Kitchen Progress — The Biggest Cabinet Removed And A Widened Doorway

wall of storage 1 - base cabinet removed

I didn't make a ton of progress this weekend on the kitchen.  The fact is that my body just needed a break.  My right elbow has been in so much pain ever since I spent the day doing the prep work for taking out the wall, and then building and installing the header. So I did try to take things slower this weekend, but it's not like me to just sit … [Read more...]

Kitchen Cabinets — A Preview

kitchen by glickman design build llc, via houzz

Well, it's been quite a week around here!  I feel such a sense of accomplishment.  If you had told me last weekend that by the end of this week, the wall separating the kitchen and breakfast room would be gone, and that I would have done it myself (with the help of my brother, of course), I don't think I would have believed you.  Amazing how the … [Read more...]

The Victory Is Mine!! (Load-Bearing Wall Removed, Load-Bearing Header Installed)

load bearing header installed where load bearing wall removed

I told y'all that I'd win the war, right?  Well, behold... It's such a terrible mess in there right now, but you know what?  Right now, all I see is that gorgeous huge opening between the kitchen and the breakfast room.  And it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, because let me tell you, it was hard earned. (Sorry, but … [Read more...]

The Wall That Turned Me White As A Ghost (From Ugly And Rough To Skim-Coated Beauty)

Wall skim coated with drywall mud to hide roughness after removing wallpaper

Remember how ugly and torn up the end wall in the kitchen was after my father-in-law and I removed the cabinets, and then I scraped all of the paint, wallpaper, and other stuff off? (Not the mention 10-inch-long exploratory hole that I gouged out of the drywall.) Well, after an entire weekend of taping, repairing holes, skim coating, and … [Read more...]

Kitchen Flooring Options — Narrowed Down To Two

Painted hard wood floor -- white checked painted wood floor in bathroom by Katie Emmons Design, via

Y'all were so incredibly helpful with your kitchen flooring input yesterday!  To be honest, I was very shocked that the overwhelming majority of you who have hardwood floors in your kitchen seem to really love them.  Only a small percentage warned against putting wood floors in a kitchen, but the majority of you said you loved them, they were easy … [Read more...]

Rearranged Plumbing, Feline Adventure Vacations, and a Ceiling Made Of Mud

new plumging arrangement 1

Well, I fear that I may have let many of you down today.  I still have drywall on my kitchen wall. Here's what happened... I woke up yesterday full of courage and ambition.  I fully planned to write yesterday's post, eat some breakfast, and then tear into that wall.  But as I stood there looking at the wall, Rational Responsible Kristi … [Read more...]

The Post Where I Reveal Too Much About Myself (and a bit of kitchen progress)

kitchen light from one kings lane

My sweet husband bought me a ceiling light for the kitchen. And not just any light, but the light that I had wanted for the kitchen, but was too cheap to buy myself out of my decorating money. (I only get so much decorating money each month, and it has to stretch the whole month, so it's generally pretty hard for me to pull the trigger on buying … [Read more...]

DIY Kitchen Countertop Options

concrete kitchen countertop - diy pour in place countertop using an ogee edge profile

It seems that this week was more about planning than actually working on projects for me (especially after my DIY fail on Monday), and one thing that I'm trying to figure out is how to DIY some inexpensive but awesome kitchen countertops for my budget makeover. Of course, in the big box home improvement stores, you can find Rust-Oleum Countertop … [Read more...]