DIY Multi Light Bulb Dining Room Chandelier

What do you get when you combine 80 light bulbs, a few pieces of lumber, wiring, and lots of patience? Well, I’m not sure what you or I would get, but Amanda (and her husband) of Love & Renovations created this unbelievably amazing DIY 80-bulb dining room chandelier.

DIY chandelier created with 80 light bulbs and wiring

Now of course, not all 80 light bulbs are wired for electricity. Only eight of the 80 actually work. The rest are simply there to create a spectacular display of sparkly glass and linear wiring.

Get the details of this project over at Love & Renovations.

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  1. says

    That is spectacular!! Glad only 8 bulbs are lit or we’d go blind!! Heehee! I’ll go check it out. But, first…it looks like you’ve been busy over the weekend having a little fun polishing and fluffing your site. It’s so much more bright and airy. I love it!!!!!
    Regarding the bare bulb look. I love those Edison-style bulbs. Do you know if they are glarey and hard on the eyes. A soft white bulb seems the best way to go….but it surely lacks the panache’ of an Edison bulb.

  2. Shannon Evans says

    I love this diy multi light chandelier! I love the dining table too. Can you tell me about the table??

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