A Serious Case Of Burnout

bathroom built-in storage - 15

I've been dealing with a serious case of burnout lately.  I have absolutely no motivation to actually get any work done on my house or the condo, and I have no idea how to get over this hump.  All I want to do is spend my days looking at Pinterest and Houzz, gathering all kinds of great inspiration, in between episodes of Gilmore Girls on Netflix.  … [Read more...]

Ideas For My Buffet Makeover (And My Thoughts On Painting Wood Furniture)


I've made really good progress at the condo this week! I'll share with you as soon as I have something interesting to share. :) In the meantime, I'm still spending my free time in the evenings obsessing about my dining room. I include my entryway in that also, since it's basically one big room. Remember that buffet that I got a couple of weeks … [Read more...]

The Order Of Things To Come

condo finished rooms

Now that Matt's dad's visit is over, you might think that I can refocus my energy on the bathroom remodel and get it finished up, right?  I have about a week's worth of work left on it, and it would feel amazing to have another room in the house completely finished.  Sadly, that can't happen...not quite yet, at least. I started the bathroom … [Read more...]

Help Me Help You. Help ME…Help YOU.

I'm channeling my inner Jerry Maquire this morning. :-D More on that in a minute. My week is off to a frustrating start. I got in my car yesterday to head to Home Depot to get the materials I need for my bathroom built-ins, and my car wouldn't start. My neighbor came over to take a look at it. We thought it was the battery, so he brought … [Read more...]

How To Become A Fearless* DIYer

Work on my bathroom remodel is progressing, but it's slower than I had hoped. I hope to have progress to share with you tomorrow, so today I wanted to share my thoughts on how to become a fearless* DIYer. I often get comments from readers wondering how I learned to do the things I do, and how I learned to use tools. I also get lots of comments … [Read more...]

A’s To Your Q’s — Temporary Bathroom Makeovers, Condo Status, and Incomplete Projects/Rooms

house floor plan - 9-2014

Whenever I start getting asked the same questions over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, it's obviously time to just write a post and answer the questions directly.  :) So let's jump right in... Why waste time and money on a temporary bathroom makeover?  Why not just do the final remodel right now? There are a few reasons I'm … [Read more...]

Hallway Bathroom Demolition Day 1

hallway bathroom - tiled walls demolition 3

So, this happened... Oooooookay, I can just hear some of you saying, "Demolition?  Demolition?!  You were just supposed to make it presentable, Kristi!!"  :-D I know.  Really, I know.  But let me paint the scene for you.  Matt and I had just finished breakfast, and I got up from the table and headed to the bathroom.  To work, of course.  … [Read more...]