Two Front Porch Options Revisited (Actual CAD Drawings From A Real Architect!)

double gable 2

Yesterday I worked on getting the doors and drawers for the kitchen peninsula finished, and also the corbels for the other two walls.  I had hoped to have those things finished today so I could show you, but I didn't quite get finished.  I should have them finished by tomorrow. But that's okay, because I have something far more exciting to show … [Read more...]

My “New” Kitchen Floor

stained kitchen floor 5

It has taken a while, but I finally have the stained red oak floor finished in my kitchen.  I say "almost" because it still needs three more coats of Waterlox, each applied 24 hours apart, so it won't officially be finished until Friday.  But the color won't change much, so what I have now is pretty much how it's going to look when it's finished, … [Read more...]

Possible Front Porch Design Plans

front porch design, via Houzz

Hi all!  I know it's rare for me to show up on a Saturday, but yesterday I spent about two hours scouring Houzz for some ideas to incorporate into the front of my house, and I want to show you what I've come up with, and also see if any of you have any brilliant ideas. First of all, here's what the house looks like now.  It's pretty much a blank … [Read more...]

One Year Housiversary Tour (Past, Present, and Future Plans) – Master Bedroom, Matt’s Game Room and My Office

house floor plan - master bedroom and bathroom plan

I'm continuing our one year house tour today with the master bedroom, Matt's game room, and my office.  These rooms have had almost zero attention over the past year, but of course, I have grand plans for all three rooms. Let me just say that if you're one of those people who reads decorating blogs filled with pictures of beautiful rooms and … [Read more...]

One Year Housiversary Tour (Past, Present, and Future Plans) – House Exterior, Front Yard, Back Yard & Garage

one year house tour - exterior front 1

Today I'm continuing the one year house tour with the exterior of the house and the garage. Over the last year, the amount of work I've put into the exterior of the house is very minimal. I've done practically nothing. My original plan was actually to use this summer to get lots of projects done outside (especially in the front yard and the … [Read more...]

One Year Housiversary Tour (Past, Present, and Future Plans) – Living Room, Music Room, Hallway, and Hallway Bathroom

one year house tour - part 1 floor plan

This past Saturday was the one year anniversary of the purchase of our house.  Now if you'll remember, we didn't actually move into the house until two months later because I wanted to remove all of the carpet and refinish the hardwood floors first.  We also needed some pretty major plumbing done.  So we didn't move in until October 19th.  But we … [Read more...]