A Possibility For My Living Room – Painted and Stenciled Curtain Ideas

stenciled curtains - from Crazy Wonderful blog

I'm still in a quandary over what to do with my living room windows.  I simply cannot find a fabric that I can get excited about -- one that I love AND that's in my budget.  So, as several of you suggested, I'm really considering stenciling my own fabric to create a pattern that I like in just the right colors. Painting curtains is something … [Read more...]

Cautiously Considering Cornices

window treatments with upholstered cornice and side panels with Greek key trim by Abbe Fenimore Studio Ten 25,via Houzz

I spent another day working at the condo yesterday, and I finally got all of the wood filling, sanding, and caulking done on the closets.  That means I'll actually be able to paint the closets today, and possibly even finish them.  While I'm working at the condo, I have lots of alone time to think and plan and dream.  My mind never stops, and … [Read more...]

How To Make Double-Width Lined Pinch-Pleated Draperies – Part 2

how to make double width lined pinch pleated drapery panels - 65

Well, I didn't get my own draperies finished, but I did get one panel completely finished and hung so that I can show y'all the rest of this "how to" for making your own lined, pinch pleated draperies.  Here's how my one finished panel looks: *Note:  I opted for a softer look for my panels, where the folds in the fabric at each pleat aren't … [Read more...]

How To Make Double-Width Lined Pinch-Pleated Draperies – Part 1

how to make double width lined pinch pleated drapery panels - 20

Okay, my friends. The time has come. I'm going to need for y'all to form a single-file line and make your way to the front of the room where I've conveniently provided a trash can. In that trash can, I'm going to need you to place the iron-on hem tape that you've been using the make "no-sew curtains" because after today (well, actually...after … [Read more...]

Q & A — What Window Treatments For Ashley’s Living Room Windows?

reader question - window treatments for living room 4

Ashley has four windows in her living room that have created quite a decorating challenge for her.  Here's what she says: I recently found you on Facebook and I'm so glad I did! I found your post for Andrea's windows, and it inspired me to take another look at my living room and attempt to finally tackle my windows. I always avoid dressing … [Read more...]

Q & A – How Should Andrea Dress Her Corner Windows?

how to dress corner windows - 1

Andrea needs help with deciding how to dress her corner windows on either side of her fireplace. Here's what she said: How do I dress these 4 corner windows flanking my fireplace? Do I just use a corner attachment to attach the rods,since the windows are so narrow? I don't like it when there is so little space and decorative finials are … [Read more...]

Second Roman Shade Finished (Plus A Tutorial!)

relaxed roman shade - thumb

I got my second Roman shade made yesterday (and finished at around midnight last night!)... ...so as promised, I have a tutorial for you! Now just a warning, this is a very long, very picture-heavy tutorial. But I like to have loads of pics for this kind of tutorial because I'm a very visual learner, so I know lots of you are also. I … [Read more...]

I’ve Made My Window Treatment Decision (and I’ve Made One Window Treatment)

relaxed roman shades for living room

Well, y'all.  I finally did it.  I finally made a decision on my living room window treatments. For the longest time, the "all draperies" option was holding strong as the winner in my mind.  Here's a idea of what that would have looked like... Of course, I was just using cut lengths of fabric that hadn't been sewn, scraps from drapery … [Read more...]

Living Room Window Treatment Options – And Then There Were Two

Option 1 - Draperies, sheers, and woven shades on all windows

Y'all are amazing.  When I put the SOS call out for help, you really step up to the plate!  You had so many great ideas and suggestions for my living room windows.  After reading every single comment, re-reading a few that really stood out to me, and pondering my predicament, I narrowed down the options to the two that really made the most sense to … [Read more...]

Window Treatment Indecision

natural roman shades with brown edge banding from Smith + Noble

Do you have a hard time figuring out what to do with your windows? I generally have no problem at all deciding on window treatments, but I'll admit, I'm having a heck of a time with this house. Example: Here's my living room... (If you're new here, please know that this room is only about 20% complete. Right now, it looks like a hot … [Read more...]