My Final Above-The-Fireplace Artwork (And How I Made A Too-Big Frame Work)

artwork above fireplace - 15

Here's the story of how I ended up with the absolute perfect frame for my above-the-fireplace artwork.  I mean, it's exactly what I had envisioned -- so much so that I can't stop staring at it.  I predict that today will be my least productive day ever because I just want to stare at my artwork and frame. :-D So let me back up.  I picked out one … [Read more...]

Q & A – How Should Andrea Dress Her Corner Windows?

how to dress corner windows - 1

Andrea needs help with deciding how to dress her corner windows on either side of her fireplace. Here's what she said: How do I dress these 4 corner windows flanking my fireplace? Do I just use a corner attachment to attach the rods,since the windows are so narrow? I don't like it when there is so little space and decorative finials are … [Read more...]

DIY Fireplace — FINISHED!

fireplace - final 2

I was beginning to think I'd never be able to say this, but the fireplace is finished!  I finished the final bit of painting at 12:18 this morning.  :~D  (Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish up the trim on the wall, but I'll get to it.) Now I feel like every big "It's finished!" post I do comes with a few "well, except for..." items, and … [Read more...]

Q & A–Decorating Ideas For This Small Living Room?

reader question - living room ideas

Denise is looking for some help with her living room... Here's what she says: I have a very small living room and I've been thinking of ways to make it functional. I'm not sure what colors to choose or decor that would fit great in the space . Any tips would be very helpful. Kristi's suggestions: First, it looks like you already have dark … [Read more...]

My “New” Green Console Table

green console table 3

When I decided to paint the walls in my living room and entryway teal, it kind of left some things up in the air about the other items in the room. While I had mentioned painting the console table the same green of the credenza, and then using the herringbone lamps on the green console table, I was no longer sure if a green table would work with … [Read more...]

Hitting Pause (And Pinpointing The Source Of My Decorating Frustration)

Painted antique credenza with natural wood drawers

When I first started decorating my living room, I had a clear vision of what I wanted it to look like when it was finished.  I mean, I didn't envision every single little detail, but I knew enough to provide a pretty detailed road map to get me from point A to point B with a bit of a detour in between.  (Phase 1 being the detour). But somehow I … [Read more...]

The Sofa Plan (Reupholstering With Contrast Welt)

Striped fabric for contrast welt on reupholstered sofa

Matt and I don't have a t.v.  Instead, we watch all of our shows on our computers on Amazon Prime, and we try to only watch shows that have already wrapped up on t.v. so that we can go straight through the series and not have to get to a certain point and then wait for new episodes each week. Since we've been doing this, I've noticed that I have … [Read more...]

My Finished Credenza Makeover (Before & After)


My credenza is finished, and I absolutely love how it turned out!! I'll be the first to admit that this new look isn't for everyone, but it's certainly more "me."  It started out looking very dark and worn... And now it's bright and colorful (yep, green!), with amazingly awesome striped wood drawers. The green is called Jungle … [Read more...]