Finished Bathroom Artwork & Dining Room Rug Indecision

artwork for bathroom - 4

Hey there!  I've had some non-blog, non-house-related things to attend to the last two days, so progress on the bathroom remodel has stalled a bit.  But earlier this week, I did get every single last bit of the trim installed and wood filled, and then I got everything partially caulked.  So while no real progress has been made for two days now, I … [Read more...]

My DIY Abstract Art And New Shower Curtain Fabric

bathroom artwork 4

This weekend I decided to try my hand at a piece of artwork for my bathroom.  I was inspired by this abstract painting by Blair at The Fox & She. via The Fox & She I love abstract artwork because it's not really mean to be anything other than a display of color, movement, shapes and texture.  And this particular painting is one of my … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Vanity Mirror With Sconces

Framed bathroo mirror with integrated sconces

Yesterday I got another project checked off of my bathroom remodel "to do" list.  I made a very easy DIY vanity mirror with sconces incorporated into the design. When I switched gears from a temporary bathroom makeover to the long term bathroom remodel, I decided that with the larger vanity, I also wanted a really large mirror since large … [Read more...]

DIY Vine & Flower Dimensional Artwork

Vine and dragonfly artwork with polymer clay flowers -1

Yesterday I made some artwork for the condo bedroom.  (By the way, if you're wondering why I'm "wasting time" making artwork for a place I'm about to sell, I'll try to explain at the end of this post.)  I wasn't actually planning on turning this into a blog post, but when I posted a picture of it on Facebook yesterday, several people asked for me … [Read more...]

How To Easily Make Your Own Artwork (With Zero Artistic Talent Required!)

make easy artwork - waterlogue natural

I must confess, I'm still doing quite a bit of staring at the artwork above my firplace. :) Since not everyone has a talented artist in their family and easy access to original artwork to fill their walls, I wanted to show you today how you can create some beautiful artwork on your own, and you don't have to have even a drop of creative talent … [Read more...]

Organizing My Decorating Ideas With #CanonPIXMA

home decorating pin board

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Canon PIXMA, but all opinions expressed are 100% my own. I have a confession that you might find hard to believe, but here goes. I don't find Pinterest to be helpful to me at all. I find myself going on pinning sprees, and then forgetting about it for a month or so, and then going on another pinning … [Read more...]

DIY 40-Inch Metallic Lotus Flower Mirror

metallic lotus flower mirror - thumb

On the wall between my two smaller living room windows, I had originally planned on using the painting that I showed you yesterday.  But as many of you pointed out, anything square or rectangular on that wall would just add another box to the room.  I already have so many boxy items (windows, chairs, ottoman, end tables) that I needed to add … [Read more...]

Easy Acrylic Tree Artwork With Layered Colors

Layered color tree acrylic artwork - thumb

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Canon PIXMA, but all opinions expressed are 100% my own. When my mom and I were cleaning out my storage units, I came across two huge pictures that I had purchased several years ago. They've been in storage ever since I started decorating the condo in teal, orange, and green, because obviously … [Read more...]

Dimensional Fall Leave Typography Artwork With #CanonPIXMA

Fall leaves typography artwork

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Canon PIXMA, but all opinions expressed are 100% my own. The other day I was in Pier 1, and I saw this cute and colorful typography artwork... I really liked the chalkboard-looking background and the colorful letters, but I wasn't too crazy about the saying. I also thought that some … [Read more...]

DIY Decorative Mirror With Scalloped Frame

Decorative Mirror With Scalloped Frame

I was finally able to get the original mirror cut down to fit into the new frame for my tiny bathroom.  So here it is!  My new decorative mirror with a pretty little scalloped frame. I was inspired by this mirror that I saw on Joss and Main.  I would have just purchased this one, but it was the wrong size. :-D  Yeah, right!!  If you … [Read more...]