Hallway Bathroom Remodel: Before & After

vanity from hallway 2

The bathroom is finished! Woohoo! I'm so excited to be done!  I now have two whole rooms that are completely finished in my house.  :-D  And they just happen to be the two most challenging -- a total gut and remodel of a kitchen and a bathroom.  The rest of the rooms should feel like a walk in the park after these! I started this remodel on … [Read more...]

Condo Bedroom Makeover

condo bedroom after - 1

One of the things I worked on during my blogging break was the second bedroom at the condo.  Once I got all of the necessary things done in there -- painting walls, installing and painting baseboards and quarter round, finishing the grout on the floor, switching out the old almond-colored outlets and switches with new white outlets and switches, … [Read more...]

Condo Bedroom Finished! (And Staged To Sell)

bedroom after 3

I finally got the condo bedroom completely finished yesterday!  This room needed the most work of any room in the condo, so it's such a relief to have it finished.  It might even be my favorite room in the condo! The closets that I built were the most expensive thing in the room, but I think the added storage is so important in a condo this … [Read more...]

My Finished Kitchen Remodel! (Before & After)

kitchen after - wall of cabinets

Well, did you hear me yelling and screaming with joy?  I finished my kitchen this morning (yes, this morning) at 8:05am.  It's done.  Finished.  I was beginning to think I'd never see the day, but here it is. I quickly took some pictures to show you the final before and after, but I haven't even had time yet to sit down with all of my receipts … [Read more...]

Tiny Condo Bathroom Makeover – Before and After

tiny bathroom makeover after 11

It's finished!  My tiny bathroom makeover, that I thought would only take a few days and ended up taking over a month, is finally done. It's definitely not my best makeover ever.  And quite honestly, if we weren't planning on moving in at the end of the month and were planning on staying here, I would have done many things differently, … [Read more...]

20-Day Small Bathroom Makeover – Before and After

Bathroom makeover after 1

My small bathroom makeover is finished, and I made my goal of getting it finished in 20 days!! (That's 20 working days, not 20 calendar days.) And I packed this bathroom full of small bathroom design ideas, all done on a budget. The "before" bathroom was full of apartment-grade...well...everything -- the cheap laminate countertop with the … [Read more...]

My Small Condo Laundry Room (a.k.a. Hallway Makeover) Before & After

Small condo laundry room disguised as a hallway

When you live in 834 square feet, the idea of having an actual laundry room is nothing but a dream. We small space dwellers have to carve out specialized utility space where we can find it, and I just happened to find space in my hallway. So now, after a creative hallway makeover, I basically have a small laundry room. It's out in the open, it's … [Read more...]

My Tiny Condo Breakfast Room Makeover – Before and After

condo breakfast room - thumbnail

My breakfast room is finally finished. And...well...it's bright and colorful! Nobody ever accused me of being afraid of color, that's for sure!! :) It has taken me forever to get to this room finished, so let me remind you how this room looked when we bought our condo. And let me also remind you that as soon as we were handed the keys, I walked … [Read more...]

Before & After: My Kitchen, Finally Finished!!

kitchen after - thumbnail

Well, it's finished.  I was beginning to think it would never happen, but my kitchen is finished.  And it only took three years.  Or was it four?  Heck, I've lost count by now.  And I still have a couple of projects to finish for the dining area, so I really am just going to show you the kitchen today.  Hopefully I'll have the dining area … [Read more...]

My Mom’s Bathroom Remodel:: Before & After

thumbnail--moms bathroom remodel

A few days ago, I got an e-mail from my mom that said, "Just wondering why you don't have our bathroom under Rooms I Designed." Good question! It's one of my favorite projects I've ever done, so I definitely needed to get that post linked up under the "Rooms I Designed" tab. So I searched for the post. And I searched again. And I searched some … [Read more...]