Adventures In Staining My Red Oak Hardwood Floors (Products & Process)

I was so hoping that I’d have my floors completely stained by last night so that I’d be ready to seal them today, but it didn’t quite work out. I just have one more room to go, though, and so far I’m very pleased with how they’re turning out! And by the way, if you missed the first part of this floor refinishing project, you can click here to read about it… Before I got started, I did a lot of reading and watched a few videos on the process of staining hardwood floors. Lots of people recommended “water popping,” which is basically wetting down the wood to open up the pores more for the stain. Others warned that water popping was best left in the hands of pros because if you use the water unevenly, the stain will be splotchy. Well, I didn’t want to take that chance, and I’ve had really good success with wood conditioner in the past (on much smaller projects, of course), so I decided to stick with what’s tried and true for me. So I used my go-to Minwax Wood Conditioner. The trick with using this product, though, is that you only have a … Continue reading Adventures In Staining My Red Oak Hardwood Floors (Products & Process)