Tips On How To Organize Your Blog {video}

Tips on how to organize the content on a blog

Are you confused and overwhelmed at how to arrange and organize your blog?  I was...for almost four years.  When I finally moved to WordPress in December 2011, I decided to really put some thought into how I organized my posts, and to utilize my categories to the fullest. So I got busy making lists of the categories that I used over and over, and … [Read more...]

How To Write A Blog Post With Impact

how to write a blog post with impact - featured

Today, I want to share five simple tips on how to write a blog post that will draw in your readers. Let me preface by saying that these tips are for bloggers who are in a home, decorating, DIY, or other creative niche who write posts that are very picture-heavy. I've been blogging now for six years, and the way I write posts now is completely … [Read more...]

Blogging Help: How To Move A Blog From Blogger To WordPress

blogger to wordpress - featured

Happy Monday, all!  Well today, I'm breaking my own rule about only posting Blogging Help stuff during the weekend , because I finally finished a MAJOR project and I wanted to share.  I've been working about six weeks on this How To Move Your Blog From Blogger To WordPress tutorial, and I finally had the chance yesterday to put the final touches on … [Read more...]

How To Start A New Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

how to start a new self-hosted wordpress blog -- feature

Today's Blogging Help post is for those of you who aren't yet bloggers, but have been toying with the idea of starting a blog. In the last couple of weeks, I've had several people contact me saying that they've been inspired to start a blog, and they want to do it right from the start, i.e., bypass Blogger and go right to a self-hosted WordPress … [Read more...]

How User-Friendly Is Your Blog?

blogging help-how user friendly is your blog - thumbnail

Do you have a user-friendly blog? I know this question can be highly subjective. What one reader considers user-friendly may be a considered by another to be a complete pain in the neck (truncated posts on the home page and lots of options on drop down menus, for example). But there are some practical things you can do to make sure that your blog … [Read more...]

(More) Ways To Make Money On A Blog

blogging help -- more ways to make money blogging -- featured

Hello all! Last weekend, I shared the various ways that I make money on my blog, including the amounts that I make with each method. *gasp* I know, I know. I divulged some very sensitive info there. :) And by the way, all of the videos have been added now, just in case you arrived to read the post when I was still working to get the videos … [Read more...]