Q & A–How Can I Create A Defined Entryway/Mudroom?

how to create an entryway / mudroom in a tight small space

Erin in New York has a problem that many of us have--no defined "entryway" and no place for a mudroom.  Here's what Erin had to say: Normally, I have a knack for figuring out my own design dilemmas, but this one has me really flustered.  My problem (design-wise) is that I lack a mudroom, or even a "landing area" when you enter my house from our … [Read more...]

Reader Question: How Can I Make My Plain Kitchen Fabulous (On A Budget)

reader question--plain kitchen

Sheena from British Columbia writes: I’m looking for some cheap(er) options on what to do with my very small (blasé) kitchen and having a hard time thinking outside of the box. Do you have any ideas? Specifically I am looking to paint the cupboards (white? grey? black? other?) and replace the countertop with a granite-style (but budget friendly) … [Read more...]

Q & A–What Options Do I Have With My Outdated Bathroom Tile?

reader question--bathroom tile

I have a feeling today's question will resonate with many owners of previously-owned homes, or even with many homeowners who have been in their home for a couple of decades or more. Mary from Tennessee writes:  My husband and I just bought this house and are in the process of renovating it. The one room that has me stumped is the master bath … [Read more...]

Q & A–What Can Be Done With Etched Stripe Mirrored Walls? (This One Has Me Stumped!)

thumbnail--mirrored bathroom walls

I got a very interesting question from a reader today, Elenir in Sao Palo, Brazil.  Here’s what Elenir had to say: “I have striped mirrors on the walls of small powder room.  The vertical stripes are over glass (mirrors and opaque etched glass) so the surface is a whole wall of glass, and I hate it.  I don't want to break them out of the wall, … [Read more...]