Repurposed Doors — Projects Using Vintage Wood Doors

Repurposed Doors Projects

Ever since I decided to replace my interior doors with new doors, I have spent quite a bit of time online searching for project ideas using repurposed doors.  I'll have four 24-inch doors, four 30-inch doors, one 32-inch door, and one 36-inch door, so there will be so many possibilities for things to build and make with all of those doors. Since … [Read more...]

Glass Birdbath Made With Thrift Store Glassware

Barefootbutterfly Studio 2 tiered Vintage Glass Birdbath

Carolyn from Barefoot Butterfly Studio has quite the creative mind!  Inspired by glass totems that she has seen online, she decided to make a glass birdbath for her yard using 20 pieces of thrift store glassware.  The result is spectacular!  Can you imagine it shimmering in the sunlight? To read the details of how Carolyn made her glass … [Read more...]

DIY Sisal Ottoman Made From A Tire

inspiration files - ottoman made from a tire from that was a what blog - after

This is one of those DIY projects that made my jaw fall open in amazement.  Seriously.  Nikki from That Was A What?!  made a sisal-looking ottoman from an old tire and several bags of manila rope.  It sounds crazy, but the result is pretty amazing! Isn't that incredible?!  It looks like an expensive sisal ottoman to me.  But I promise, it … [Read more...]

Accent Table Made From A Suitcase

inspiration files--accent table made from an old suitcase from stars for streetlights blog

Do you have an old suitcase in the attic? If so, pull it out because I have a great project for you! Or rather, Stacie at Stars for Streetlights has a project for you. She used an old suitcase to create this amazing side table... Such a great project! If you'd like to make one yourself, Stacie shares the step-by-step process on Stars for … [Read more...]

Upcycled Magazine Wreath

upcycled magazine wreath 8

If you're anything like me, you've got a stack (or several) of magazines that you really have no use for anymore, but you just can't bring yourself to throw them out. This weekend, I put some of those colorful pages of three magazines to use and made this upcycled magazine wreath... I just love all of those gorgeous, vibrant colors!  And … [Read more...]

Out of Curiosity: Reclaimed Wood & Pallet Projects?

reclaimed wood--pallet art project from blue eyed yonder

This morning I featured ten headboard designs that you can make from reclaimed wood (barn wood, pallet wood, fence boards) or new wood (if you don't have access to a big 'ole pile of old wood). I happen to love the look of naturally worn, weathered wood. I think it can go with so many different styles, and really add a down-to-earth feel to a … [Read more...]

Wine Cork Crafts and DIY Decorating Projects

wine cork projects--wine cork wreath from living savvy

When it comes to craft and decorating projects, wine corks are always crowd pleasers. They're so versatile and have such great texture that adds a touch of nature to any room. If you've got a pile of wine corks hidden away, pull them out and get crafting! And if you're a teetotaler like I am, you might try local restaurants and bars and see if you … [Read more...]

Reclaimed Weathered Wood Plank Ceiling

inspiration files--wood clad ceiling

I've wanted to add a weathered wood ceiling in my bedroom for about a year now, so I was really excited to see this bathroom ceiling over at Burlap & Denim.   I love how the wood adds warmth and texture to the room. The whole bathroom makeover is great, so head over to Burlap & Denim to see the details. … [Read more...]

Washing Machine Drum Turned Bedside Table

inspiration files--washing machine drum side table

I came across the blog called Made By Isa a couple of days ago, and when I initially saw this bedside table, I just thought it was a really cool modern table. The blog is in French, so it wasn't until I scrolled through the pictures that I realized that the table was actually made from an old washing machine drum! I never would have thought of … [Read more...]