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closets flanking bed - bedroom from Young House Love

The Condo Bedroom – Bedside Closet Design

I headed to the condo as early as I could yesterday so that I could have a full work day and get as much done as possible. While I was there, I saw one of my neighbors who lives across the courtyard from our condo. His mom was over visiting him, and they wanted to come see the condo. They both were … [Read More...]

Back To The Condo

Yesterday, I headed over to the condo.  I didn't go to do any work.  I simply went to take inventory -- to make a list -- of all of the unfinished projects that I still need to finish before we get the condo on the market. Oh my.  My list is much longer than I had anticipated.  Several of the … [Read More...]

how to make double width lined pinch pleated drapery panels - 65

So Let’s Talk About Decorating, Money & Wastefulness

Since stating that I was pretty much starting over on my living room, I've gotten quite a few interesting comments about redoing a room that's "already finished."  Most of the comments have been pretty benign, but a few have been pretty presumptuous and snarky.  My favorite was the one who told me, … [Read More...]

velvet sofa in green - from ninemsn real living

A Velvet Sofa – The Starting Point For My “New” Living Room

The other day when I shared that I was taking my living room in a new direction, a few of you mentioned that a velvet sofa would look great in there.  Honestly, I had never even considered a velvet sofa, so I got onto Pinterest and Houzz and started searching.  And oh my!!  I'm hooked on this idea … [Read More...]

fireplace makeover - from Craftsman to Traditional - with tile toned down

Fireplace Makeover — From Craftsman To Traditional

Once I finally had a clear vision of where I'm heading with my living room (more elegant and traditional with a few contemporary and modern touches), I knew that my fireplace needed some work.  For those of you who may be new around here, I built my living room fireplace from scratch at the … [Read More...]

Four Reader Suggestions That Have Inspired Me In The Last Day

In all honesty, there have been hundreds of reader suggestions that have inspired me over this last year.  Even though I don't always have time to respond, I really do read every single comment on every single post (on the blog and on Facebook), and I very often feel like the most spoiled person in … [Read More...]

Beautiful wall trim moulding - wainscoting with grasscloth - dining room my Michael Abrams

Beautiful Moulding – Wall Trim Ideas For My Living Room and Entryway

Now that I've kind of changed direction with my living room, I'm trying to figure out exactly what I want to do with the walls.  I've known from the beginning that I wanted some kind of wainscoting or trim design on the walls, and that hasn't changed.  But now that I'm not doing the teal walls, and … [Read More...]

items that are staying in the living room

A New Direction For My Living Room

Let me forewarn you -- if my constant indecision and mind-changing irritates the heck out of you, you might want to skip this post.  :) The fact is that I've been feeling very unsatisfied with the direction I'm going in my living room.  And once again, I blame it on my kitchen.  This is the thing … [Read More...]

marbelized back painted glass end tables - 29

DIY Marbleized Back-Painted Glass End Table

This weekend, I had so much fun getting crafty and experimenting yet again with back-painted glass.  And this time, my experiment ended with something that I can and will actually use -- marbleized back-painted glass end tables for my living room! It started when I was just playing around … [Read More...]

spiral leg table with ball and claw feet - future vanity for bathroom 1

Found Treasure – My Future Hallway Bathroom Vanity

Well, y'all, I got up this morning and thought, "Hmmm...I have nothing to share on my blog today," so I went about my business and got my day started.  Then I remembered!  I came across something the other day, and I've been so stinkin' excited to share it with you! Okay, that's probably too much … [Read More...]

adding elegance to living room 1

Upping The Elegance Factor In My Living Room

The other day, someone commented that now that my kitchen is finished, my living room might need a little do-over so that it will match my kitchen in terms of elegance.  At first, my heart sank a little, because I knew that she was right.  In comparison, my living room was just looking flat and … [Read More...]

colorful house - pink entryway via House Beautiful

Do You Decorate For Yourself, Or For Some Unknown Future Owner?

I feel like I post on this topic every couple of years, but it's something I feel quite strongly about -- decorating your house for yourself rather than for some possible future unknown owner of your house. During my kitchen remodel, and especially after I started painting my kitchen cabinets … [Read More...]

fireplace color options for black walls - Kingsway Home, via Houzz

What Color Fireplace For My Black Breakfast Room?

Obviously I'm still in the planning stages for my breakfast room, but almost everything is starting to come together in my mind, and I'm so excited to see my vision become reality! I know for sure that my walls will be two sheens of black, painted in a subtle trellis design using this … [Read More...]

green and gold desk and bookcase desgined by Maison Jansen circa 1960, via Architectural Digest

Original Kitchen Inspiration…From 1960 Paris?

You know the saying 'There's nothing new under the sun'?  (It's actually a Bible verse from Ecclesiastes.)  The older I get, the more I realize just how true that is.  Y'all know that the inspiration for my kitchen cabinet colors, as well as the design for the top part of my upper cabinets, came … [Read More...]

kitchen after - peninsula 4

The Ugly Truth That Lurks Just Beyond

Remember on Monday when I posted that I'd be spending all day cleaning the kitchen and breakfast room just to get them presentable?  Well, the truth is that I worked all day, and even an hour the next morning, just on the kitchen.  Cleaning the kitchen (literally dusting/cleaning everything from the … [Read More...]

nine things - appliance specific outlets

My Kitchen – Nine Things I Would Do Differently

I love how my kitchen turned out (you can see the before and after here if you missed it), but you know what they say...hindsight is 20/20.  And there are certainly a few things I'd do differently if I were just starting today, but had the knowledge I had right now.  And since I know that many of … [Read More...]

kitchen after - wall of cabinets

My Finished Kitchen Remodel! (Before & After)

Well, did you hear me yelling and screaming with joy?  I finished my kitchen this morning (yes, this morning) at 8:05am.  It's done.  Finished.  I was beginning to think I'd never see the day, but here it is. I quickly took some pictures to show you the final before and after, but I haven't even … [Read More...]

mom's artwork for my kitchen 5

Artwork For My Kitchen — My Mom’s First Painting In Over Twenty Years

I have a new piece of artwork for my house -- specifically for my tiled wall in my kitchen.  My mom painted it for me, and it's the first new piece of artwork that she's painted in over 20 years. Shortly after we moved into our house last fall, I asked her if she would be willing to paint a new … [Read More...]

final to do list - 1

Kitchen Progress — The Last Of The To Do List (The Final 13)

I've been saying for a few days now that I only have a few final touches left on my kitchen, and yet I could swear to you that these "few final touches" are multiplying like rabbits right before my eyes.  Every time I think I'm nearing the end of the list, I see more things that need touchups, or … [Read More...]

If You Give A DIYer A Light Fixture

(I've had several people tell me during my kitchen remodel that they felt like they were reading the DIYers version of the child's book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.  So I couldn't resist.) :) If you give a DIYer a light fixture... ...she'll want to hang it in her kitchen.  But first, … [Read More...]

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