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Kitchen 01 - resized

Space Planning – Dining Room & Pantry

I took three whole days off of working on my bathroom...and my house in general. It was a great, relaxing weekend, but of course that didn't stop me from thinking about, dreaming about, and planning what I'll be working on next once the bathroom is finished. Matt thinks I should finish the … [Read More...]

bi-fold closet doors turned into double doors - 10

Finished Bi-fold Closet Doors Used As Double Doors

With the exception of a few minor details, my bi-fold closet doors that I used as double doors are finished!  They're perfectly private (no gap between the doors), and yes, they lock.  :)  So just ignore all of the unfinished projects surrounding the door (obviously including the unpainted drywall), … [Read More...]

bi-fold closet doors turned into double doors - 4

Bathroom Progress (or not) and General Randomness

I missed y'all yesterday!  So today, I have a super rambling, random update post with probably no definitive point or ending.  Let's just pretend we're sitting in a cafe, sipping coffee (tea for me!), and just catching up.  :) While I've been so super focused on my bathroom remodel over these … [Read More...]

Framed bathroo mirror with integrated sconces

Easy DIY Vanity Mirror With Sconces

Yesterday I got another project checked off of my bathroom remodel "to do" list.  I made a very easy DIY vanity mirror with sconces incorporated into the design. When I switched gears from a temporary bathroom makeover to the long term bathroom remodel, I decided that with the larger vanity, I … [Read More...]

bathtub skirt 11a

DIY Tub Skirt (Decorative Side Panel) For A Standard Apron-Side Soaking Tub

This weekend I got one more pretty big project marked off of my "to do" list on my bathroom remodel. I spent the last two days giving my very basic soaking tub a big makeover by adding a DIY tub skirt to the side of it to continue the wainscoting design onto the bathtub side of the room.  It really … [Read More...]

build.com faucet and undermount sink

New Bathroom Fixtures (Plus, A New Wall Color!)

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Build.com. All opinions are my own. My bathroom is finally starting to look like a real, functional bathroom thanks to some items provided by Build.com, including an undermount sink, faucet, toilet, vanity mirror, shower trim package, and pulls for my … [Read More...]

bathroom walls - recessed panel wainscoting with tile accent - 20

Finished Recessed Panel Wainscoting (Judges Paneling) With Mosaic Tile Accent

My DIY recessed panel wainscoting (also called judges paneling) is finished, and I LOVE how it turned out!  (But now I'm doubting my wall color decision.  *Sigh*)  UPDATE:  I changed the wall color.  You can see the new wall color here. The tile accent is my favorite thing (it's so shiny!), and … [Read More...]

bi-fold closet doors turned into double doors - 7

Three Options For The Back Of My Built-In Open Shelves (Mirror, Accent Paint Color, Mosaic Tile)

My wainscoting is going to take me a day longer to complete than I thought, so I'll be finishing it up today, and show you how it turned out tomorrow.  In the meantime, I want to share some ideas I had about the built-in linen storage area, and you tell me what you think. As you know by now, the … [Read More...]

bathroom walls - recessed panel wainscoting with tile accent - 9

Recessed Panel Wainscoting With Tile Accent – Part 1

I actually already showed you the start of my wainscoting the other day, but I'm still calling this "part 1" because I'm starting at the beginning. At some point last week, I got the very start of the wainscoting on the far wall in place, which was basically made up of 1 x 4's installed … [Read More...]

furniture style bathroom vanity from stock cabinets - 36a

Teal Furniture-Style Vanity Made From Stock Cabinets – Finished!

I finally finished my vanity, and I love it!  It's tall (36 inches, which is taller than the standard bathroom vanity, but evidently that height is becoming the new norm), dark (a beautiful deep teal, Behr's Mythical Forest), and oh so handsome! I apologize for the blurry pictures.  For some … [Read More...]

furniture style bathroom vanity from stock cabinets - 28b

Teal Vanity Preview

I was so sure that I could get my vanity completely painted yesterday, but once again, the weather slowed me down.  It's so rainy and humid here lately that the primer and paint wouldn't dry fast enough for me to get it all finished.  But I wanted to give you a preview anyway, because I'm so excited … [Read More...]

bathroom progress 3-18-15 - 1

Bathroom Vanity Trim, Wainscoting Progress, and Painted Walls

I have about 100 projects started on this bathroom, but nothing finished at this point.  But at least I'm making progress! Here's what things look like right now. I got two of the walls painted in Behr Crisp Celery.  I love the color!  It's so light and fresh, but it's definitely green.  I … [Read More...]

Patched Hardwood Floor 2

Patching A Hardwood Floor (And Why Nicole Curtis Is On My Bad List Today)

Have you ever watched someone on a design/remodeling show do something that you thought would be terribly difficult, but they made it look so easy (or very doable, at least) that you thought to yourself, "I could totally do that!"  And then when you're actually doing the project, you're cursing the … [Read More...]

bi-fold closet doors turned into double doors - 4

Bathroom Progress: Bi-fold Closet Doors Installed As Double Doors

Y'all, I had such a productive weekend!  I don't have a lot of "pretty" progress to show you, but I got the two side drawers on the vanity cut down, remade, and re-installed with new, shorter roller hardware things.  (What the heck are those called?  My mind just went blank.)  Then I got the vanity … [Read More...]

Hallway bath 09 - resized

Bathroom Remodel – Project In Review And Completion Checklist

Well, I've reached that point in my bathroom remodel where I'm thinking to myself, "Why the heck is this taking so long?! What could I have possibly done that required this much time?" I'm starting to get more than a little anxious to have this room finished so that I can move on to something else.  … [Read More...]

wall color options

The Final Four Design Decisions: Vanity Color, Wall Color, Wainscoting Design, and Linen Storage Design

Now that things are coming together in my bathroom, I've finally been able to make the rest of the design decisions for the room.  Starting with... Vanity Color - Light Teal Or Dark Teal?: I've decided to go with the dark teal, Behr's Mythic Forest, for the vanity.  The dark teal just speaks to me … [Read More...]

DIY butcherblock style countertop - 38

My Stained “I Can’t Believe It’s Cheap Pine” DIY Butcherblock Countertop (Plus, Vanity Paint Color Options)

Well, I got impatient and decided I didn't want to wait to stain my vanity countertop.  (If you missed how I constructed this countertop, you can see that here.)   It's not perfect, and I don't think I'd ever fool anyone into thinking that it's walnut or another expensive wood. But I also don't … [Read More...]

DIY butcherblock style countertop - 20

DIY Butcherblock-Style Countertop With Undermount Sink – Part 1

I know y'all were probably expecting a finished vanity today.  I'm so sorry to disappoint!  I promise, there is a method to my madness right now, and my method required that I spend some time working on my DIY butcher block countertop for the vanity. This is one of those "one thing leads to … [Read More...]

furniture style bathroom vanity from stock cabinets - 14

Furniture-Style Bathroom Vanity Made From Stock Cabinets – Part 1

This weekend, the cold and rainy weather finally cleared out a bit, the sunshine brought some warmer temperatures, and I was finally able to take my stock cabinets outside and make some progress on my bathroom vanity.  I'm so pleased with how it's turning out so far, but I have quite a bit of work … [Read More...]

space saving idea for a small bathroom - small doors hung like French doors in standard width doorway - master suite by Angela Flournoy, via Houzz

Bathroom Door Frustration and Solution (Turn Bi-Fold Doors Into French Doors)

This bathroom is such a good example of how one project is dependent upon another.  Immediately after I finished the floor, I wanted so badly to jump right in and start adding the wainscoting to the walls.  It would be relatively quick, easy, and would give me some immediate gratification.  But I … [Read More...]

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