It’s Official:: I’m a Dumpster Diver (But Look What I Got!!)

I have a tiny living room. Of course, that goes without saying. I do, after all, live in 834 square feet. I hadn’t really planned on putting a couch or even a loveseat in my living room. I had intended on using two pairs of chairs, and that’s it. Remember these that I found at my favorite thrift shop? (And yes, they still look like this. Hey, I’m a busy person!!)

And then there’s this pair of chairs that I got for free. I love these chairs!! And yes, they still need a makeover as well.

But when talking to my mom about it the other day, she convinced me that I do, in fact, need a sofa…or at least a small loveseat.

All that my tiny little condo can handle is…well…a tiny little loveseat. I’ve been wondering just where in the world I’m going to find a loveseat that’s just the right size. And then…

Two days ago, I was taking my trash out to the dumpster, and lo and behold….you’ll never guess what I saw sitting there…discarded…left abandoned in the elements.

Two gorgeous, yet tiny loveseats and a matching sofa!! I wish I had room for both loveseats, but I just don’t. I love the look of identical sofas facing each other. But anyway, I grabbed one of the loveseats. And the icing on the cake? It’s a sleeper!!

So, are you ready to see this gorgeous loveseat that I got totally free?! Here it is!!

Oh, now Do you think I can’t hear you gasping in horror!?

Okay, so when I say “gorgeous,” perhaps I’m speaking of what it CAN be…what it WILL be…what it looks like in my mind’s eye.

I will say this, the frame is super sturdy. And I love sleepers because the cushions won’t sink down. I mean, this thing may be old, but it’s in incredible shape. Well, obviously I’m not talking about the fabric.

Umm…yeah, it’s in rough shape. In fact, it’s so old that it’s crunchy and brittle. (Please, try to control that gag reflex!!) :-D

But just to show you that I haven’t completely lost my mind, let me show you what potential this little thing has. Here is a loveseat that has the exact same shape…minus the brittle, crunchy fabric. It’s amazing what new fabric and foam can do, huh?

Can you see it? It’s literally the same exact shape, and same cushion arrangement. I like it!

But when you reupholster a piece of furniture, there’s always the opportunity to make a few adjustments–either to the frame, or to the cushions, or both. Here are a few other inspiration loveseats I found.

This first one is very similar in shape, but the side arms are narrower. I love the fact that it has one seat cushion instead of two. That’s a very easy change to make.

This next design would require only a minor modification of the arms. Not difficult at all to do, and I really like the look. It feels more open, which is a good thing in such a small living room. The high arms can feel too boxed in, visually making the piece look larger than it actually is.

And then there’s this beauty. Now this would definitely take more work, but I’m not necessarily opposed to that. The back would need to be built up higher, the arms completely modified, and then there’s the tufting. Oh, you know how I love tufting!!!

So those are just a few of the inspiration loveseats that I found. Can you see it now? Can you tell that my little loveseat does, in fact, have tons of potential?

So yes, I heard your horrified gasps…your uncontrolled gags. But just to show you that I’m a kind and forgiving person, and that I hold no hard feeling toward you, I will say that if you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods, you are welcome in my home. In fact, I even have a comfy place for you to sleep.

Now don’t all of you e-mail me at once!! There’s only room for one at a time. :~D

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  1. Kathy says

    First and foremost. I love dumpster diving..but I admit first thought was ooh, yuck, it's old, nasty fabric, it has bugs in it, no telling what was done on it. But..reading through your post, my mind changed..remove the fabric, stuffing/foam and take it down to the bare bones..give it a good cleaning. Then rebuild it from the ground up…the potential is awesomeness. I look forward to seeing it brought back to beauty…someday.

  2. Michelle DeShon says

    OMG you are NUTS! LOL But I think you need to hurry and finish this one! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  3. Monica says

    Okay, yuck! But, I admit that I dumpster dived in college and pulled two coaches off the curb and used them in my apartment! Looked kinda like yours! Since we are in the same town…were either of the coaches you left on the road sleepers?? If so, I may have to come visit and dumpster dive again myself!!

  4. Kristi @ Addicted 2 Decorating says

    Monica, BOTH of them were sleepers!! But they're gone now. :( I was disappointed, because the day after I got this one, I decided that maybe I did want the other little loveseat. But it was gone.

  5. The Art of Blugirl says

    Kristi, you know what I do with old discarded furniture, you are going to make it into a fabulous new piece and you get extra credit cause you are recycling and keeping stuff out of the land fills. For this good deed i will paint some fabric for cushions if you like, lets talk about it.

  6. Kelly B says

    Kristi, seriously, gross :) But your ideas for it are awesome, and I think you need to bump this one to the top of your project list so we can see it! Prove you're not crazy!

  7. Kim - A Creative Spirit says

    OK, yes there was a gag here and a couple gasps of WHAT THE HECK??? but then you do have great ideas and once you get that gross and no longer salvageable fabric off there, I think you have great bones to work with. :o)

  8. Sally@DivineDistractions says

    I think you're a real visionary, Kristi! Of course, it's a mess, but everyone must concede that it really takes a creative eye (and a brave heart!) to see the potential in this poor thing. Are you doing the upholstery yourself? If so, then you're more genius than I thought!!

  9. Kristi @ Addicted 2 Decorating says

    Oh yes, Sally. I'll be doing the reupholstery (perhaps with the assistance of my mom, if I can twist her arm enough). :) I'm much to cheap to pay someone $375 for something that I'm perfectly capable of doing myself. :D (And I'm not ashamed to admit it…lol)

  10. Kim says

    You have vision. After you showed the pictures of the similar, upholstered sofas, I completely see the potential. I look forward to seeing what fabric you chose and the final result!

  11. Sommer says

    I don't read often.. in fact I was cleaning out my long list of blogs but checking each one before deciding to delete when I read this story. This was the best laugh I've had in weeks! Thanks so much, oh and you make the keep it list ;P

  12. Kristi @ Addicted 2 Decorating says

    Sommer, I'm so glad I made the cut!! :) Now you'll get to see my little dumpster find after it's transformation!

  13. Susan says

    Oh, no, NO, DON'T apologize! I know exactly what you are talking about! DH & I are older, and had our kids older, and our kids, were well, not nice. Next week DH & I, now broke, are moving into a lovely apartment complex and our first EMPTY NEST. WOOT! But the kids and their teen friends, and the baby, destroyed pretty much everything. I'm a design wannabe and a Feng Shui watcher and therefore I am trying to switch out and make our new place different and sparkley, and from what is going on, it's working. Ollie's- Ever heard of it? It's a seconds kind of place. A lovely sofa cover, a good one, for $29.95. There was a white sale- got hubby a contour rug for HIS bathroom for $1.99 (I haven't decided on the color scheme for mine but this time I am bouncing off the wall at the prospect of having a bathtub, and my own!). A pair of new circular-type chairs from Mom for the living room at $35/ea. My bed is yet a mattress on the floor. This too shall change. No, I fully believe in the power of transformation and yes, your loveseat sofa-bed too shall change. Have fun with it!!

  14. The Art of Blugirl says

    Kristi, you know what I do with old discarded furniture, you are going to make it into a fabulous new piece and you get extra credit cause you are recycling and keeping stuff out of the land fills. For this good deed i will paint some fabric for cushions if you like, lets talk about it.

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