Addicts (not so) Anonymous Link Party

Hello all!  I’m running a bit late today because I’ve been reading your comments on this morning’s post.  I’ve loved your comments!  If you haven’t chimed in yet, come tell us what you think about DIY being called a “trend” that has outstayed its welcome.

Well, I think it’s obvious that I LOVE DIY!  And right now, I can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on!

A few reminders:

  1. Link only things that you have done yourself…diy projects, room makeovers, recipes, etc.;
  2. Please link projects that are new to A2D (repeats will be deleted);
  3. Link to a specific post (permalink), not to your general blog URL;
  4. Be aware that I may use your photo on other areas of the A2D website and/or the A2D Facebook Page;
  5. Grab a button and add it to your post (or your sidebar, or wherever…or just add a text link to A2D);
  6. Be sure to visit others and leave comments!!




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  1. Hi Kristi — I totally agree that DIY is NOT a trend. My family has been DIYers from the time my grandparents immigrated here — not only because of expense but especially to make it ‘our way’. I love seeing knock-offs that DIYers make that are no different than what a store may sell for double, triple, or more than it costs to make.

    Also, I had trouble using your new ‘link party’ button so I used your regular one.
    Thanks for hosting a wonderful party.

  2. I love the link ups on your blog. I think you get a few that you don’t see everywhere else, and some really original ideas! Thanks for hosting, have a lovely weekend. -K

  3. DIY is NOT a trend, nor will it ever be considered tired, or “over”. DIY is for those of us who have visions of creativity, but not enough time (and in my case, skill) to make art a full-time job. I think what has designer’s upset is homeowner’s giving it a go on their own. Economy is tight, we all know that. Designer’s rates are high -relative to most incomes – but that doesn’t mean we all don’t want to change and improve the look of our home. We just don’t want to break the bank. I love DIY. Gives me tremendous satisfaction. We’re working on a bedroom redo right now, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. What I do think should be over, is shoddy workmanship – the kind I see on Design on a Dime! That show gives DIY a bad name.

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  5. Diy is here to stay as long as people are prepared to learn new skills and save money . Essential with the economic climate we are in on both sides of the pond at present !

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