Nearing The Finish Line

Hello!  I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend, and a relaxing holiday yesterday…at least those of you here in the U.S. of A.  I actually worked through the weekend, but took yesterday off.  Now today, I’m back at it.

It seems like John & Alice’s kitchen and family room are taking forever to finish, but I promise, I’m nearing the finish line!!  I had hoped to finish on Sunday, but it looks like I’ll need one more day before I can get my mom over to take the final pictures.

I was getting to the point of being incredibly frustrated with myself for taking so long on these rooms, and then I stood back and took a look at them and realized just WHY they had taken so long!  These rooms are packed full of DIY projects!!

The painting alone took what seemed like forever.  Their kitchen is pretty big, and has lots of cabinets.  The task of painting those cabinets seemed never ending.

j and a kitchen almost after 4

Along with that came removing all of the doors and drawers, and switching out the hinges and hardware.  That’s a huge job!  Other painting projects included all of the trim, two doors, the fireplace, the fireplace screen, and the bookcase next to the fireplace.   

Then there was that huge paneled wall that was painted and then upholstered…

j and a family room great wall progress 1

That was certainly no easy task, but I love the way it turned out.  And the added texture that it gives the room was well worth the effort.

Next came the Craigslist dresser that I transformed into a t.v. stand…

craigslist dresser transformation 1

That went from an outdated dresser to a pretty little addition to their family room.

Then I got a wild idea to build a coffee table

diy factory cart style coffee table

That was probably my favorite thing I’ve ever built!

Then I built a mantel

rough hewn wood mantel 4

And a decorative mirror out of wood shims…

decorative mirror made of wood shims 1

But I’m not just all about building!  I also painted and reupholstered not just one, but two occasional chairs

chair with pillow

and four dining chairs

dining chair after

and my mom and I both tackled reupholstering not one, but two wing back chairs

wingback chair after

I also painted an original piece of artwork for the room…

painting stage final

and made some candlesticks out of staircase spindles…

candlesticks 1

and a fancy chalkboard, also with spindles…

fancy chalkboard 5

and a candleholder from outdated lighting…

brass light after 4

and a gallery wall

gallery wall 1

And let’s not forget the absolute pain that this table was…

j and a breakfast table after 1

After re-making the top, and then having to refinish it after the stain looked horrible, I ended up having to re-make the entire table top again after this one cracked!!  The crack started at a knot, and went clear across the table top along the grain of the wood.  So frustrating, but the final table looks great in the room, so I’m almost glad it happened.  I’ll show you later this week.

Then there are the three end tables that I painted, the chandelier that I painted, all of the pillows and feather pillow forms that my mom and I both worked on, and all of the accessories.

Yeah.  I’m exhausted.

The last big task was to do something about the hole left in the kitchen cabinets where the old trash compactor used to be.

j and a kitchen almost after 8

I worked on that on Sunday, and I hope to finish it up today.  Then after a bit of tweaking on the accessories, I can officially call these rooms finished!! 

I can’t wait to show you the final before and after…and then take a reeeeeally long nap (or possibly a really long vacation).

But for now, duty calls.  Hope you have a wonderful day!!

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  1. Cathygreggs says

    I'm glad you did this recap. Apparently there are a few of your projects I missed. I'll have to go take a look!

  2. Kim Perdew says

    You will SOOOOOOO deserve a nap. All of the projects are AMAZING…… Thanks for sharing each step in the process

  3. Sheerserendipity says

    Everything you do turns out perfect!  I am specially so impressed with the way those wingback chair came out… Fantastic job!

  4. Sisterbatik says

    Wow – How?  How do you manage to do all this building, painting and upholstering? I am in awe : )

    Just discovered your blog and this first post has me – I am a follower.  I only have a small space, but I love making a nice home, the best it can be.  I am inspired and particularly love the coffee table, so unique and rustic charm. 

    My sister and I have a small handmade business, making pillows that add a splash of colour and bohemian chic, inspired by our travels – I would love you to come and visit us : )

  5. Natalieanderson3 says

    wow…I'm exhausted just reading this :) he he
    I say finish out the nook and tuck the trash can into it….open up some prime real estate under the sink. You could even glam up the trash can with a little mod podge action to make it match, or buy a little sparkle….I guess it could become a book shelf for cook books, or a verticle storage for cake pans…. personally I think it would make a great time out cupboard ;)

  6. Nancy says

    Wow! You have been busy. I can relate to changing the hardware on the cabinets. My favorite item is the Coffee table. You go girl! 

  7. Kristan says

    Kristi you are amazing!!! I was so impressed with the kitchen, then I kept reading on to find all the other creations, furniture and new upholstery – wonderfully creative and stylish. You have been one VERY busy girl, love it!

  8. Miss Charming says

    You have a great creative vision and then have the talent to execute it!  Amazing!  I didn't realize all those projects were for the same home.  Looking forward to seeing the final reveal!

  9. Painting Contractors Atlanta says

    Awesome! Thanks for put on view these pictures. These are
    adorable. Thanks again!

  10. Erin@Out On a Limb... says

    Wow.  You are a machine (an incredibly talented one at that)!

    So inspiring.  Amazing stuff. I'm a fairly new reader and follower, but I'm hooked.

    Keep up the amazing work.

    Rest up and have a great day!

  11. Kristi @ Addicted 2 Decorating says

    It's a Behr color called Elephant Skin, but I had it color matched in Sherwin Williams oil-based interior satin paint.

  12. Metal Wall Art says

    What a brilliant idea! It was so easy to do. You don’t haveto spend much money by doing this, you just have to recycle thosetoilet paper rolls. Good job!

  13. Metal Wall Art says

    Great wall art you have in there. I think it will look better if you painted the wall with a bright color. 

  14. Sadie says

    No idea how I ended up on your site, but I am grateful I did. You are a such a talented young woman; so kind of you to share your talents. You've uplifted my spirits considerably. Thank you, Kristi!

  15. Kathryn Dawn says

    Do you have a picture of the former trash compactor spot since you finished it?  Mine needs to go, but I don't know what to do with the empty space it will leave.

  16. Tom Yates says

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  17. melissa says

    My husband does repo remodels and when he had a trash compactor hole he bought a rebuilt cabinet from Lowe’s and a slide in trash can. Turned out pretty neat.

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