Easy DIY Vanity Mirror With Sconces

Framed bathroo mirror with integrated sconces

Yesterday I got another project checked off of my bathroom remodel "to do" list.  I made a very easy DIY vanity mirror with sconces incorporated into the design. When I switched gears from a temporary bathroom makeover to the long term bathroom remodel, I decided that with the larger vanity, I also wanted a really large mirror since large … [Read more...]

DIY Tub Skirt (Decorative Side Panel) For A Standard Apron-Side Soaking Tub

bathtub skirt 11a

This weekend I got one more pretty big project marked off of my "to do" list on my bathroom remodel. I spent the last two days giving my very basic soaking tub a big makeover by adding a DIY tub skirt to the side of it to continue the wainscoting design onto the bathtub side of the room.  It really dressed up that boring, basic bathtub! Too … [Read more...]

Finished Recessed Panel Wainscoting (Judges Paneling) With Mosaic Tile Accent

bathroom walls - recessed panel wainscoting with tile accent - 20

My DIY recessed panel wainscoting (also called judges paneling) is finished, and I LOVE how it turned out!  (But now I'm doubting my wall color decision.  *Sigh*)  UPDATE:  I changed the wall color.  You can see the new wall color here. The tile accent is my favorite thing (it's so shiny!), and the way it wraps around the vanity to make a … [Read more...]

Be Inspired To Paint Your Bathroom Vanity (a non-neutral color!!)

colorful bathroom vanities - red vanity from Traditional Home

My goal today is to offer inspiration. This isn't for all of you. I know there are those of you who simply thrive in neutral homes, and long for cabinetry in your home that is painted white, or another neutral color, or that is stained wood. If that's what you like, and that's what your personality calls for, then that's definitely what you should … [Read more...]

Color Crush: Navy Blue

navy blue living room

I've had a few people ask me what colors I'm going to be using in the house, and each time someone asks me, I panic just a little bit because I honestly have no clue. One color that I can't seem to get enough of lately is navy blue, so I can almost guarantee that it'll be making an appearance in the house. Where? I haven't a clue yet. :) I'd … [Read more...]

Tiny Condo Bathroom Makeover – Before and After

tiny bathroom makeover after 11

It's finished!  My tiny bathroom makeover, that I thought would only take a few days and ended up taking over a month, is finally done. It's definitely not my best makeover ever.  And quite honestly, if we weren't planning on moving in at the end of the month and were planning on staying here, I would have done many things differently, … [Read more...]

DIY Decorative Mirror With Scalloped Frame

Decorative Mirror With Scalloped Frame

I was finally able to get the original mirror cut down to fit into the new frame for my tiny bathroom.  So here it is!  My new decorative mirror with a pretty little scalloped frame. I was inspired by this mirror that I saw on Joss and Main.  I would have just purchased this one, but it was the wrong size. :-D  Yeah, right!!  If you … [Read more...]

DIY Removable Cedar Shower Floor Mat

cedar shower floor - thumb

Happy Monday, all!  Remember last week when I said I had a project in mind for the shower in my tiny little bathroom?  Well, it's (almost) finished!  I made a removable cedar shower floor mat. I was inspired by some of these (obviously much higher end and super expensive) wood shower floors.     If you've been around here … [Read more...]

Bathroom Makeover Progress – From Dark and Disgusting To Light and Bright

Tiny bathroom makeover progress

Anyone else getting as tired of this bathroom makeover as I am? :-D Gah! It was supposed to be quick and easy, and here I am a month later, still not finished. Granted, I haven't been working on it every single day. There's been quite a bit of procrastinating in there, which I'm sure I'll regret as this month progresses.  (Suffice it to say that … [Read more...]

An Impromptu Bathroom Makeover – Day 1

Small condo bathroom makeover - wood plank walls 3

As you know, my in-laws have been here this week, and they've been helping me with projects around the condo.  My mother-in-law has sanded my kitchen countertops and re-oiled them so that they look absolutely perfect for putting the condo on the market.  She also sanded the new bookcases that I built in the living room after I did all of the wood … [Read more...]