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stained wood slat ceiling in hallway bathroom - 9

Finalized Bathroom Remodel Decorating Plan (Shower Curtain Fabric, Vanity Paint Color)

I finally took a day off of working on my bathroom/house.  On Friday, I did absolutely nothing all day except sit in bed and watch past episodes of Fixer Upper, Rehab Addict, and Downton Abbey, with a couple of naps in between.  It was glorious!  I'm pretty sure that's the first entirely relaxing … [Read More...]

stained wood slat ceiling in hallway bathroom - 9

My Almost Finished Stained Wood Slat Bathroom Ceiling (And New Ceiling Light!)

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Kichler Lighting & Del Mar Fans & Lighting.  All opinions are my own. My bathroom ceiling just about finished!  I still need to do some caulking, trim painting, and touch ups on the ceiling, but I'm almost there!  The process is taking way longer … [Read More...]

wood slats for ceiling - 5

Bathroom Ceiling Progress (How To Make Plywood Look Like Beautiful Wood)

Yesterday, I only spent about 30 minutes actually working inside the bathroom.  That's how long it took me to paint the ceiling black. I didn't bother with the cutting in because those areas will be covered with trim. I painted it black because I'll be installing my stained wood slats with … [Read More...]

subway tile bathtub surround

Bathroom Progress – Three Pretty Projects Finally Underway!

I'm finally working on some pretty things for my bathroom! Okay, I realize that "pretty" is highly subjective. They're pretty to me. :) First up, I started tiling the bathtub surround. It's nothing too terribly exciting -- just subway tile. I love subway tile because it's cheap, white, bright, … [Read More...]

Bathtub surround with RedGard waterproofing membrane

Bathroom Remodel Day 27 — The Emotional Breakdown

Sometimes I wish I could live in one of those home remodeling t.v. shows, where everything -- from purchasing the house to having it completely remodeled and furnished -- is wrapped up in a neat little bow in the span of an hour.  Oh sure, they run into problems.  The HVAC system is completely shot … [Read More...]

vanity design idea - furniture style vanity from Direct To You Furniture

Customizing Stock Cabinets For A Bathroom Vanity – Two Design Options

I worked pretty much non-stop for the last three days on my bathroom, and still haven't gotten to any of the pretty stuff. *Sigh* I'm close, though. Very close. I got all of the drywall up, cement board installed around the tub, and all of the seams taped and mudded. I still need to do a bit of … [Read More...]

bathroom drywall and vanity - 6

Bathroom Progress & Vanity Design Decision

I don't have a whole lot of progress to share (mostly because I'm the slowest drywaller in the world!), but I didn't want to break for the weekend without sharing the progress I've made on the bathroom.  As I said, it's not much. I got the wiring and junction boxes in place for the vanity … [Read More...]

reframing doorway on load bearing wall 5

Moving & Reframing My Bathroom Door (Plus, My Door Design Decision)

I have a moved, newly framed bathroom door!  And while it was quite a bit of effort for just a few inches of space, it was definitely well worth it. Here's the door, and the door framing, that I started out with.   I've been a bit surprised by the way in which all of the doors in this house are … [Read More...]

wood countertop on bathroom vanity - by Craft Art Elegant Surfaces, via Houzz

Wood Countertops For Bathroom Vanities

Most of the design decisions for my hallway bathroom remodel came together pretty easily for me (oddly enough!), but I've had a heck of a time deciding on what countertop material I want to use on the vanity. I have never, and will never, like granite. That wasn't an option. Marble is my absolute … [Read More...]

bathroom remodel progress 2-7-15 - 4

Bathroom Remodel Progress — And One Thing Leads To Another

I think I'm still two or three days away from getting to any of the pretty stuff on my bathroom remodel, but things are moving along nicely!  I did decide to make one change to the bathroom that put me a bit behind my anticipated schedule, but I think it'll be very worth it in the end. One thing … [Read More...]

new bathtub and plumbing 1

Bathroom Rebuild Begins (Plus, Why A New Tub?)

I'm afraid that I don't have a terribly exciting update for you today, and this post will be mostly about a bathtub.  Yep, almost an entire post about a bathtub.  :-D I knew that my plumber was going to try to fit me into his schedule yesterday, but what I didn't realize was how early he planned … [Read More...]

1-lite French door with raised panel below glass, via Doors4Home

Frosted Glass In A Bathroom Door — Yea Or Nay?

Good news!  My bathroom floor is level!  The house leveling company was able to send two guys out earlier than they had anticipated.  Two guys...30 minutes...done.  So that means that I can now resume work on the bathroom.  My plumber thinks he may be able to work me into his schedule today, so if … [Read More...]

painted walls with awful texture

Making It Presentable — Way More Challenging Than I Thought

I have a confession, but I doubt that this will come as a shock to anyone. You know how my plan for this year was to finish my living room, entryway, and dining room completely, and then make every other room in my house presentable?  Well, I'm not abandoning that plan.  I do still plan to stick … [Read More...]

faux capiz shell flower pendant light - 3

DIY Faux Capiz Shell Flower Pendant Light

I'm halfway through with Master To-Do List Item #89 -- find or make bedside lighting for our bedroom.  I made a faux capiz shell flower pendant light. This was one of the most time-consuming projects I've done, but I just worked on it a little bit each day.  Some people read or crochet in the … [Read More...]

bathroom demolition - 1

Hallway Bathroom Demolition Is Finished (The Good News/The Bad News)

With the exception of two minor items, the hallway bathroom demolition is finally finished.  I was beginning to think I'd never get to this point!  But I did it.  All of the rubble has been cleaned up and hauled away, and I'm left with nothing but a shell.  So this should be the last post about this … [Read More...]

selections for bathroom finishes

My Selections For The Hallway Bathroom Finishes

After reading all of your comments and suggestions about the hallway bathroom, Matt and I had a heart to heart talk about our plans for our house.  Long story short, we decided to just leave the hallway bathroom footprint just as it is...for good.  That means that there will be no major hallway … [Read More...]

new dining table-1

My New Dining Table (And Finish Options)

Work continues on the bathroom, but I can't handle one more post filled with rubble and ugliness on my blog this week.  So let's talk about pretty things, shall we? I bought a new dining table! I found it on Craigslist, which is miraculous because the Waco Craigslist offerings are generally … [Read More...]

hallway bathroom - tiled walls demolition 8

What Lies Beneath The Rubble (And Why I’m Thankful For A Rotting Subfloor)

I've officially passed the "this is fun and exciting" part of this bathroom demolition, and have entered the "is this ever going the end??" phase of the demolition.  I'm so tired of looking at rubble.  I'm exhausted from bagging up rubble.  I'm ready to get on to the pretty stuff.  But I have a … [Read More...]

attic lighting 1

A Major Fear Of Mine…Conquered For Good!

Well, my friends, I pushed myself too far, so I had to take a break from hammering away at tile.  When I overdo it on repetitive motions, like hammering away at tile for days on end, I develop a painful condition in my arms.  I've never gone to the doctor for it, because I don't really do the whole … [Read More...]

hallway bathroom - tiled floor demolition 3

How Much Do I Love My Husband? This Much…

Things are progressing on my bathroom demolition/remodel, but they're progressing much slower than I had hoped.  But a lot of that is because of Matt's special request.  Let's just say that if he were to ever doubt my love and devotion to him, all I need to do is show him these pictures to remind … [Read More...]

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