Vintage Desk Chair Makeover

Vintage Office Chair Makeover from Liz Marie Blog

Liz Marie, from Liz Marie Blog, is the proud owner of an amazing vintage wood desk chair that looks like it probably cost several hundred dollars from a store like Pottery Barn, with its beautiful rich wood and wonderful typography burlap fabric. But of course, this desk chair wasn't a costly purchase from Pottery Barn.  She found the chair … [Read more...]

DIY Sisal Ottoman Made From A Tire

inspiration files - ottoman made from a tire from that was a what blog - after

This is one of those DIY projects that made my jaw fall open in amazement.  Seriously.  Nikki from That Was A What?!  made a sisal-looking ottoman from an old tire and several bags of manila rope.  It sounds crazy, but the result is pretty amazing! Isn't that incredible?!  It looks like an expensive sisal ottoman to me.  But I promise, it … [Read more...]

Patio Furniture Chaise Lounge Makeover

inspiration files - chaise lounge makeover from top this top that - after

Is your patio furniture looking a little tired and worn? Is the fabric torn? There may not be a need to replace the furniture! Laura at Top This Top That had a couple of chaise lounges that had definitely seen better days, but rather than replace the chairs, she simply replaced the fabric on the chaise lounges. Now they look like new! Don't … [Read more...]

Leather Wingback Chair Updated With Painted Wood

inspiration files - chairs updated with paint only from charming zebra - after

Sometimes a second hand chair doesn't necessarily need to be reupholstered in order to be given a fresh new look. It might only take a coat (or two) of paint! Check out this leather wingback chair that was updated with paint only from Charming Zebra. That chair looks so fresh and modern now! It's amazing what a different paint made to update … [Read more...]

Thrift Store Chair Makeover

inspiration files - reupholstered chair from sas interiors - after 2

Jenna at SAS Interiors recently completed her very first upholstery project, and let me tell you, she knocked this one out of the park! She took an average thrift store chair, painted and reupholstered the chair, and turned it into this beauty that she now uses as a desk chair. And if you think the front is amazing, check out the … [Read more...]

Side Table Makeover With Reclaimed Wood

inspiration files - side table makeover from design dining and diapers - after

Taryn at Design, Dining + Diapers has a plain 'ole stained side table, and wanted to give it a brand new look.   With a bit of spray paint and a new weathered wood top for the table, it now looks completely different...and looks brand new.  (Is it strange that old weathered wood can make something look new?) There's just something so … [Read more...]

Farmhouse Table Makeover With Honeybee Design

inspiration files - table makeover from skip and earl - after

I always enjoy seeing great furniture makeovers, but I especially enjoy them when they involve a little more than paint, stain, and wax. This farmhouse table makeover from Skip and Earl is a great example of out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to refinishing a table top with a stained stenciled design. Isn't that cute? And a far cry from … [Read more...]

Star-Spangled Desser Makeover

Americana dresser in red, white and blue with spigot handles as drawer pulls, from Freddy and Petunia blog

Catherine at Freddy and Petunia recently gave this dresser a makeover...for the second time.  This time the dresser has an Americana look with its stars and stripes, and had cute little spigot handles for drawer pulls.  What a great use for colorful spigot handles!   The dresser was nice before its most recent makeover, but it was … [Read more...]