2020 Year In Review

I think it goes without saying that 2020 didn’t work out quite like I had planned. I’m pretty sure most of us could say that. I started out the year with all kinds of projects planned for the year (you can see my 2020 Master List of Home Goals here), and when all was said and done, I only managed to get a tiny fraction of things on that list started, with even fewer of them actually finished. I also added a pretty significant weeks-long project that I hadn’t planned on doing at the beginning of the year — my mom’s kitchen makeover. So really, I got more done that my original list would indicate. But overall, I’d say that 2020 was my least productive year since I started blogging about my DIY projects. That’s okay. It was a strange and hard year, and I’ll cut myself some slack. So here’s a quick review of what I actually did get done this last year. Music Room First, I painted the bookcases and doors in the music room. The bookcases were white and the doors were black… And I both the bookcases and doors in the music room the same dark … Continue reading 2020 Year In Review