Home Gym — The Current View & The Plan

I’m giving up on my plan to finish the living room before moving on to the hallway and home gym, but the reason is completely out of my control. I’ve been waiting on two packages to be delivered for the living room, and those packages (along with about three others for the music room) have been delayed, and delayed, and delayed some more. My guess is that UPS and FedEx are still trying to dig out from underneath the backlog created by our 10-day ice and snow storm here in Texas (during which I did not see one single UPS, FedEx or USPS truck on my street). So when my packages said “out for delivery” two days in a row last week, and then nothing showed up and the tracking was changed to “delayed”, I decided it’s time to move on. I’m turning my focus and energy to the home gym (and the hallway) so that I can get these areas done and move on to the studio, which is what I REALLY want to be working on. So let’s talk about what I’m working with, and what I envision for this room. First, here’s the current floor plan again … Continue reading Home Gym — The Current View & The Plan