Master Bathroom Shower Indecision

Y’all, I know that by the time this bathroom is finished, we’re all going to be so tired of talking about it. šŸ˜€ BUT…I have one chance to get this right, and as a blogger, I have a built-in crowdsourcing opportunity when I need input and information. I know that so many of you have gone before me and had to make these exact decisions, and I have the distinct opportunity of learning from so many of you and hearing how your decisions worked out and what (if anything) you would do differently. So I hope y’all don’t mind me taking advantage of your experience and knowledge. šŸ™‚ And today, I’d love your input on shower fixtures. When the guys left on Friday, they had most of the subfloor in (except in the shower), and they had framed the walls between the shower and toilet area, as well as the wall that separates those areas from the main part of the bathroom. I know it’s sometimes hard to make heads or tails of pictures when all you can see is a bunch of 2-x 4’s, so this is the layout of the bathroom… That’s not quite to scale, but you … Continue reading Master Bathroom Shower Indecision