Paint Colors For My Bedroom

I’m hoping to get started on my bedroom really soon. I’ve lived far too long in this bland white box. So yesterday I made a trip to Home Depot, fabric samples in hand, to pick out some paint options. This paint won’t go on the entire wall, because I also want to work in some grasscloth.

I had originally purchased the grasscloth for another project that I then decided not to do.  I only have three rolls, which is not enough to do my entire room, and since I ordered it about three years ago, I’m almost certain that even if they still make this particular grasscloth, the lot/run number wouldn’t be available anymore.  So I have to be a bit creative in how I use it.

I’ve decided that I’m going to use the grasscloth on the entire headboard wall in the little nook that will be created when I build the closets on either side of the bed. Then on the other three walls, I will put grasscloth on the upper portion of each wall, and paint the lower portion. That’s where the paint color comes in.

So here are the four color samples I came home with…

All paint colors are Behr brand from Home Depot.
(1) Juniper Ash, UL220-21,  (2) Cloud Burst, 490F-5, (3) Gobi Desert, 710C-3, (4) Belgian Sweet, 700D-6

Matt immediately ruled out #3, Gobi Desert, calling it “dull”.  I kind of agree, although I will say that if you’re looking for a really nice neutral, this is a good one.  I immediately ruled out #4, Belgian Sweet, remembering that my bedding is chocolate brown.  So that left me with two options.  I took these pictures last night, so I had to use a flash which kind of distorted the colors, but you can get a pretty good idea of what they look like.

First up is Juniper Ash, shown with the grasscloth, the two main print fabrics on the right, and the headboard fabric on the left (remember, the headboard fabric won’t be right against the painted walls, as the headboard wall will be all grasscloth).

And here are the fabrics and grasscloth shown with Cloud Burst.  This is a nice color, and as I was painting this sample on the wall, I was sure this was going to be the one I chose.  But after looking at it with the fabrics and grasscloth, I think it’s just not quite right.  I’m definitely leaning towards Juniper Ash. 

And although my room is tiny, I’m really not opposed to using a dark color.  It’ll be balanced by the new built-in closets on either side of the bed (painted in the trim color), the trim, the grasscloth, and the ceiling.

So those are my thoughts.  Feel free to weigh in! 

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  1. Julie says

    Just wondering what color will your trim be? I like Juniper Ash better with your fabric choices as well though it is pretty dark comparitively.

  2. Jennie says

    My first choice would be #3. :) Seems like the other ones would make a small room look smaller. While #3 may look dull alone, I think it would make the fabrics pop. To me the darker color on the wall would cause the fabrics to lose some of their appeal.

  3. Kim - A Creative Spirit says

    LOVE the darker one!!! Juniper Ash??? the fact that you are not painting ENTIRE walls with it, you will be FINE… so excited to see final choice.

  4. Anonymous says

    I did my bedroom in silver sage from Restoration Hardware and its compliment. I loved it! It looks similar to the Juniper.

    • Bonnie says

      My daughter uses Silver Sage in many of her rooms and I would never compare it to Juniper Ash. It is much ligher, almost a grey green.


  5. Corie says

    I love love love Juniper Ash! I'm really into darker bedrooms, I really dislike bright rooms when I'm trying to sleep. Cloud Burst looks really great and fresh with your fabrics though. Kristi! You've made it too hard! Your colors are both beautiful.

  6. Atlanta Painters HQ says

    i love it!i was planning to beautify my bedroom's wall and it's really hard for me to decide what wallpaper design do i have to put,but upon checking your blog,it give me more idea.i'll try to have paint colors for my bedroom for a's lovely and cute…thanks for sharing this.

  7. Dallas Painters HQ says

    Choosing the right paint colors for your walls is not an easy task.I like the combination of cloud burst,looks really great and fresh with your fabrics though.I liked your blog it’s very interesting, your information had helped me very much, Please keep on posting the related information regarding this Article.

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