Inspiring Design:: Joel Woodard Interior Design

Today’s inspiring designs come from New York City interior designer Joel Woodard. Joel’s designs have been seen in Traditional Home, House Beautiful, and several other publications. Like many designers, Joel got his start in the fashion industry before turning his attention to interior design.

What I love most about Joel’s designs is his knack for combining traditional classic elements with modern elements to create timeless rooms with an updated look.

Stunning!  I love the softness added by the draperies (of course).

I love the use of red throughout an otherwise neutral color palette.

Yes, a dark wall color can look stunning in a small space!! 

More dark walls.  I love dark walls in a bedroom.  Looks so warm and cozy!

Talk about dark walls!!  I’ve been trying for years to find someone to let me paint their walls black or charcoal.  Still no takers.  But doesn’t this look amazing?!

You can click here to see more of Joel’s designs.

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  1. Anne says

    Beautiful work! Each room sets such a nice mood. None of these would fit well in our cottage, but I can dream!

  2. Ann says

    LOVE all these rooms, but I , too, alas, am frightened of the black. Like it, but wouldn't paint black wall in my house.

  3. Holly says

    The black trim in the bedroom is pretty brave too- but works so well and looks beautiful. Oh, my house is so boring!

    Love your blog, btw. Have been tuning in for inspiration.

  4. kelsey says

    I love the dark walls also. I friend of mine painted her bathroom black. It looks gorgeous. I'm seriously debating painting mine the same :)

  5. Susan says

    I'd let you come to my house and paint my home theater walls black :) – at the moment, we have builder's beige, but it really needs to be a darker room, to get the full effect of the projector.

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