Living Room Makeover – The Awful (And Awfully Boring) Before

condo living room before 1

Well, the time has come.  It's time for me to get on the ball with my living room makeover!  I finished up my whirlwind bathroom makeover, took a couple of weeks off of DIYing to rest up, and now it's time. Generally when I start a room makeover, I have some grand vision in my head of what it'll look like when it's finished. I'll be honest.  … [Read more...]

My Tiny Condo Breakfast Room Makeover – Before and After

condo breakfast room - thumbnail

My breakfast room is finally finished.'s bright and colorful! Nobody ever accused me of being afraid of color, that's for sure!! :) It has taken me forever to get to this room finished, so let me remind you how this room looked when we bought our condo. And let me also remind you that as soon as we were handed the keys, I walked … [Read more...]

DIY: Countertop Basket Storage

countertop basket storage - thumbnail

The space that I left open and tiled in my newly finished bookcase-turned-pantry was left open specifically to house our Berkey water filter.  I needed it in a place that didn't take up any of the precious little kitchen countertop space that we have, but that was still easily accessible.  That seemed like the perfect solution. But of course, … [Read more...]

Space Saving Ideas For Your Bedroom

sofa bed

Guest post supplied by Tom Bailey Space is often at a premium in our homes – and the reality is that unless we’re lucky enough to live in a huge mansion, we’re always going to be on the lookout to maximize the space available to us using a variety of tips and tricks. The bedroom is a perfect example of a room that can become cluttered so … [Read more...]

Q & A–How Can I Create A Defined Entryway/Mudroom?

how to create an entryway / mudroom in a tight small space

Erin in New York has a problem that many of us have--no defined "entryway" and no place for a mudroom.  Here's what Erin had to say: Normally, I have a knack for figuring out my own design dilemmas, but this one has me really flustered.  My problem (design-wise) is that I lack a mudroom, or even a "landing area" when you enter my house from our … [Read more...]

Framed Magnetic Chalkboard Spice Rack


I finished a project this morning, and I’m so excited about how it turned out.  Let me introduce you to my new framed magnetic chalkboard spice rack. If you’ve been around here much, you probably recognize that frame.  It used to be a dry erase message board. I made that dry erase message board in January of this year, and since then … [Read more...]