Is This Bed Really Worth $60,000?

I have seen the ads for Hastens beds for quite some time, but never really paid attention. Well my curiosity finally got the most of me. I couldn’t even fathom how or why a bed could be worth $60,000, so I decided to look into it. I’m really impressed with the construction of these beds, but that’s just a LOT of money!!

So what makes this a $60,000 bed? First of all, each bed is completely handmade. Yes, every stitch is done by hand! And while most beds today are made out of polyester and other man made materials, this bed is made of all natural materials–cotton, wool, flax. But evidently the key “ingredient” is the horsehair.


1. BJ top mattress contains genuine horsehair and cotton/wool. The fabric is 100% cotton.
2. Partly upholstered in cotton stretch fabric, 100% cotton, blue check.
3. Spiral system, 15 cm high with 8-ring springs, individually sprung with firmer springs around the edges.
4. Extra reinforced corner springs and flax corner stuffing.
5. Spiral system, 13 cm high.
6. Extra reinforced corner springs and flax corner stuffing.
7. 9.2 cm high, strengthened wood frame of solid pine.
8. Cotton/wool.
9. Genuine horsehair.
10. Flax.
11. Cotton/wool.
12. Genuine horsehair.
13. Cotton/wool.
14. Cotton/wool.
15. Flax.
16. Flax.
17. Cotton lining underneath, preventing dust from entering from below and making the underside of the bed easy to vacuum.

The company actually sells beds that range in price from $4750 to $60,000, and their most popular model is right around $15,000.

So when you consider that we spend about 1/3 of our lives in bed, and this bed would no doubt give you a great night’s sleep, what do you think? Is any bed worth $60,000?



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