My Tiny Condo Breakfast Room Makeover – Before and After

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My breakfast room is finally finished.'s bright and colorful! Nobody ever accused me of being afraid of color, that's for sure!! :) It has taken me forever to get to this room finished, so let me remind you how this room looked when we bought our condo. And let me also remind you that as soon as we were handed the keys, I walked … [Read more...]

Re-reupholstered Dining Chairs

dining chairs upholstered with two fabrics - thumbnail

  Well, I've reupholstered my dining chairs...again.  This time I used two fabrics -- a striped fabric and white duck cloth, both of which I used on these easy-to-make three-fabric pillows.   I didn't use the linen on the chairs because that linen is pretty thin, and linen used for upholstery really needs to be either … [Read more...]

My “New” Stained Chevron Table

stained chevron table - thumbnail

  I finally decided that a painted table top just wasn't right for my little breakfast room.  I wanted a stained chevron table top, but of course, that posed some problems.  If you'll remember, I made this table out of cheap pine (or some sort of yellow wood), and I absolutely hate the way that pine looks when it's stained.  The grain … [Read more...]

My Chevron Table Is Getting A Makeover

chevron table makeover 5

Remember the chevron table that I made a back in August?   I liked the table, but I decided that it just wasn't right for my little condo. It just looked too busy. I took the picture below for my own use. I never intended to put it on my blog (obviously, since I didn't take any time at all to clean up my mess). But I decided to … [Read more...]

DIY: Iridescent Watercolor “Fish Scale” Artwork

watercolor fish scale artwork - thumbnail

  The 30-minute acrylic artwork that I made to go over the pet station in my breakfast area has since gone to live in the hallway.  (Matt thought the hallway needed the brightness and cheerfulness of the painting.)  :)  Since I needed something else to go over the pet station, I decided to make this iridescent watercolor "fish scale" … [Read more...]

DIY: Easy Three-Fabric Decorative Pillows


I finally made some pillows for my banquette. I made a total of four pillows last night, but I'm only certain that I like two of them...these little three-fabric pieced pillows. I think they add just enough color and texture to be interesting, without being overpowering next to my chevron table. They were really so easy to make. In fact, they … [Read more...]

Inexpensive DIY Wood Slat Ceiling

kitchen ceiling - thumbnail

On Monday when I posted the before and after of my kitchen, I left out the info about my DIY wood slat ceiling.  Many of you noticed that it was different than in the original kitchen, and wanted to know more, so today I'm spillin' the details. Before I added the wood slat ceiling, my ceiling was really in sad shape.  It all started when we … [Read more...]

Make It Happen Monday:: The Checklist

kitchen check list

Well, hello strangers! I kind of pulled a little disappearing act last week. I was up to my eyeballs in yards and yards of fabric and drapery lining, making some draperies (sadly) not for my home, but for someone else's home. I shared a photo of the draperies over on the A2D Facebook page, and I'll have a tutorial coming up this week. After … [Read more...]

Make It Happen Monday:: Bookcase-Turned-Pantry Progress

pantry 4

Well, hello there! Happy Monday to you! So the good news is that my little blog design side business has absolutely exploded over the last two weeks. I mean, I've been designing blogs, transferring blogs over from Blogger to WordPress, and having the best time ever up to my eyeballs in HTML code. (Yep, I'm just a geek at … [Read more...]

DIY: Chevron Wood Table Top With Distressed Painted Finish

chevron wood table top - thumb

Well, this chevron wood table top project turned out to be a real time-consuming pain in the neck, folks.  And the interest thing is that the actual building of the table top was the easiest part of the whole thing!  I mean, cutting all of those wood pieces was a breeze since there was no measuring involved, and then gluing and nailing them to the … [Read more...]