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On A VERY Personal (And Pretty Embarrassing) Note…

This post has nothing to do with decorating or DIY, and it's only peripherally related to my blog.  Just wanted you to know that up front, especially for those of you who click over from a reader like Bloglovin' or an email subscription, so that you won't feel tricked if you decide to click over … [Read More...]

replacement cabinet doors and drawer fronts 1

Kitchen Progress & Weekend Heartbreak

After a long, forced hiatus from the kitchen remodel, I'm finally back on track.  I actually received my replacement cabinet door and drawer fronts a week ago, but at that time I was right in the middle of the rolling French door project, and I didn't want to leave yet another project unfinished to … [Read More...]

diy details - installing trim

Sliding French Doors – The Missing DIY Details

Evidently I didn't to such a swift job at including all of the DIY details on this project, because y'all had lots of questions!  And it was mostly the same few questions over and over, so I clearly left out a few steps.  Let's see if I can clarify some things.  :) (If you missed the big before … [Read More...]

DIY French Doors with sliding barn door-style hardware

My Finished Sliding Barn Door-Style French Doors!

They're finally finished!  I got the doors all painted (Behr pure black in a satin finish), added Gila frosted privacy film to the glass, installed the glass in the doors, and got the trim around the doorway wood filled, caulked, and painted.  (I still don't have baseboards.)  I finally finished up … [Read More...]

French door painted black

My Decorating Temptation — Make Everything A Feature

I didn't quite get finished with my doors yesterday.  I had a choice between staying home and finishing them, or having dinner with my family last night.  I chose dinner with my family.  :) So today I'll get them finished, without a doubt.  I did share a sneak peek of one of the doors painted … [Read More...]

Rolling French doors with circle fretwork inspired by the doors of the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas

Rolling French Door Progress (Almost Finished!)

My rolling French door project is almost finished!  I spent many hours this weekend working on the doors, as well as reframing the doorway to fit the doors, in hopes that I might be able to finish by last night, but I just couldn't do it.  I'm almost sure I'll be able to finish everything today, … [Read More...]

flat panel door ideas - upholstered door with nail head trim, by Miles Redd, via House Beautiful

My Hallway – Paneled Interior Doors vs. Flat (Flush) Interior Doors

I'm still working on my rolling door project.  It rained yesterday, so I couldn't take my doors out and spray them.  So I worked on framing out the doorway, but ran into a problem with it also.  Since I'm making the doorway narrower and centering it on the wall, I have an area that's going to … [Read More...]

trim ideas - intricate pattern created on a wall with trim, from Veranda Interiors

Oh, What A Difference Some Trim Makes!

My rolling French doors are taking longer than I had expected.  I spent several hours on Tuesday stripping the many layers of paint from the doors (I think there were about 8 to 10 layers of paint on them), and then I spent yesterday getting them all sanded, wood filled, and sanded some more.  And … [Read More...]

top tool recommendations for DIYers - compound sliding miter saw

My Top Picks For Essential DIY Power Tools (Revised 9-2014)

I've written a couple of other posts in the past about my top picks for essential DIY power tools, but I find that as I tackle new and different projects, and as I acquire new tools myself, my recommendations change.  Since I've been asked about my recommendations a few times recently, I thought it … [Read More...]

fretwork panels 1

DIY French Door Fretwork Panels (Plus Tips On Using A Jigsaw)

This weekend I finished the most time-consuming part of my sliding French door project -- cutting out and sanding the fretwork panels that will go over the glass.  On Friday, I showed you my inspiration for these doors. via A Pop Of Pretty Evidently that building is somewhere in Las Vegas. Anyone … [Read More...]

peacock pulls

These Doors Are For The Birds

Yep, I ordered my door hardware, and I went with the peacock pulls.  (Awesome find, Ann Marie!  Thank you!) Those other pulls (towel bars) were perfect for my house, and would have looked very pretty on my black doors next to the kitchen.  But sometimes the heart wants whimsical, and these … [Read More...]

pearson towel bar from pottery barn

A Towel Bar As A Door Pull (Would It Work?)

This rolling door design just keeps changing daily.  But if you know me at all by now, you know that I'll continue to change my mind until I finally land on something that feels and looks just right (to me). Yesterday's door options post was me trying (once again) to fit a … [Read More...]

Pitted antique brass door pulls -- kitchen cabinet hardware from Pottery Barn

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware, Rolling Door Progress, and My Piano

Not a day goes by without someone asking me the status of my kitchen. I'm still waiting for my replacement doors and drawer fronts. I can't finish the kitchen without them. It's a frustrating waiting game, but that's the price you pay when you're careless and leave your doors and drawer fronts out … [Read More...]

Rolling barn door style doors painted solid black

Rolling Door Glass Pane Design Options

I'm generally not one to shy away from a new DIY challenge, but I have to admit...I'm a bit nervous about cutting the top portion out of my doors for glass.  I'm going to do it, but I couldn't quite work up the nerve to do it yesterday.  Perhaps today I'll be braver. I did have some people ask me … [Read More...]

DIY rolling barn door style door hardware

Rolling Barn-Style Doors – Inexpensive Hardware For Under $60

This weekend I was so anxious to try out my idea for the cheap DIY barn door hardware (rolling doors) that I got right to work as soon as I could on Saturday.  And by Saturday evening, I had my doors up and working.  I'm so excited about how well this hardware worked out!!  So let me share the … [Read More...]

DIY sliding rolling barn door style doors from Crisp Interiors via Country Living

New Project – DIY Sliding/Rolling Doors

Y'all, I have become absolutely obsessed with a particular idea over the last few days.  I can't get it out of my mind, and I've spent every spare moment over the last three days researching possibilities online.  I've been like a dog with a bone.  Here's what I'm talking about... Ever since I … [Read More...]

a little bit of black - stairway with black steps and hand rail by Northworks Architects and Planners, via Houzz

Every Room Needs A Little Black (Agree or Disagree?)

I finished painting my front door black yesterday.  I love how it looks. Now I need to get the door casing prepped, primed, and painted.  And then add the wainscoting to the walls.  (That antique white color on the lower part of the walls around the door is the original color of the room.)  … [Read More...]

ruined cabinet doors and drawer fronts 2

An Expensive Mistake With A Silver Lining

My doors, drawer fronts, and corbels that got rained on ended up being a complete loss. They warped, cracked, and the inset panels all swelled around the edges. You can see what I mean on this cabinet door. See how the inset panel has that swollen area all around the perimeter?  You can see … [Read More...]

Repurposed Doors Projects

Repurposed Doors — Projects Using Vintage Wood Doors

Ever since I decided to replace my interior doors with new doors, I have spent quite a bit of time online searching for project ideas using repurposed doors.  I'll have four 24-inch doors, four 30-inch doors, one 32-inch door, and one 36-inch door, so there will be so many possibilities for things … [Read More...]

painted kitchen cabinet doors and drawers left out in the rain

Random Updates: My Stupid DIY Mistake, Front Porch Results & Reader Hallway Suggestion

I have a post full of randomness for you today!  :) My Really Stupid DIY Mistake First, let me share a kitchen update with you.  I've spent the last three days sanding, priming, and painting the kitchen peninsula doors and drawers, as well as the corbels for the kichen.  I finally got the last … [Read More...]

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