DIY Project: Wood Veneer Coffee Can Vase

Create a pretty wood vase using wood veneer and a coffee can.

I think I’ve told you before that I have trouble throwing away containers–glass jars with lids, large cans with lids, plastic containers with lids, etc.  I just always think I’m going to need them for something, so I hang on to them.  So since I have a surplus of containers, and since I already had my wood veneer out from this cabinet makeover from last week, I decided to do a quick and easy project — a wood veneer-wrapped coffee can to create a pretty vase.

Projects really don’t get much easier than this.  :)

I started with a can, a piece of wood veneer that I cut about four inches longer than the circumference of the can, and about two inches taller than the can.  I also made sure that the bottom edge of the veneer was a factory-cut edge so that I knew it was perfectly straight.  I used the adhesive-backed veneer for this.

Use wood veneer to turn a coffee can into a pretty vase

I wrapped the veneer around the can, lining up the bottom edge of the veneer with the bottom edge of the can.  I overlapped the veneer about two inches.  The veneer wouldn’t stick to the can very well since it’s not a flat surface, so it’s important that the veneer overlaps so that it will hold.

Wrap a coffee can in wood veneer to create a pretty vase

Next I used my X-acto knife to trim the excess wood veneer from the top edge of the can.  Then using my framing square, I scored a straight line on the end of the veneer.  Actually, I scored it about three or four times.

Make a quick and simple vase using wood veneer and a coffee can

That made it very easy to snap off the rough edge of the veneer, leaving a very straight cut.

Pretty wood vase made from a coffee can wrapped in wood veneer

After all of the veneer was cut, I handed it over to the quality control manager, who thoroughly checked my work.  :D

Wrap a coffee can in wood veneer to create a pretty vase

Then I sanded all of the rough edges.  One thing I love about wood veneer is that the edges are very easy to sand so that you can get a perfectly smooth edge.  (Below, I hadn’t yet sanded to top rim of the veneer, but I had sanded the bottom rim and the overlapped edge that I had just cut.)

Wood veneer wrapped around a coffee can to make a pretty and simple vase

Next I stained it…just like wood…’cause it is wood.

Make a pretty vase with wood veneer and a coffee can

Now of course, from this point, there are about a million different ways you could decorate and embellish this little vase.  You could paint a design, use stencils, make fun labels, wrap some jute around it…so many options.  I opted for three simple little stripes…just enough to add a little color.

Easy DIY wood veneer vase

And when everything was dry, I finished up with a little finishing wax.

Simple wood veneer vase tutorial

And that’s it!  A fairly quick and simple DIY vase from a coffee can.

Make this simple and quick DIY vase with wood veneer and a coffee can

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  1. says

    That’s one of the easiest projects I’ve seen, and I love it. It’s a very creative idea and now it’s got me thinking of other things I could do with wood veneers.

    Happy July 4th to you and all my American bloggers (I live in England).

    • says

      That flower is called Polka Dot Vinca. I found it at Home Depot with the hanging basket plants. Confession: The centers are actually a pretty pinkish red, but that clashed with my vase, so I did a little photo retouching and made them orange. :-D

      • Bbardot says

        Hah! Suddenly “Painting the Roses Red” is running through my mind! (Painting the Vincas orange! Painting the Vincas orange!)

  2. Jean says

    While the project is so pretty and impressive, I just want to say that I am also impressed with your quality control manager! :-)

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