Heartbroken (R.I.P., Peeve)

Y’all, I’m absolutely heartbroken. Last Tuesday, Matt and I had to say goodbye to our precious 17-year-old calico, Peeve. She was a little 5-pound cat with a 1000-pound personality, and our home feels so empty without her. Matt and I got her on our one-year wedding anniversary during a weekend trip to the Oregon coat. We hadn’t planned on getting a cat, but as we walked around in that small coastal town, we spotted a pet store and stopped in. I’ve never been a “pet store” kind of person, but when I laid eyes on this tiny little calico cat, she stole my heart and I had to have her. They kept her for us until we were ready to head back home since we couldn’t keep her in the bed and breakfast where we were staying. So on our way out of town, we swung by and picked up our new kitten. And then she proceeded to SCREAM AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS all the way home — for 90 straight minutes. šŸ˜€ Several times during that trip, I looked at Matt with these SCREAMING kitten on my shoulder and asked, “What the heck have we done? What … Continue reading Heartbroken (R.I.P., Peeve)