Bedside Tables – Two Options For My IKEA Rast Hack (Your Vote Decides!)

Bungalow 5 Jacqui 3-drawer side table in green

Just as I figured, I'm going to need one more day to finish my herringbone "tile" lamp bases.  I really started to think that I could get them finished in time to show you today, but as I was outside at 10:00 last night spraying the second lamp base with clear coat, I realized that it just wasn't going to happen.  The bases are finished, but I … [Read more...]

Our New Bedside Tables…With A Thousand Possiblities (IKEA Rast Hack Ideas)

IKEA Rast hack from Crafty Sisters - custom cut wood design on front of drawers

Well, my days of using a step ladder as my bedside table are over.  We sprung for two brand new bedside tables, and only the best would do for us.  :-D  Yes, we spent and entire $75 (including tax) for our two new IKEA Rast three-drawer chests. I have wanted these silly little things since the day we moved into our house.  The problem is … [Read more...]

DIY Stained Wood Raised Platform Bed Frame – Finished!!

DIY wood bed thumb

Well, in all honesty, the bed frame isn't completely finished.  I was putting on the first coat of polyurethane last night at 10:00 while Matt was already in bed.  :-D  I still need to do some fine sanding and add probably two more coats of polyurethane to even out the sheen.  (You'll see what I mean in the pictures.) But for now, I'm calling … [Read more...]

DIY Stained Wood Raised Platform Bed Frame – Part 2

DIY raised platform bed frame with the decorative trim added, from

Well, my friends, I didn't get the platform bed frame completely finished like I had hoped.  (Click here to read Part 1 of this raised platform bed frame project if you missed it.) I only had a couple of hours to work on it yesterday, but I did get all of the decorative trim attached, so I wanted to show you how I did that.  Trim always makes such … [Read more...]

DIY Stained Wood Raised Platform Bed Frame – Part 1

DIY raised platform bed frame without the decorative trim, from

I've finally made some progress on my DIY stained wood raised platform bed frame.  I still need to add all of the pretty trim and stain the whole thing, but I at least got it to the point where it was usable last night.  And here's what it looks like so far. It's definitely a step in the right direction, especially considering that this has … [Read more...]

Placing The Bed In Front Of A Window: A Decorating Faux Pas?

Headboard in front of window - room design by tati4design, via Houzz

It's Friday, y'all! That means I only have two more days of working on my hardwood floors, and they'll be DONE! They need two more coats of finish on them, so I'll put the final coat of "original" sheen on today (which is a semi-gloss sheen), and then I'll put the satin finish on tomorrow, and they'll be finished!!! It's been such a long … [Read more...]

The Decorating Plan For Our Master Bedroom

Navy blue and white entryway by Michael Robert Construction, via Houzz

Several of you have asked me what will be the first room I decorate in the house. I think I've finally decided that I'll tackle the master bedroom first. It seems to the be room for which I have the most concrete ideas. Well, I have definite plans for the master bedroom and the hallway bathroom, but after working so long and hard on … [Read more...]

Cheap and Easy DIY Headboard Made From Cedar Fence Pickets (Finally Finished!!)

wood headboard thumb

Don't you love it when a DIY blogger says, "I'll be back tomorrow to show you the finished such-and-such," and then they completely disappear for an entire week? :) So sorry. Last Tuesday, my body finally made me slow down. I got sick, and even took a little trip to the emergency room, and then practically slept away an entire week. (No … [Read more...]