Living Room Window Treatment Options – And Then There Were Two

Y’all are amazing.  When I put the SOS call out for help, you really step up to the plate!  You had so many great ideas and suggestions for my living room windows.  After reading every single comment, re-reading a few that really stood out to me, and pondering my predicament, I narrowed down the options to the two that really made the most sense to me.

The main thing that stuck in my mind after reading the comments was what some of you so astutely pointed out to me — that big window wall isn’t the focal wall in room.  The wall with the two smaller windows and the antique dresser is the focal wall.  Once I got that through my thick head, I realized that I really did need…and want…to use the floral fabric on that wall somehow.  And two options stood out in my mind.

Option 1 – Treat all of the windows the same…kind of.

This is a very sloppy representation of what this would look like.  Since I had 18 yards of fabric, I went ahead and cut them into 3-yard increments and just used pins to hang the cut yardage.  Nothing has been sewn yet, so it looks like my windows are wearing clothes that are a size too big.  And because I didn’t have drapery hardware for the two small windows, I used scraps from drapery poles and hung them with loops of ribbon and thumb tacks. 😀  And then I used my very lacking Photoshop skills to put woven shades on the big window.

So yeah…it’s incredibly sloppy right now, but at least it can give us an idea of what this option would look like.

Option 1 - Draperies, sheers, and woven shades on all windows

I love this option because, well, I love draperies.  I like that they give the same height to the small windows, and add so much softness to that wall.  I also think that they really take that wall from taking a side seat to the big window wall, to actually being a focal wall.

The downside is that I wonder if it’ll make this room feel smaller and more closed in.  Because everything is so sloppily done here, and not tailored and customized for my particular windows, it’s actually kind of hard to tell.  And of course, during the day, I highly doubt that any of the shades will be closed this much.  They’ll be open all the way to let in the beautiful sunlight.

And on the topic of sheers, I don’t think they’re outdated at all.  :)  I think they add beautiful softness to a room, and gorgeous contrast to a window.  And I’ll be willing to concede that they’re outdated when Candice Olsen stops using them completely.  😉

But with that said, let me clarify…I am NOT a fan of this shirred on the rod look that I have going on right now in this room.  I think I mentioned this, but these particular sheers are just temporary.  These are some cheap Target sheers that claimed to be washable, but shrunk anywhere from 2 to 4 inches, and very unevenly, when I washed them.

The kind of sheers I’ll be using in here won’t be from a big box store.  They’ll be custom made to actually fit my window.  They’ll have an actual drapery tape header.  And they’ll be pinch pleated and hung on rings so that they move easily.

Option 2 – Draperies on big window, and fabric Roman shades on the smaller windows.

Again, please bear with me and my awful Photoshopping skills, but this is kind of what this option would look like.

Option 2 - draperies and sheers on big window and roman shades on small windows

Again, ignore the awful sheers.  They’re kind of tight on that rod, and I just got tired of moving them back and forth.

Anyway, I really like that this option brings the main floral fabric onto the actual focal wall of the room.  Another thing I like is that if I make Roman shades out of that fabric, you’ll actually be able to see the pattern on the fabric, whereas with draperies, the beautiful pattern kind of gets lost.

I also like that they’re different — draperies on one window, Roman shades on the others.  I’ve never been one to mix and match window treatments in a room, so this is really branching out for me.

The downside?  I’m just not sure if Roman shades are “focal wall-worthy,” especially when they’re right next to a huge window that will be dressed in beautiful draperies.

So that’s it.  It’s down to these two options.  And because I’ve spent so much time thinking about it, reading comments about it, pondering it, considering all the other possibilities, I 100% sure that I want either one or the other of these two options.

Now I just need to figure out which one.

Edit:  I’d love your input.  😉

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  1. Lisa E says

    Oh my gosh, I love them both, however, I actually love the second option better….not that you asked this time, ha! 😉 Reason being is that with the roman shades, you can actually see the beautiful pattern in the fabric better than in the drapery with the pleats, if that makes sense and that in itself is a good focal point! Also as you mentioned it doesn’t look as closed in. See? I knew you’d figure it out. You have such a gift. Excited to see the outcome!

    • Kiran says

      I agree! Except that I would use bamboo shades under the draperies instead of the sheers. I just love their texture. Option one just feels like too much.

    • Lisa E says

      Oh brother, apparently I didn’t read well enough and you do mention you can see the fabric better on the roman shades. Sorry about that! :/

    • DENISE says

      i vote for #2
      when i saw the pic, i went ahhhhhhhhhh also!
      it is a more TODAY look instead of gramma lives here
      not crazy about sheers but could see matchstick or bamboo blinds instead but that is a personal choice
      i had a huge room with huge windows and my decorator made drapes for large window and romans for all others …it was breath -takeing
      go for the ‘a ha’ look

    • Susan W says

      The fabric is beautiful especially when you can see the full pattern! I think it has more of an impact when you use the fabric for roman shades. You mentioned a while back that you may put a fireplace on the focal wall. That will eventually be the focal point. I love seeing your ideas, you are so very creative!!

  2. Sherri says

    One late comment but since you mentioned you like the shade concept – allowing more pattern to be seen. What if you remove the sheers, make floral print shades for all windows and invest in IKEA Merete panels to frame out each window.
    I did a similar treatment in my new master bedroom with Roman shades from my previous home’s breakfast nook. The shades were in a fabric I loved and did not wish to leave behind as they were custom made. My master bedroom windows were the correct size (and only option). I tracked down more fabric to make a third shade. (My dilemma was two windows at right angles.)
    Love, love, love the relaxed but elegant look! Option for as much, or as little, privacy as desired.

  3. jenw says

    Option 2 for sure. I scrolled from Option 1 down to Option 2 and my eyes just went “aaahhhhh”. I think Option 1 just has too much going on on the short window wall….the shears, the drapes, the blinds, whatever ends up in between the window. It’s just too much. I prefer the more tailored, simplified look in Option 2. I keep scrolling between the two pics and Option 1 just reads “cluttered” to me.

    Plus, the drapery panel on only one side of a window always looks unbalanced to me. I know it’s a real decorating “thing”, but it just looks weird with the shorty rods to my eye.

  4. janice says

    LOVE the second option! I’m not normally a fan of roman shades, because they are so flat…but looks fabulous! Could you somehow add a header and some folds, so that it is not so flat?

  5. Ron Harris says

    With “Option #1” and “Option #2”, I feel like I’m in an episode of Income Property! I actually like both options. Yea, I know, I’m a big help. I think option #1 has a more tailored and balanced look, while option #2 looks better on the small windows, but makes the big window stand out and it becomes more of a focal point. If it were my home, I think I’d lean more to option #2, because, ultimately, the couch is facing the small windows.

  6. karen says

    ohmygosh i love option 2. i love how the beautiful colors of that fabric show up. it really makes that wall stand out. :)

  7. Genelle McDaniel says

    Option one has the windows so overdressed that they do close the room in and starts to smother it. However, option two is perfect. While you might not at first consider roman shades for a focal wall, when you use this beautiful fabric it looks very elegant. Remember simplicity is best. Don’t smother yourselves or your guests with too much window treatment. Using the roman shades will now require the simplest of art work over the antique chest, maybe a mirror or something. And a mirror would reflect light from whatever lamp you put there.

    • Winnie says

      I totally agree with Genelle. Too much window dressing in option 1. It does make that wall look smaller and too busy. My choice would definitely be option 2 with a lovely mirror between the windows….. nothing too ornate – just simple, classic lines. If you hadn’t said you definitely wanted one of these styles, I might have said take some time and explore other choices.

    • Margo says

      I agree with Genelle.. I think option one is just too much of a good thing.. You lose the corner of the room and it just looks off balance….. The roman shade looks cleaner and you can see all the beautiful woodwork..

  8. Rose Franco says

    Love the 2nd option! It has the clear and defined look…..not too busy! Which ever option you choose will be beautiful! I have no doubt!

  9. Kim in Houston says

    I prefer option 1. In full disclosure, however, I have to admit that I HATE sheer curtains so that might be influencing my vote. I also like the warmth and privacy that the bamboo blinds add to the room.

  10. Krikit says

    Personally, I’d play around with PS a bit more. I see other options than just the 2, and again personally, I don’t care for either, for different reasons. Sorry. ~:}

  11. Lorraine Roach says

    You definitely have two very different looks going on here. #1 is a much more formal look, but a tad too heavy with the sheers. Try this same look without the sheers and I think you’d like it better! #2 is a more casual look, but just looks like something is missing. My vote is for (obviously!) #1, but without the sheers on the small windows! Good luck!!

  12. Jeana ball says

    I really like option 1. With option 2, there are too many boxy repeats (windows, picture on chest, chair backs, chest, side table, etc.). The first option softens everything out nicely. The fabric is beautiful, but, on the shades, I think it speaks a little too loudly for the over all look of the room.

  13. Lisa S. says

    Option 2 – I love how the fabric is framed out by the windows, like artwork. It is a more modern, clean, relaxed style (that seems like you!). Keep using sheers if you like – isn’t that what decorating your home is all about?

  14. Genelle McDaniel says

    Oh, by the way, that beautiful antique dresser/chest we keep talking about is really a credenza. If it were a dresser or chest it would have straight sides. Because the sides have the beautiful curving it is actually an antique mahogany credenza. It is so elegant. And I can tell you just by visually dating it, that every piece of the inside of the drawers are also solid mahagony. Check them out, you will see. No expense was spared in making this fine piece of furniture. The fact that it is vaneered does not mean it is new. They were doing vaneering in the 1800’s, but this was actually made early 1900’s. Have dealt in antiques my entire life and love them dearly. It only takes one piece to make an entire room. Think twice about whether or not to put a coffee table in front of it. There were no coffee tables until they were invented in the 1930’s – 40’s.

  15. says

    Option 2; without picking apart details the overall effect of the second option was more pleasing to the eye when scrolling between the two for me. Can you print the two out and put on a “project board” for yourself to refer to for a couple of days to help decide which you would like for long term? I do this with different projects around the house when trying to make decisions.

  16. Deb Thalasitis says

    I wonder what it would look like if you made a corner drape to cover the one side of the big window and the one side of the the little window. I don’t know if it would make the space look smaller, but it seems like the flow would be better. Then a stand alone on the left small window and the right side of the big window (directional as you are looking at photos.

  17. says

    I was actually going to suggest this one yesterday but you had SO MANY comments and someone already had. ROMAND SHADES AND SHEERS!! I think that fabric is much too delicate looking (pattern and color) that the dark wooden shades take everything away from it. I was going to suggest white wooden shades but I like the roman shades with fabric MUCH better, and the sheers. If you buy better sheers and use enough of them they will add so much to the room, and they really help carry the beautiful colors of your drapery fabric through. I vote treatment #2 – no question.

  18. Becky Butler says

    They are both lovely. But, when I scrolled to the 2nd one…my heart went ZING! I love that you see that beautiful fabric. You are amazing!

  19. Carla says

    I prefer option 2, however I think I’d dress the big window with a solid color drape to make it less busy. Pick a color out of the beautiful roman shade fabric and try that. The fabric is beautiful!

  20. Lee Ann Perez says

    While I love the look of the draperies in Option 1, I think Option 2 makes the room look more open, more inviting. The draperies kind of make that full wall look over dressed to me. And as someone mentioned, with the Roman shades, you really see the pattern of the material so much better. I vote for Option 2 (if we get to vote!)

  21. Ellen says

    I like option 2 much better. I’ve never liked curtains hung on opposite sides of two windows. I see a lot of it, so I know it is quite acceptable, just always looks strange to me.

  22. Swim Like a Fish says

    Without a doubt, option two! The first option, although looks good, over powers the room. Making it seem smaller, more cramped, and less inviting. The second option opens it back up. I can’t say I loved the pattern before seeing it displayed like this. Now having see it on the roman curtain, I can appreciate it’s detail and it really pops. The two pieces really bring the room together in an unexpected way and give it an interesting balance.

  23. Jean says

    After very careful consideration of each picture :-) I think that #1 is best. It looks warm, soft, homey, and inviting. Having the drapery panels on the outside, then the sheers seems to make the perfect frame for whatever you decide to hang on the wall over the beautiful (after being redone) dresser. And I would think the antique dresser and wall hanging should be the focal point, not the fabric on the windows. I think that in #2 the patterned fabric will be predominant and may even seem to clash with whatever you decide to hang on the wall, especially if it is a landscape painting or print like you had talked to me about.

  24. Jill says

    I like the symmetry of option #1 with them all being the same and hanging at the same height. If you go with option #2, I would mount the roman shade ABOVE the window so the height is the same as the curtains bringing back the symmetry on both walls.

    • Alta Craig says

      This was my first thought after viewing both options also. The roman shades, being hung inside the window frame, bring the eye back down and make the windows seem shorter. I like the look of the drapery panels hung all the way to the ceiling. But, then, I’m a grandma! 😉

  25. Kim Cook says

    I love your drapery fabric and I love getting to see more of it in option #2, however, I like the balance better in option #1. So, my vote is option #1. I can imagine them with everything in the correct proportion, but I do wonder if the pretty shades (I love the contrast of the dark against the crisp, white trim) along with the sheers and drapes makes the windows look over-dressed. If you don’t think so, then probably not. You have excellent taste and have never disappointed. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  26. Susan Clark says

    The roman shades are definitely like artwork…beautiful fabric! So wondering what you will do in between. And option 2 is def. a more tailored look. You are great with photoshop! I thought, oh, she was able to run out and buy shades for the large window!! I still say, sew your drapes for the large window and get it how you like, then figure out the smaller ones. Wondering if you are going to help me like sheers again, because I think that’s what’s throwing me. I didn’t realize what I disliked about some curtains was the shirred on the rod type till you pointed that out; just knew I didn’t like some! Hope you’re having a blast with all this. And I so hope you do a tutorial on all the sewing please please! :)

    • says

      I’ll definitely be providing a tutorial on the draperies. And if the Roman shades don’t make it into this room, then I think I’ll definitely be making a fabric Roman shade for the bedroom and my office, so I’ll have a tutorial for that also.

      • Susan says

        Wonderful! Right from how to square long yardages of fabric. And how to cut long yardages straight!! And exactly what kind of material you are using. And how to pick thread!! See, I never had Home Ec one little bit! But I just know I can do it!

  27. Darlene says

    I am just a regular person, not a decorator – so I am going to tell you what I see from my untrained eye. Both rooms are beautiful – I would go with No. 1 for these reasons:
    1. the Roman Shades carry the brown paint all around the room – to me that doesn’t close in the room, that makes is appear larger;
    2. I don’t know if you have thought about this or not, but I am big on all windows looking the same from the outside (when drapes and shades are closed). It just makes me cringe when I see a home with different color treatments on all windows from the outside. To me I feel like my insides are hopping all around when windows are different;
    3. The drapes, shears, and shades on all windows makes me feel comfortable when I “enter” your room – it’s peaceful;
    4. In the No. 2 room it’s true the shades do show the beautiful fabric pattern – which looks like two large paintings to me. I think it will be difficult to find wall decor to use between the windows – the current painting doesn’t go with the fabric shades.

    Ok, there’s my opinion!

  28. Denise Thousand says

    I purposely didn’t read any comments. I can get swayed so easily. I like the 2nd option. I think that it keeps things simple, which is good for the size of the room. Also, the fabric is easier to see. You amaze me with your photoshop skills. Is there anything you can’t do?

  29. Tammy says

    I really don’t know anything about decorating except I love to see what others do. I can do a really good copy if it’s not too crafty or too much DIY involved. That said, I vote for #2 for exactly the reason you said, it closes in an already smaller room. When I scrolled down to option 2 there was no question it was more pleasing to look at. The fabric you chose is SO beautiful that it really is “focal wall worthy”.

  30. Jan says

    My living room and dining room have Option #1 – I love it, it’s pulled together and flows perfectly.

    Therefore….I am biased.

    Option #1

    Plus, you gain the even insulation factor of all elements, blocking heat in the summer, cold in the winter.


  31. Bobbi Jo says

    Both designs are beautiful, but option #2 is so much more appealing. And from the window in the condo you created. This look says: Kristi……

  32. Nancy Settel says

    love them both but option ONE is just so elegant and “finished” looking, it is my favorite. The fabric the chairs oh my how they are all coming together and I love the bamboo with the sheers now I am so mad I got dark wooden blinds that are heavy and were expensive to have installed darn it. nancy

    • Allison says

      This would be my vote, as well. I think the sheers date the room and I think option #1 makes the room appear smaller.

  33. Diane Mansil says

    Option 2 because of the clean lines and not so fussy look, but remove that giant coffee table! (I hate coffee tables – they take up so much floor space and invite clutter).

    • Diane Mansil says

      BTW, the thing that bothered me in option 1 was the corner. You’ve got just a tiny bit of wall showing where the two draperies hang and it looks weird. If they met in the corner, maybe it wouldn’t bother me so much, but it looks like you didn’t finish the wall or something. I dunno. It bothers me, that little sliver of wall.

      • says

        I agree. That bothers me, too. I cut the drapery rods before I considered putting drapery panels on the small windows. So it’s definitely cut too short if I go with option 1.

        The coffee table is temporary. I’m planning on making a custom diamond tufted upholstered ottoman for the room. :)

  34. says

    Definitely take what I say with a grain of salt. I like #2. Seems less busy to me. Now, this is coming from someone who only has 2″ white wood blinds in their house. I’ve never been a fan of curtains and have not had any since way back when stuff was frilly/lacy and blue and green – the 80’s to be exact. So, when I look at #1, it’s just too much for my eyes. But you love curtains and I’m sure you already know which one you like.

  35. says

    Kristi, consider that after you’ll dismantle ceiling tiles the room will change it’s scale and that will affect the windows design.
    What about tying together right corner window and the large one with the draperies, creating illusion of corner window? plus, treating the left one with the roman shade or turning it to a book niche by blocking it and adding shelves (too crazy idea)?

  36. says

    I like the second option. The roman shades won’t be pulled down most of the time and it will look like a valance in the same material as the draperies. I think that will look nice since the windows aren’t the same size. You’ll still be able to see the print of the fab with the shades up. Great look.

  37. Michelle B says

    I definitely like option #2 the best. Having said that, the painting would have to go in that case. It competes with the print of the shades. In fact, the only thing on that wall I think would work is a large monogram letter or metal sculpture… Also, if you are wanting to keep the sheers, option 2 works much better. In Option 1, all the different window dressings look like way too much. (By the way, this comes from a gal who can’t make up her mind on her own window treatments, and we’ve been living here a year!!)

  38. says

    Glad you decided to continue to see the big window as significant. Still seems that the full on pattern covering the whole opening of the smaller windows is overpowering the softness of the, yes somewhat hidden , pattern on the pinch pleats. It’s not always necessary to see the whole print. It’s kind of wham in the face. Still would rather see banding on a neutral on the romans. The banding would do more to minic the pleats and not force attention away from big window and create a heaviness on the two window wall. A London swag or some softly draped swag with cascades on outside sides only could go far to compliment the drapes. The swags could be just trimmed with the pattern. Have you considered a soft color sheer of one of the neutrals in the pattern? White seems severe.

  39. says

    I know you are set on option #1 or #2 but, if you would consider another option, I would remove the woven blinds, and go with the beautiful sheers that you love. In option #1 the brown blinds with the brown walls are too dark for the room, I love the the light the sheers let in. Then I would make panels for both sides of the two small windows to match the large window. If you have some material left over you could make some pillows for the chairs and the sofa.
    #1 feels more formal but dreary,#2 is more casual, but light and a bit confused to me. In the end I design my rooms on how I want it to feel. I think option #3 would make it feel formal, light and unconfused, hope this helps. 😉 Cindy

    • kimberly Polman says

      I’m in complete agreement re not using the darkwood blinds. I realize they’re there for shutting out the light, but to me they’re a) too casual to work well with the beautiful clasically traditional furniture you’re choosing/have chosen, and they block out light, even when they’re up. Because you are spending on the drapery and the sheers, I’d keep it at that. I also like option #3 – absolutely. I felt that option #1 was too heavy with the blinds. Option #2 was distracting – all of a sudden there’s this beautiful pattern on the roman shades, which I loved and allowed for the framed windows to come out. However, different height levels of the curtains vs the wall with the roman shades had my eyes jumping around; too busy. And, it looks like two different patterns now on the roman shades vs the curtains, simply because of the way the fabric is used. I’m big on light (having lived in Texas I know this is anything but an issue, but you’re lining your drapes anyways) and I’m a big one on the ‘feel’ of a room – fresh and beautiful is what I love.
      Just my thoughts.

  40. says

    I looked at both of them several times and I’m like someone else said when I scrolled down and saw option 2, my eyes jumped out, if that’s Loved the look of both of them..Love the fabric, but you can see more with the shades..But it’s up to you and what you like..You have to live with it and it’s your house…You know you could go ahead and order more fabric if you choose 2 and then later you will have more fabric to make the other drapes for those two windows if you change your mind..Just a suggestion, that’s probably what I would do..I hate not being able to find something after awhile and I have decided on something else..I’m so wishey washey anyway..Have a great weekend!

  41. says

    hey went back and looked again..I think if you go with panels on the two side windows, I would leave the sheer off…It’s too much for those small windows..Your idea for the big window is great!

  42. Stephany says

    Love the first option…..there is more flow and it fits the look of the room. To me…..the Roman shades chop the room up too much. Beautiful fabric!

  43. Daniele Baker says

    I really want to like option 2, because I think option 1 is a bit too matchy matchy. However, I think the roman shades look odd on the focal wall with the curtains on the main window. My eyes get confused and I’m not sure what to focus on. I love that you get to see the fabric, it’s beautiful, but I agree with others that said Option 1 just look more elegant.

  44. Char says

    I am totally a fan of option #1. Very elegant. The roman shades on option #2 give too much of a “matchy matchy” vibe to me.

  45. Khadija says

    Option 2 allows your fabric to shine and act like artwork. It gives more visual interest to the room. You might also consider valances on those smaller windows?

    • says

      I did consider valances for a bit, but in the end, I’m just not comfortable with using valances in a formal living room UNLESS it’s being used in conjunction with drapery panels. And this room is way too small for such a heavy treatment.

      I guess I prefer valances for kitchens, breakfast rooms, and bathrooms.

  46. Sheila F says

    I love both! LOL. However when I scrolled back and forth. # 2 stood out to me. The fabric is so beautiful. And you get 2 looks. I think it changes with the blinds closed. A bit more “Made-Up” (if that makes sense). Then with the blinds open you have a more casual feel. Also as I scrolled back and forth my mind kept seeing the sofa as a Teal Blue. The color on the tips of the flowers! I know that it is a big project to cover the sofa and it may be smart to use a neutral shade. (Also I am NO DECORATOR) but as I keep reading and watching your make overs I am learning to recognize things my eye sees in passing. I just think the sofa in that color could really balance the look in the room and separate it from the entry without using a wall. Anyway everything you do is beautiful. You cannot go wrong with either choice.

    • says

      Oh gosh, I’ve gone back and forth on that sofa color also. End the end, I decided to order the scrumptious dark teal blue fabric for a custom ottoman that I plan to make for the room (the coffee table is definitely temporary). I don’t want the sofa to be a light neutral, like the chairs. I’m thinking perhaps a darker khaki, trimmed in a dark teal blue. But heck, I can barely decide on window treatments, so trying to decide anything definite on the sofa right now just might send me over the edge. 😀

      • Alta says

        Once the drapery is finished, the color of the sofa will come to you. Rooms often need to ‘evolve’ and our original concept can change a bit.

  47. Ruth Ann Cook says

    I think the second design is the better one-as it is more striking and more simple. Somehow I feel the fewer visible parts to the design the better, but I can never really do this myself! Best of luck to you. I am so impressed with your talent and spirit.

  48. Betty says

    I like option #2, but how about taking the roman shades up to the ceiling as with the drapes? You’d have a more cohesive look and when open, they won’t block so much of the window. Option #1 is more formal but 3 layers of window covering is too much. If you prefer #1, keep either the woven woods or the sheers. Also install the drapery panels as far off the window as possible, it will open up the room more.

  49. Micah Thompson says

    Option 2 got my attention best. I love that you can see the material best. I think that whatever you do over the credenza will help make the wall stand out. You style does not seem formal to me, it’s more casual. With drapes on all the windows, it seems closed in and stuffy. BTW….I too love sheers, they add softness especially if they have a small monochromatic pattern. Just enough to notice, but not stand out. That’s how Candace does it and we all know she is the Decorating Queen!!! I’m loving seeing your home develop. Love your blog, love your style, ah heck….love you girl! Now, if you could come to NC and help me with my decorating issues, it would be awesome.

  50. Jerri C. TN says

    OPTION #2- I LOVE THE ROMAN SHADES. I think OPTION 1 looks too busy & crowded on that wall. Can’t wait to see which you pick.

  51. Guerrina says

    Option 2 allowed me to relax! I love it! Option 1 appears “crowded”. Will you keep the sheers with bamboo shades on front window? I hope so! I love the Roman shades and how the material is showcased and, in fact, makes that wall look like the focal wall with the dresser.

  52. Joan says

    I vote for Option 2. I like the idea of sheers on the picture window, and I’d go for less contrast between the sheer and your fabric: more beige than white.

  53. says

    I say go with option 1. I like that draperies on the small windows add height and honestly, I’m just not a fan of the roman shade look. =/ Biased opinion I know, sorry!

  54. jill says

    Option 2 all the way. Option 1, the room looks “fine”, but when I scroll down to option 2, I think wow, so pretty and I think it enhances the dresser. A simple but elegant mirror over the dresser would be perfect. Option 1 seems too heavy, and unless you really study it, the pretty fabric doesn’t come through.

  55. susannah says

    I like both options, but option 2 just seem to speak to me. I really like that you see the fabric and the pattern more with the roman shades. The drapes are a nice “icing” on the cake of the window, but the roman shades really stand out as more focal.

  56. Julie says

    I am not good with decorating which is one reason I like to follow your blog. You are very open and honest. So from a person that has to see it done before I go with it – I absolutely love option #2.

  57. Melanie says

    Hmmm I would choose option one with a change.. I would use whatever fabric you have and cut it into 2 panels for each window. So the big window would be like you have pictured but the 2 smaller ones would have a pair of panels each.

  58. Debbie says

    I really love option 2 however, option 1 really has a softness and elegance to it. Understandably a tough decision. My vote is option 1. :-)

  59. Connie says

    Hi Kristi, I didn’t read all of the comments so I hope this isn’t too redundant. My vote goes to a version of #2. Since Option 1 is not a focal point I would remove the sheers and use the drapes and the bamboo shades.
    For Option2: Since you wanted more “Oomph” on the focal wall have you given any options a consideration, like lambrequins? shows lots of examples. If you used your fabric on the lambrequins, and make them extend outside of the woodwork, then you can add your bamboo shades or anything else you might like to try. I mentioned the woodwork because to my eye, being able to see the window frames (white) and the wainscoting (white) against the brown walls (love the color) makes it distracting to my eye. My eye doesn’t know where to settle and it seems very ‘busy’. For sure, with your skills, making the lambrequins will be a breeze. Now, back in the dark ages, some of the examples on Houzz would have been called cornices. Lambrequins were down to the window sill at least and most went to floor level. Not only does time changes things, it even changes terminology. In my mind, this would quiet the room while showcasing your fabric and it will draw your attention where you want it. Just a thought. You know what my 2 cents are worth!

  60. Krystle B. says

    Option 1 – It looks balanced. The different heights in option 2 look off to me. Plus, I am not a huge fan of Roman Shades.

  61. Marci S says

    Option #2.

    #1 looks too fussy with bamboo shades, sheers and curtains. If you choose #1, consider eliminating either the bamboo blinds or the sheers.

  62. Sheila says

    I like option 2 but I’d hang the Roman shades high and wide – at the same height as the draperies (right up near the ceiling) and wide enough to cover the window trim when they are down. When they are raised, they’d look like a valance.

  63. says

    Ooo, Ooo, I know this one (waving my hand in the air). I’ll take curtain number 2, Monty 😀
    I really really like the shades on the two windows with drapes on the large window.

  64. Lisa says

    Gosh you have a lot of comments. I only read a couple. My scientific way of determining which room I liked best was to look at each option maybe 3 seconds each. I think #2 by far is the prettier and I’m not even sure why. Haha. Maybe because it looks brighter, more open and an overall happier room. I think the white shears open during the day to bring in the outdoors will make it that much prettier. There you have it. Good luck, I know whatever you decide will be beautiful.

  65. P.J. says

    I really like option 2….scrolled up and down between the two options and just was drawn to 2. I think it keeps the room looking open and crisp(can a room look crisp?) Also, if memory serves me, aren’t you someday planning on putting a fire place between this two windows? That will just make option 1 waaaaaayyy to busy.

  66. says

    I too like sheers in certain rooms, esp. when you want more privacy. I have them in my bedroom. Would you consider a different color of sheers, perhaps a color that is picked up from the curtain fabric itself? I think that would look classier and more “decorator driven.”

  67. says

    Well…you already have a hundred thoughtful responses. Here’s one more… [wink]
    I love the matchstick shades. They are perfect!!
    When your drapes with the gorgeous fabric are finished…they too will look amazing.
    However…with the painted trim, the shades, the drapery, and the sheers….it’s just too much. It makes me feel like I have one too many pieces of clothing on for a cold winter walk. I’d love to see it without the sheers. And I also think without the sheers…you can pull the drapery out farther to see the lovely pattern.
    In #2, I don’t care for the play for the roman shade and it’s full pattern against the closed up pattern of the drapery on the large window.
    But, really Kristi…as much as I LOVE your drapery fabric….draperies are making the room feel heavy and closed in to me. I know how much you love beautiful drapes and you make them better than anyone….but I’d prefer to see something to the sides of the windows as opposed to covering the windows with drapes.
    You will put something beautiful together….you always do. And I will love it. 😉

  68. ahnniem says

    I vote for Option 2… To me, when I was looking at the first one, it just felt like the drapes in a hotel room….just felt very generic. The roman shades to me just had more zing, or personality – using the fabric as a shade like that shows off the gorgeousness of the fabric – REALLY pretty to look at… For my taste, I think that I would just add crown molding above the roman shades – it would just finish off and balance all the other pretty trim – but that’s just me…ymmv…:)…
    Thanks – lovely…keep on keepin on…

  69. says

    OPTION 2!!! And what a great idea to hang them, pins and all and take pics. It’s so much easier to decide with visuals. Oh my gosh that fabric is gonna look amazing!!! I so LOVE option 2. I agree with the comments above that option 1 is just too overpowering and just too heavy of a look. There’s no rest for the eyes in 1. Option 2 will show the beautiful fabric and frame in whatever gorgeous wall inspiration you put above the credenza. Either option will look wonderful once you complete it. And branching out from your norm is so much fun!

  70. Diane says

    What a lively discussion! I think that three window treatments at any one window are too many. My vote could go for number one without the sheers or number one without the blinds. I would make my top pick option number 2.

  71. Karen H. says

    I agree that the short windows wall is definitely the focal wall. And I prefer option 1. But for me, personally, I would use the drapes without the sheers. I don’t think sheers are outdated, I just don’t think any of your windows needs them. It would also make things less busy and less heavy feeling. I love the the woven shades, though. Adds just the right amount of texture!

    So my vote is for option 1 without the sheers.

  72. Phyllis says

    I would definitely go with option number 1. I think is looks so much richer.
    Option 2 looks like you didn’t have enough fabric to do it right to me.

  73. Carol F says

    I think that option #1 without the shades. There is too many layers going on. The sheers help to soften the look, but wooden shades seem out of place with the rest of the decor. Option #2 roman blinds takes away from the dresser as the focal point. Good luck in your decision.

  74. Vicki says

    Not so sure about the sheers on the smaller windows in Option 1–they seem too much, but I love the wood shades on the small windows–they do carry the brown around the room and enlarge it. I really expected to love Option 2 because I had wanted to see what Roman shades in that fabric would look like. The fabric is soooo pretty! BUT, Option 2 is just too busy, makes the room have 2 focal walls which confuses me, and even though the color of the drapes is followed on all 3 windows, the window dressings are VERY different styles. And to me it does not make the room look larger at all. Option 2 is more casual and colorful, but I think it will be busier than you like. Consider a few other options besides these 2. I still like the idea of banding on the shades, but not sure what color. I’m sure it will be beautiful no matter what you choose.

  75. Laurie says

    I like the 2nd option which kind of surprised me since I’m more of a draperies kind of gal. Both are really nice though.

  76. J. Vincent says

    Which ever choice you make my suggestion would be to raise all the wooden blinds over the molding the same height as the drapes on the large window panel. If you choose the roman shades I would raise them to the same height also so everything looks balanced and not broken up. I think the roman shades look quite beautiful because of the fabric and with them raised your room would look bigger and really flow.

  77. Rebecca says

    Option 1 gets my vote! It is dramatic, elegant and formal. I thought i read before you are wanting a formal sitting room and to me option 1 is better for this. Option 2 is more casual. Also what about during the day when the fabric shade in option 2 is up…will it look like a valance? Were you trying to avoid that look? Option 1 looked so much better to me.

  78. Laura says

    Option #2 – it has a more “decorated” look and is light and airy. Option 1 is heavier and over done. Also, the roman shades show off the beautiful fabric!

  79. Michelle F says

    Option 1 is nice, but immediately drawn to option 2. Option 1 feels a little too heavy and I like to cleanness of option 2. I also agree that the roman shades show the amazing fabric.

  80. Leslie says

    When I first saw the pictures, my first thought option #2 for all the reasons you listed. Then I thought, this is a formal living room and #2 is too casual. And while I really like seeing the fabric pattern on the roman shades, the truth is that they will not be ‘down’ that often and when they are ‘up’, you still lose the pattern. So, I would go with #1 with a minor change. I would ditch the dark shades (and I love these shades), but they close in the room and two ‘treatments’ per window is enough (in my humble, untrained opinion). When it boils down to it, do what your heart tells you to do and it will be beautiful! If I were a betting woman, I would bet on option #1, with your love of drapes and it being a formal space, I don’t think you will be able to resist :-)

  81. Jenny Ballard says

    I haven’t read everyone comments so I don’t know if anyone has said this.
    I prefer Option 2. I think they are ‘focal wall worthy’ The pattern of the material is like beautiful art work, and by the time you decide what will go on the wall between the window, that wall will be a major focal point, with the drapery on the large window adding softness to the room.

    I also like the look of the woven blinds on the window, without sheers, with the drapery opened to the sides just to soften the look. The only down side to that, is you can’t see the beautiful pattern of the material.

    • Margo says

      Or some type of shutters.. Maybe just on bottom half of windows..? I know it may not be the style your looking for but for myself personally for my own windows, I am looking for the privacy when we are sitting down but still getting light and a view when your up and about.
      I also like how some people are attaching the blinds at the bottom of the window. Hope you don’t mind my throwing my ideas at ya… I do know that whatever you do will be beautiful! Take care!

      • Margo says

        Ok.. It’s me again.. For what this is worth, I think I have figured out what is throwing me off with your windows.. If you don’t want to put a valance up, I was thinking that maybe you might want to lower the height of the rod on your picture window to be more level with the moulding.. That way it gives a nice line from big window to side windows.. And maybe side windows won’t seem so awkward?…

  82. Alta says

    After reading most of the comments and adding a couple of my own, I wanted to make just one more. I like option #1 because you wanted a somewhat more formal living room, and this will do it. It is an “updated traditional” look. I do not think the extra fabric closes in the room; it will just make it warmer and cozier. To me, using the drapery on the big window and roman shades on the two smaller ones looks like you ran out of fabric and had to improvise. Drapery all the way to the ceiling on all the windows unifies them and gives a lush, full look. The fabric IS beautiful, but may overpower and become the focal point of the room if used as in option #2. So, the question is, what is the focal point of this room? Is it the fabric, or is it an overall sense of warmth and elegance? Answering that question will help you make your decision, I think. You have an innate sense of good taste and I am confident that whatever you choose will be lovely. I’m looking forward to seeing the end result!

  83. Karen Moret Harrison says

    In the first option, I found myself asking “Why are those walls painted a brownish color?” In the second option, I said “Ohhhh, I get it.” The second option showcases the fabric, allowing the browns in the fabric to pop.

    Maybe in person, the browns in the fabric pop in either option, but going by the pictures, it’s option 2 all the way for me.

  84. AnnW says

    Kristi – I am not one to normally comment on things. I do not have an option on which one you should do either:) It is all about the feel you want when people walk into the room. This is purely an observation regarding why I believe everyone is picking option 2.

    But as I went back and forth between the two pictures and tried to see what the people were saying about each one and why they were saying those things – what was it that made them feel “ahh” “wonderful” “formal” whatever – I think the main reason everyone likes option 2 is those silly sheers that everyone seems to be so critical about:)

    Which kind of cracks me up a tad :) I totally get why you like sheers – it gives privacy yet you have glorious light streaming in the room – and it brightens the whole room – when done right – from scratch – like you will make them – they will be stunning. The wonderful light yet privacy will be wonderful.

    I do believe although the people that have picked option 2 – some of said NO WAY to the sheers – it is because of the sheers they actually like option 2. They just think it is because the fabric is flat and being able to see the pattern.

    I love the fabric choice – love that you can see the pattern on option 2 – but I do not think that is why everyone is liking option 2 – I think any fabric could be hung on the windows – ok well almost any fabric:) – and people would still like option 2 – because of the bright feeling of the sheers in option 2 – when they say – my eyes go “ahhh” I do believe the thing that the brain is going “ahhh” about is the bright, refreshing feeling – which is attributed totally to the sheers – not that roman shades.

    If you go back and forth between the two picture one is darker more formal and one is brighter and more refreshing – totally because of the sheers vs. wood shades. They say option 1 is more formal and that is also because the room has a darker, more “being held” feel to it, more “stately” feel to it – because of the roman shades. It really doesn’t have a thing to do with the fabric – if you had left the wood blinds in the second picture I do no think people would be saying “ahh” and “my eye was just drawn to it” – it is purely the light, bright, airy, inviting, snuggle up with a good cup of coffee and an afternoon filled with chit-chat with your best friend – feeling that the sheers cast on the 2nd option.

    Just an observation that I wanted to point out to you so you could be pondering on that – I think most the opinions have nothing to do with the fabric but the feel of the room because of the secondary window treatment options:)

    You have a specific feel you want people to have when they walk in and see your home – so you have to go with the overall treatment that creates the feeling that you want the person to have when they walk in :)

  85. Susan says

    Hmmm I have a different view. Sorry but neither option appeals to me. I think there is still more to think about. Option 2 at first seemed nice but the matching pattern is too much. Too symetrical.

  86. says

    Option one would be better if you only had two elements not three. Either fabric with the shears or fabric with shades. If you do fabric with the brown shades maybe a valance would be enough for the side windows. Then you could do drapery panels for the larger window.
    If going with draperies and shears then I prefer option two with shears on the larger window and roman blinds for the small window, no shears or brown blinds. Cheers

  87. Gilmer Gal says

    OK, if this was my room (which it isn’t) I would go with #1 and lose the sheers (please know I like sheers, just not in this room) to make the room less fussy. But then again, clean lines are what I like best, so you can take it from there! Or, if #2, which is really nice, keep the roman shades, lose the sheers and put woven blinds on the big window. Just use some lighter colored blinds and go with the fabric on a valance. That way the pattern will show on the roman shades and also on the big window. I’ve yet to be disappointed or wanted to change anything you do, so I’m pretty sure whatever choices you make will be the right ones.

  88. says

    I like the second option better, and I think it’s for the same reason you gave which is that you can see the pattern better on the small window. I think the first one does look a little crowded. So love the fabric.

  89. Kim May says

    I vote for option 2. Maybe I have missed previous discussion on this topic, but I think a London shade would show off the beautiful pattern of your fabric and compliment the flow of your drapes on the picture window. Interior designer suggested this combo to my sister in her 1930’s house. It is a beautiful combo. Whatever you do will look amazing!

  90. Ella says

    #2 All the way!!! I do like the woven shades paired with the draped panels better for the larger window. #2 makes your focal wall really stand out & yet the large window wall coordinates beautifully!

  91. Robin says

    Definitely the second option. It brings the eye to that wall more with the roman shades. The first option looks like too much of a good thing. And the woven shades on the large window looks great!

  92. Anne Wolfe says

    option #2 made me say, “Wow! That is beautiful!” The fabric on the Roman shades looks like artwork hung on the focal wall.

  93. Elizabeth says

    Your dilemma is interesting — and so is the variety of responses to it! It seems that we are informed both by personal taste and by a sort of context, associations that may be personal or may be regional. Trends and associations in Texas are probably different from in the Northeast, where I live.

    My own association with an abundance of floral draperies, however handsome, is “grandma”. So option 1 looks very formal to me, and very busy. I also think the drapes on just one side of the short windows look… oh… imperialist! Like they’re trying to enclose the WHOLE wall. Smothering. I read several comments saying that they look more balanced, and I agree that they do, but I don’t know why you have to have EVERY element in a room balanced and symmetrical. I see nothing wrong with some asymmetry.

    So clearly I prefer option 2. It looks more serene, less crowded, and more functional. Also, since you love the fabric, I think you should show it off.

    But this opinion is coming from someone who barely dresses her windows at all — my preference is obviously (as I look around my house) for minimalist window treatment, and your preference is different!

  94. says

    I say option 1. The fabric is too overpowering on Option 2 and drowns the rest of the room. I would then sew some pillows to put on each chair to bring out the design of the fabric. 😉
    Whatever you do though, I’m sure it would look awesome!

  95. Kathie says

    I go for Option 3. Use the drapery on the small windows as in option 1 and silhouette shades on the picture window. Option 2 makes the picture window the focal point again. Option 1 is better, but not best. The picture window should be played down. Possibly the roman fabric shades would work on the picture window if you hate silhouette shades.

  96. Kendi says

    Option 2! But make the roman shades relaxed and outside mount :) Those type of roman shades just seem so much more elegant to me, vs the flat rectangular ones which seem too modern for this space/fabric/furniture. And outside mount can make your windows look bigger. Here are a few pics of ones I could picture in your space:

    Or even like this if you eventually plan to put some big moulding up top:

  97. Becki says

    Option #2! That beautiful fabric just pops against the wall color! Too bad you can’t see the pattern more on the draperies, of course, when they are closed, you would be able to!


  98. andrea says

    well, probably being the senior member and fan of this website, i will just assume that
    my opinion will be the deciding factor (lol) anyway, the roman shades are very tailored
    clean and beautiful. they make the focal wall very zen. i like that alot. it just feels right.

  99. says

    I like option #2 better. It allows you to enjoy the pattern of the fabric without there being so much of it. I think the sheers + curtains on the smaller windows is overpowering.

  100. Sue says

    I don’t know if you showed us the 2 options so we’ll vote for one or the other but everyone seems to be weighing in on it so I may as well jump on board, too! : ) Both are perfectly beautiful options but I prefer the Roman Shades in Option 2 because I can see the beautiful pattern in your fabric. Absolutely beautiful!

  101. says

    I have to say that Option #2 made my heart skip a beat. I love following your blog and your recent dilemmas have helped me in my own house. I have that whole funny window thing going on only my awkward window is short because it is on the side of the house and subdivisions are all crazy about privacy so they make all of the windows on the side short.

  102. Laura G says

    Whew! You have a lot of fans, and opinions to consider! I make custom soft home decor for friends and their friends, through word of mouth (that’s all I have time for right now, would love to grow my business in the future!). Love the 2nd option, with one suggestion… would you consider making the roman shades outside mounted, and mount them higher up, even to the molding, also wider than the windows, so that when they’re up they look like a neatly folded valance, and when they’re down, they cover the window frame? My eye sees the window frame and it is distracting, and maybe lessens the elegance of it all. Love you color choices and fabric! Can’t wait to see what you choose to do! Happy decorating!

    • Laura G says

      I reviewed #2 photo again… What I mean is to mount roman shades right below ceiling height, below any trim you have or will have, and not at window height. That way all window treatments will be hung at same heights and may be more pleasing to the eye, with less going on. I love roman shades; they’re my favorite to make, so satisfying!

  103. Peggy R says

    I think option 2 is not as heavy looking, however you might want to consider putting an upholstered valance over the shades to balance out the height issue and add some softness to the shades. I hope this helps.

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