Ideas For Low Cost Bathroom Updates

low cost bathroom updates - build your own open shelf vanity for under $100, via H2O Bungalow

I'm finally winding down on my bathroom remodel.  I've been at it since the end of January (although I haven't been working on it exclusively for all of that time), and it was a complete down-to-the-studs remodel.  My bathroom was seriously outdated and definitely needed an extensive remodel (in my humble opinion :) ), but I'm sure many of you have … [Read more...]

The Penultimate Bathroom Remodel Post

bathroom remodel progress 7-14-15 - 2

I give you my word that the next time I post about the bathroom remodel, it'll be the final, official before and after post showing my completely finished bathroom. It's almost finished.  And if you just let out a little scoffing laugh, or rolled your eyes at that statement, I don't blame you one bit.  That has pretty much been Matt's reaction … [Read more...]

Yaleana’s Bedroom: It All Starts With A Large Flower Wall Mural

wall mural - 11

A couple of weeks ago, I told y'all that my mom and I are redecorating my 10-year-old neice's bedroom.  Well, Yaleana's bedroom makeover is finally underway!  Before we can get to any of the building projects, we needed to address the drab antique white walls. A 10-year-old's bedroom can't have drab antique white walls!  So after my mom and … [Read more...]

Finished Bathroom Artwork & Dining Room Rug Indecision

artwork for bathroom - 4

Hey there!  I've had some non-blog, non-house-related things to attend to the last two days, so progress on the bathroom remodel has stalled a bit.  But earlier this week, I did get every single last bit of the trim installed and wood filled, and then I got everything partially caulked.  So while no real progress has been made for two days now, I … [Read more...]

Entryway Wall – Four Design Options

wall mural based on schumacher's birds and butterflies wallpaper created with a Sharpie marker by Shannon Berry

I spent all day yesterday working on the bathroom (literally, about 10 hours of wood filling, sanding, caulking, and priming), so naturally I spent quite a bit of that time dreaming about the details of my next project -- the dining room and entryway. :) I had originally planned to do some sort of wainscoting/paneling/grasscloth combo, but since … [Read more...]

Forward Momentum (Dining Room Rug Purchase, and More!)

olympia flatweave striped rug 8 x 11 from overstock

I don't really have any new news or progress photos to share with you today.  I just want to say... I'm so stinking excited! And yes, I'm still blabbering on about finally having a clear plan and a vision for my house.  :-D  It's just been such a good and encouraging week.  I've felt such a renewed excitement about my house, and a renewed … [Read more...]

A New Bedroom For My 10-Year-Old Niece (The “Before” And The Plan)

wallpaper seen in Lilly Pulitzer store

I mentioned a week or so ago that I'd soon be working on a project with my mom. We're going to do some redecorating in my niece's bedroom and give her a room that's truly fit for a 10-year-old girl. Right now, her room is far from girly. In fact, there's nothing about it that says "kid's room" at all. But before I get into all of that, let me make … [Read more...]