Five Inspiring Kitchen Makeovers And Remodels (Before & After)

kitchen makeover - Cape 27 Blog - after

I'm still making progress on my own kitchen remodel, but I'm at a point where showing daily progress would be incredibly boring.  (The taping and mudding of drywall seems to be never ending.)  So I thought that I'd share some of my favorite (finished!) kitchen makeovers to inspire you. Tracy at Beneath My Heart has one of my favorite kitchen … [Read more...]

Kitchen Remodel – Finalized Design For The Wall Of Cabinets

drawing - storage wall

Well, progress has been slow (perhaps nonexistent) on my kitchen for the last two or three weeks. I got a bit overwhelmed, and then hurt my elbow and needed to work on something a little less physically demanding, so I played around with my hallway doors. Then I decided I needed to do something fun that would actually end with a pretty result, so I … [Read more...]

I’ve Decided To Pour My Own Concrete Countertops

white concrete countertops from j aaron, via houzz

First, let me say thank you to each of you who subscribed to my new newsletter yesterday upon hearing my problems with Facebook and Feedburner. Just wanted to give you a heads up that if you've been subscribed via Feedburner and have been receiving my posts in your email, there may be a few days of overlap. So sorry for the inconvenience. I deleted … [Read more...]

Kitchen Flooring Options — Narrowed Down To Two

Painted hard wood floor -- white checked painted wood floor in bathroom by Katie Emmons Design, via

Y'all were so incredibly helpful with your kitchen flooring input yesterday!  To be honest, I was very shocked that the overwhelming majority of you who have hardwood floors in your kitchen seem to really love them.  Only a small percentage warned against putting wood floors in a kitchen, but the majority of you said you loved them, they were easy … [Read more...]

DIY Kitchen Countertop Options

concrete kitchen countertop - diy pour in place countertop using an ogee edge profile

It seems that this week was more about planning than actually working on projects for me (especially after my DIY fail on Monday), and one thing that I'm trying to figure out is how to DIY some inexpensive but awesome kitchen countertops for my budget makeover. Of course, in the big box home improvement stores, you can find Rust-Oleum Countertop … [Read more...]