10

Finished Bi-fold Closet Doors Used As Double Doors

With the exception of a few minor details, my bi-fold closet doors that I used as double doors are finished!  They're perfectly private (no gap between the doors), and yes, they lock.  :)  So just ignore all of the unfinished projects surrounding the door (obviously including the unpainted drywall), … [Read More...]

bi-fold closet doors turned into double doors - 4

Bathroom Progress (or not) and General Randomness

I missed y'all yesterday!  So today, I have a super rambling, random update post with probably no definitive point or ending.  Let's just pretend we're sitting in a cafe, sipping coffee (tea for me!), and just catching up.  :) While I've been so super focused on my bathroom remodel over these … [Read More...]

Framed bathroo mirror with integrated sconces

Easy DIY Vanity Mirror With Sconces

Yesterday I got another project checked off of my bathroom remodel "to do" list.  I made a very easy DIY vanity mirror with sconces incorporated into the design. When I switched gears from a temporary bathroom makeover to the long term bathroom remodel, I decided that with the larger vanity, I … [Read More...]

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