Where Should The Wainscoting Go?

Schumacher Birds & Butterflies wallpaper in entryway designed by Bailey McCarthy, via Style Me Pretty

All three areas (entryway, dining room, and music room), or just two?  Should it just be in the entryway and dining room?  Or just the entryway and music room?  How much wainscoting is too much?  Is it overkill to put it in all three areas?  And what style should it be? These are the questions I've been racking my brain with all weekend.  Well, … [Read more...]

Best Week Ever!

HVAC outdoor unit - Trane XV20 i variable speed

Well, hello there!  :)  I had no intention of being away from the blog all this week, but it's just been a very busy week.  An awesome week.  A glorious week that has resulted in this beauty sitting outside our home... The HVAC guys arrived at our house at 7:00am on Tuesday, and the fun began!  They worked all day on Tuesday, arrived on … [Read more...]

The Condo Is GONE! HVAC Is Coming!

condo collage

Y'all, this is such a great day for us!  We literally just finished signing the papers on the condo.   The condo is GONE!  :-D So here are the details: We put the condo on the market at $79,500.  We thought that was a totally unrealistic asking price, but we decided to do it anyway.  We got a full-price offer fairly quickly, but after a … [Read more...]

Dining Room, Entryway, and Music Room Progress

music room walls with drywall removed and shiplap exposed

My father-in-law and I had a very productive weekend.  He's leaving this Friday, so we're trying to get as much as possible done before then so that I'll be left with as many manageable rooms/areas as possible when he leaves.  By "manageable" I mean that all of the two-person jobs will be completely finished, and I'll be left with things that I can … [Read more...]

My Garage Workshop “Must Have” List So Far

via Sawdust Girl

Y'all left some amazingly helpful comments on my last post about organizing a garage workshop, and for the last two days, each time I've taken a break, I've been reading over those comments (some several times), clicking on more links, and looking up the names and ideas you told me about.  And of course, those names and ideas have lead to even more … [Read more...]

Garage Workshop Progress & Plans

garage being organized

After a week-and-a-half, my garage still isn't completely clean and organized.  Those of you who said this project might take the whole three weeks of my father-in-law's stay may have been right.  :)  But quite a bit of progress has been made!  All of that stuff that completely filled the garage before... ...has now been whittled down to a … [Read more...]

My New & Improved “Smiley Face” Yellow Painted Upright Piano

yellow painted piano - after 1

My "new" yellow painted upright piano is finished!  And this time, it's just right.  :)  I realize not everyone will agree that this is an improvement, but for me, and for my house, and for the vision I have for this room, it couldn't be more perfect! This is exactly what I envisioned all along, although I didn't envision it sitting against … [Read more...]

Help Has Arrived…Again

garage mess

Did I mention that my father-in-law is back?  He arrived last Friday night, and is here for a three-week stay this time.  Every time he plans a trip and asks me what I want to work on while he's here, I'm like a kid in a candy store.  "I want this!  Wait, no!  I want this!  Ooohhh, no I want this instead!  Or maybe this would be better!"  But I … [Read more...]