Jute Rosette Buttons

I had intended to share the DIY instructions for my eating area valance today, but that proved to be a little more involved that I had expected. So I’ll have that next week.

So today, I decided to end the week with something a little more basic. I used these little jute rosette “buttons” in two places in J & A’s master bedroom. I used them in place of regular buttons on the newly-upholstered diamond-tufted chair back…

And I also used larger ones as embellishments on the ottoman slipcover…

These little guys couldn’t be easier to make, and in addition to the above two uses for them, I can think of several more:  embellishments on pillows, embellishments on lampshades, in place of buttons on a tufted headboard.
So here are the oh-so-easy instructions to make your own jute rosette buttons, and then use them in your own creative way!
All I used to make these jute rosettes was a piece of cardboard, a few straight pens, fabric glue, scissors, and of course, a spool of jute.
I started by tying a knot in the end of the jute and snipping off the excess jute.  I then used two straight pins to secure the knot to the cardboard.  I found that using one pin didn’t work.  Two pins were necessary.
As a side note, I think it would also be helpful to cover the cardboard with wax paper.  I’m going to try that next time.

Then I placed a bead of fabric glue around the edge of the knot.

And then wrapped the jute around the knot.

I continued, applying glue, wrapping, applying glue, wrapping, until I had the “button” the size I wanted.  Then I snipped the jute, placed a little dab of glue on the end, tried to tuck it underneath the button as best I could (some of them wouldn’t really cooperate, but it didn’t matter), and then held it in place with a third straight pin.

I found that it was best not to let them dry completely on the cardboard…for obvious reasons (which is why I recommend wax paper).  So I let them dry just a couple of hours, and then removed them and set them aside for about 24 hours to let them dry completely.

I mean, really…how much easier could that be?!  And just think of all the things you could do with these cute little things!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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