Guest Bedroom Bedding Progress and Pillow Fabric Options

My trim for the guest bedroom bedding finally arrived, so I was able to finish up the quilt and two pillow shams yesterday. I still have three more pillows that I need to sew, so the bedding isn’t quite finished yet. I’ll show you the options for the other pillows later in this post, but here’s what I actually have finished so far… I ordered this quilt set from Overstock in a king size to use for the actual quilt, and then I bought a twin size to use to make matching pillow shams. I ordered a king size, even though the bed is a queen size, because I wanted to be able to customize it to the precise size I wanted. So naturally, the king size was way too big… Before I did any cutting and resizing, I washed it, which made the fabric so incredibly soft. I’m very happy with this quilt. It’s not too heavy, not too lightweight, and super soft. I also like the very simple stitching. So after washing it and then spreading it out on the bed… I determined exactly how much I wanted it to hang down on each side, and then started … Continue reading Guest Bedroom Bedding Progress and Pillow Fabric Options