Q & A–What Type Of Light Should I Use?

q and a--hallway light option 1

What happens when you live in California, but you're building a house 3000 miles away? Well, the builder makes some less-than-desirable decisions. That's what happened to Lori, who blogs at Bleak 2 Unique. Here's what she had to say... What type of lighting can I use in this awkward hall where there are 3 lights in a row, and 2 vents?.Can you … [Read more...]

Q & A–Oil-Rubbed Bronze and Brushed Nickel In The Same Room?

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The question about mixing metal finishes is probably one of the questions I'm asked the most. I've addressed it at least two other times here on A2D, but since I continue to get the question, let's talk about it again! Interestingly, my own opinion on the topic changed drastically between the first time I wrote about it, and the last time I wrote … [Read more...]

Reader Question: Can Different Plaid Fabrics Be Used In The Same Room?

reader question--plaid curtains

Mark in Ohio writes: I have a red/gold/taupe color scheme in my living room.  I have plaid drapes with those three colors.  The drapes are a large plaid (almost a buffalo check).  I am looking at purchasing two club chairs upholstered with a smaller traditional plaid pattern in the same three colors.  The drapes are attually brighter and warmer … [Read more...]

Q & A–What Options Do I Have With My Outdated Bathroom Tile?

reader question--bathroom tile

I have a feeling today's question will resonate with many owners of previously-owned homes, or even with many homeowners who have been in their home for a couple of decades or more. Mary from Tennessee writes:  My husband and I just bought this house and are in the process of renovating it. The one room that has me stumped is the master bath … [Read more...]

Q & A–Is It Okay To Mix Hardware Colors In A Room?

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Good morning, all!  I received a decorating question from a reader, Lindsay in Salt Lake City, regarding mixing the finishes of hardware in a room.  This has to be one of the most often asked questions that I get, so let’s talk about it!  Here’s what Lindsay had to say: “I am currently building a home. Hardware needs to be chosen and I'm having … [Read more...]