Have You Heard Of Olioboard?

I only recently found out about this amazing site called Olioboard when I was invited to participate in a promotional with six other bloggers (Lynda from Focal Point, Lindsay from Living With Lindsay, Rhoda from Southern Hospitality, Shannon from What’s Up Whimsy, Rachel at Fresh Home, and Sheilah from Olioboard).

Anyway, Olioboard is a site where you can very easily create mood boards for rooms.  Beginning next week, the above-listed bloggers and I will each create a mood board for a room in a beach cottage style.  So last night I decided that I had better learn to use Olioboard!

Turns out, there’s nothing to it.  It really couldn’t be any easier.  Once you create your (free) account, and choose to create a new board, you’re taken to a blank screen with this nifty little menu on the side:

olioboard options

And from each one of those categories, you can drag and drop your selections onto your mood board.  You also have the option to manipulate the pictures (resize, rotate, etc.)  They have products from West Elm, Crate & Barrel, Layla Grayce, Urban Outfitters, and more.  And if I understand correctly, there’s also a way to add more products if you don’t see what you want…but I wasn’t quite that adventurous last night.  I just stuck with the thousands of products that they already had available.

In short, it’s loads of fun, and highly addictive!  Smile  So do you want to see my “test board”?  It’s probably exactly what you would expect of me…color, color, and more COLOR!

olioboard colorful bedroom

That REALLY IS a bedroom that I would love to create!  Starting with the tone on tone blue wallpaper (upper left corner) and the cork floor as my main backdrops, I layered on lots of white, green, and blue, with touches of deep pink, including that incredible chandelier that makes my heart skip a beat. 

I’m telling you, this site is FUN, and I could easily lose several hours of my day if I’m not careful.  It’s a great way to visualize how your room will look before ever spending a penny, which can help you avoid those impulse buys and purchases that you’ll later regret.

It might be fun to start incorporating these into the blog in the future.  In fact, it might be fun to take requests.  For example, if you have a specific look that you’re going for, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it, I could do an Olioboard mood board just to help you get those creative juices flowing.  What do you think?

It’s definitely a fun site, and I’ll certainly be using it in the future!  I’ll let you know more next week about the collaboration with the other bloggers listed above.  It’ll be fun to see what they come up with!  I’ll be doing a coastal cottage style bedroom.  Should be fun!

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  1. Abbie(SHOBB) says

    Umm…thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been wondering about a super-easy way to do this. I'm going to see if I can add fashion images as well! Thanks so much. Oh, and I'm linking to your egg carton DIY project on a spin of my own on it today! : ) Thanks again!

  2. Tamara @ etcetorize says

    This is great!  I've been searching for something to make mood boards and couldn't find anything.  Thank you!

  3. kaylan says

    I love Olioboard! I could spend hours switching between it and Pinterest. Decorating addictions for everyone! 

  4. SusanRamsey says

    I hadn't heard of olioboard until I read your post this morning – I can see I'm going to have to spend some time there – it might provide me with some inspiration for my living room, which is looking really boring, but I'm having trouble coming up with some ideas that aren't going to cost me an arm and a leg!

    I've just revamped my blog, and to celebrate, I'm offering a giveaway – I hope you will find some time to go over and visit. (www.englishelegance.blogspot.com) Thanks!

  5. Sherri says

    I love your idea of helping those of us who are a little–ahem, "challenged" in the creativity department by doing an Olioboard mood board to help get us going.  I love this blog!  :) 

  6. Gloria Fox says

    I love, love, love Olioboard.  Yes, you can download pics of your own of stuff or from other websites.  It's awesome and FREE!!! 

  7. Jenn says

    I am obsessed with olioboard, almost as much as pinterest! It is great fun and the selection of items are endless!!! Do you know if you can follow peoples boards like pins on pinterest? If so look for me and I would like to follow you back!

  8. Kristi @ Addicted 2 Decorating says

    I'm pretty sure you can follow people like on Pinterest.  My user name is A2D.  I only have one board so far.  :)

  9. Beth says

    Thanks for introducing me to this!  I made a test board right after I read your post.  I always end up buying things I like, but then nothing goes with anything.  This helps me to think things through ahead of time.  

  10. Cyn says

    You do fashion on styleshop.  Same process as the olioboard.  They have everything including cosmetics and jewelry to match.

  11. A Creative Spirit says

    OH HOW COOL IS THAT… loving it… Hey at the bottom of your post where it says you may also like….there is the giveaway of the Phillips Color Light. I WON THAT from you and fun to look WAY back to then when I first started following you.

  12. House Painting Toronto says

    yeah! its really fun  i love coastal cottage style decorating its really
    helpful to decor shopping for us it provide us colorful life.

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