One Year Housiversary Tour (Past, Present, and Future Plans) – Living Room, Music Room, Hallway, and Hallway Bathroom

one year house tour - part 1 floor plan

This past Saturday was the one year anniversary of the purchase of our house.  Now if you'll remember, we didn't actually move into the house until two months later because I wanted to remove all of the carpet and refinish the hardwood floors first.  We also needed some pretty major plumbing done.  So we didn't move in until October 19th.  But we … [Read more...]

Fridge Wall Progress, Converting Wood Cabinet Doors To Glass, and Your FAQs Answered

fridge range wall 2

I have lots to share with you today, so let's dive right in, shall we? Refrigerator/range wall progress: I made pretty good progress on the fridge/range wall yesterday!  I got the drywall taped and mudded (with the exception of that one area above the door...oops!), and then got all of the cabinets installed.  In case you're confused, the wall of … [Read more...]

The Wall Of Cabinets Build Is Finished (In-Cabinet Lights Installed, and Upper Cabinets Heightened To Ceiling)

wall of cabinets -- building finished 1

I did it, y'all!  With the exception of eight small pieces of trim that I didn't have time to purchase, I'm finished with the building phase on the wall 'o cabinets. Remember the drawing I did? It's pretty darn close, right?!  (Corbels will be added after the backsplash is done.) The only differences that I see are the outer … [Read more...]

Five Inspiring Kitchen Makeovers And Remodels (Before & After)

kitchen makeover - Cape 27 Blog - after

I'm still making progress on my own kitchen remodel, but I'm at a point where showing daily progress would be incredibly boring.  (The taping and mudding of drywall seems to be never ending.)  So I thought that I'd share some of my favorite (finished!) kitchen makeovers to inspire you. Tracy at Beneath My Heart has one of my favorite kitchen … [Read more...]

Kitchen Remodel Progress So Far (Before Pictures & Current Pictures)

Sometimes when you're in the middle of a remodel that's seemingly taking forever (and, well, you've been without a kitchen sink for two months), it can be stressful and perhaps a bit discouraging to continue to go over the massive "still to do" list in your head.  So today instead of looking forward, I decided to take a moment and look back, and to … [Read more...]

Full Steam Ahead! (House Leveling Results, Kitchen Drywall & New Flooring)

house leveling 5

My house is level, y'all!  I'm so pleased with the results, and so excited that that last obstacle standing between me and my vision for this house has been removed. The whole house leveling process was very interesting.  (I shared a bit more about it on Friday.)  I had hoped to ask lots of questions along the way so that I could pass on the … [Read more...]

It’s House Leveling Day!

pier and beam foundation from four brothers carpentry

Today is the day! We're finally getting our house leveled!! :-D I have been waiting for and planning for this day for what seems like an eternity (okay, it's only been eight months), and it's finally here.  Every time we thought we were going to be able to do this over the last eight months, we would find that the money we had saved for it had … [Read more...]

Remodeling Depression — It’s A Real Thing

remodeling depression - kitchen floors

I'm really surprised that it's not listed in the DSM-V, and that there aren't some really strong, make-you-happy medications available specifically for it, and that there aren't support groups for it, because I'm here to tell you that remodeling depression is a real thing. And it struck me hard yesterday. Honestly, I didn't even realize why I … [Read more...]

I’ve Decided To Pour My Own Concrete Countertops

white concrete countertops from j aaron, via houzz

First, let me say thank you to each of you who subscribed to my new newsletter yesterday upon hearing my problems with Facebook and Feedburner. Just wanted to give you a heads up that if you've been subscribed via Feedburner and have been receiving my posts in your email, there may be a few days of overlap. So sorry for the inconvenience. I deleted … [Read more...]

Kitchen Progress — The Biggest Cabinet Removed And A Widened Doorway

wall of storage 1 - base cabinet removed

I didn't make a ton of progress this weekend on the kitchen.  The fact is that my body just needed a break.  My right elbow has been in so much pain ever since I spent the day doing the prep work for taking out the wall, and then building and installing the header. So I did try to take things slower this weekend, but it's not like me to just sit … [Read more...]