Q & A–Decorating Ideas For This Small Living Room?

reader question - living room ideas

Denise is looking for some help with her living room... Here's what she says: I have a very small living room and I've been thinking of ways to make it functional. I'm not sure what colors to choose or decor that would fit great in the space . Any tips would be very helpful. Kristi's suggestions: First, it looks like you already have dark … [Read more...]

Q & A–What Foyer Paint Color Will Coordinate With This Living Room?

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Victoria is having trouble choosing a paint color for her foyer in her new home and is hoping that we can help her out! Here's what she says: Normally I don't have much problem landing on that ONE color I want to use in a room - and I'm not afraid of color - but I'm drawing a complete blank on this one. We're buying a 1898 Victorian home … [Read more...]

Q & A–How Can I Add Color To My Neutral Rooms?

neutral room with colorful accents from jennifer baines

Believe it or not, I really do like rooms with neutral color palettes, but the key is finding a way to make the neutral palette look fresh and exciting rather than drab and boring. This can be more difficult that it sounds, as Tabitha in Indiana has learned. She writes: What is the best way to add color to the living room; curtains, throw pillows? … [Read more...]

Q & A–What Color To Paint A Large, Open Kitchen & Living Room?

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Jenifer in Minnesota needs our help with her large, open kitchen and living room.  She writes: I have a very large open kitchen to living room, split entry home.  I want to add color to my kitchen and living area.  Currently one wall has a brick red on it and the other walls are a very light beige almost white.  I just don't know what color to … [Read more...]