Colorful Cut Glass Glitter Artwork

As per my plan, I’ve made new, more colorful artwork for the sitting room. This is probably my favorite artwork project I’ve made to date. Sadly, no matter how hard I try, there’s no way to capture how beautiful this is on an image. Every picture I take falls flat, because a picture simply can’t capture the sparkly goodness of the cut glass glitter that I used to cover the whole piece of artwork. But I’ll do my best, and I’ll add a video to my Instagram later today so you can see it “in action”, so to speak. UPDATE: I’ve added a video to my Instagram showing the glitter in all its glory. You can see that here. If you aren’t on Instagram, you can see it on Facebook here. This artwork was inspired by one of my favorite artists I follow on Instagram, Kristi Kohut at Hapi Art. She has one piece in particular that I absolutely love and have admired for a long time now, which is her striped “LOVE” piece that is bathed in cut glass glitter. Her work is next level — only high quality art materials, framed in custom Lucite frames, some of which … Continue reading Colorful Cut Glass Glitter Artwork