Big Studio Wall Progress (Huge Colorful Erasable Calendar)

The big wall in the studio now has another colorful addition. Yesterday, I hung the big, colorful wall calendar, and this thing looks like it was custom made to go with my wallpaper! It’s perfect for my studio! It’s so big and so high that I’ll need a step stool to use some of it, but I don’t even care. Those big rectangles of happy color make it worth having that beautiful calendar on my wall.

I purchased this huge wall calendar from Kaleidoscope Living a while back, and I’ve been very anxious to get it hung on my wall for weeks. But I need to get my big print mounted, and the framed first so that I could plan out the rest of the wall.

But I went ahead and got the months prepped and ready to hang by mounting them on foam core board and then cutting them to size.

And then I used 3M, double-sided foam squares on the backs of each month in order to hang them on the wall.

You can see more details about that process here: Trying To Figure Out My Big, Blank Wall.

I hung these, just like I hang any gallery wall, using my bubble level, a long straight edge, and a piece of scrap wood as a spacer. I absolutely love how these look hanging on my wall!

I shared more detailed instructions on how to hang a gallery wall here: Grid Gallery Wall Using 25 Free Butterfly Illustrations.

With the two big items on the wall, I could tell how much room I had in the middle for a TV. I didn’t have enough room for a 55 inch TV like I had planned originally, so I had to go with a much smaller 43 inch TV. I used a Hangman TV mount (affiliate link), which is my absolute favorite mounting system for a TV. I’ve use Hangman products for well over a decade, so when I saw that they make TV mounts also, that’s what I chose to hang all three TVs in our house.

The Hangman TV mount is a very simple French cleat system, and it took all of about five minutes to hang the TV. I love that once the TV is hung, you can make minor adjustments, sliding the TV to the left or right, to get it exactly where you want it.

I plan to make a frame for this TV, but this one will be much simpler in style than the one I made for the TV in the breakfast room. I just don’t like being able to see behind a wall mounted TV, and the style of frame that I make will take care of that.

So here’s what the whole wall looks like so far. I love how the calendar and the framed print just happen to be the same height. It’s like it was meant to be!

Underneath the TV, I am going to build three very simple, shallow shelves. I have an idea of what I want to store on them, but I’m gonna keep that to myself for now. 😉

So the final piece of this puzzle is whatever I’m going to put above the TV. I still haven’t quite figured that out yet. I would love to add some thing either round or free form, but I can’t think of what that might be other than a really big clock. I do love clocks, and so far I don’t have one in this room, so that might be the perfect place for one.

Of course, I could also just add two more shelves above the TV. But whatever goes above, the TV would have to be decorative only. Those shelves wouldn’t be practical for storing items/products that I need to access regularly because they’re too high for me to reach easily.

So that is the progress so far, and I’m absolutely loving how this wall is turning out! It is so colorful and bright and fun! It’s almost like it was customized just for me. 😃



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  1. A giant clock on that wall would be perfect! I’d love to see you just buy a clock mechanism and build one yourself so you can do some cool artwork with it.

  2. Gorgeous! Can’t you find a battery operated clock, since it’s the only one in the room? .. also check Facebook marketplace. In my area there are always many large clocks for sale.

  3. This would be the perfect clock for your studio:
    It is large, round and each hour marker looks like a straight pin with a colored ball head. The moment I saw it, I wanted to buy it and send it straight to you! (But alas, no address for sending gifts from fans!)

    I think a round clock over the TV would definitely give you the curves to counteract the straight lines.

    1. So funny! I bought that same clock, but smaller, earlier this month for our dining room. It’s really nice!

  4. YES! It’s the perfect place for the clock! I’m sure you will have fun finding one you love, or making one you want. Looking great, and the room is really coming together!

  5. Additions to your walls are perfect! Colorful, unique and fit with all of the colors in your studio. Love the clock idea, but was shocked at the price for large size clocks.
    Sign of the times! Maybe, you could buy a clock kit and make your own. I know you would produce a much nicer one than any I’ve seen for less money!

  6. What about making a clock using wooden spoons? It could be mostly pink with gold spoons for 12, 3, 6, 9 o’clock. It would tie in with the desk lamp you have planned.

  7. It’s a perfect spot for your faithful blog name! Get it cut out in gold colored metal, or wood and rub n buff it gold! Addicted 2 Decorating 😍 An easy Etsy purchase!

  8. Kristi…I liked what you said: “I’m absolutely loving how this wall is turning out! It is so colorful and bright and fun! It’s almost like it was customized just for me. 😃”.
    I like it too.

    1. I also like that clock that another poster put up the link for. That would be perfect in my eye.

  9. It’s amazing how the calendar colors align with those in your wallpaper! Absolutely beautiful!

  10. Hmmm, I would need a step ladder handy to write anything on that calendar!!!
    Super colorful! Looks wonderful!

  11. Kristy, as always just beautiful. The wall looks amazing. If you are looking for unique clocks, I have 2 suggestions for you. I purchased clocks on etsy from 1) Irene of MiGiraLaCesta at and 2) MofisWallArt at I have a lot of clocks (!) and see them as art. Both of these shops are excellent quality, artistic and funky. I admire them every day and am so happy I purchased them.

  12. Hi Kristi.
    I’m so glad you traded sides for the calendar and the sketch. The calendar does look good by the wallpaper doesn’t it.
    I like the idea of a large wall clock.
    God bless
    Linda D

  13. It does look like the calendar colors were made to match the wallpaper. Just perfect. The little shelves under the TV will be nice, but about the TV you do need a round clock. A rather large round clock. That is a fantastic wall. The whole studio is grand. I’m anxious for you to finish up and show us how you are going to use the Studio. I’m like you; I’d just sit in there and look at everything. It is definitely a “girls” room. So pretty. You are amazing.