The Photo Galleries Of Beautifully Decorated Rooms Are Back

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I'm so happy to have the photo galleries now added to the new A2D!  These galleries are very much improved over the old ones, and once the photos are tagged (I still have quite a bit of work to do on that), then they'll also be searchable by any number of words and room features. As before, these galleries include rooms from incredibly talented … [Read more...]

Inexpensive and Colorful Clock Makeover

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I don't even have a wall clock in my home. I rely on the clock on my stove, the clock on my computer, and my alarm clock in the bedroom. Why? Because I can never find a nice clock that actually interests me. But this DIY version from Wonderful Joy Ahead definitely caught my eye! I love the colorful face, the big graphic numbers, and the simplistic … [Read more...]

Dresser Transformations

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If you find yourself in possession of a less than desirable dresser, or a dresser that you don't necessarily need, think about repurposing it! Dressers can be transformed and repurposed in many different ways, and can be used for much more than holding your socks and t-shirts. To help start thinking outside-the-box, I've gathered ideas for … [Read more...]