Master Bathroom Tile Selections

I think I finally have my tile selections figured out for the master bathroom. I had a bit of a challenge picking out a tile for the shower floor because this floor is a bit different from most. Most shower floors are level around the edges and slope towards a center drain. But since we needed a curbless shower with no transition from the bathroom floor to the shower floor, here’s how we had to do it… The floor straight ahead from the shower entrance will all be level with the bathroom floor, and then to the right of that, the slope will start. So four feet of the flooring will be sloped towards the drains. There will be two linear drains spanning the entire width of the shower head wall. With that in mind, I needed a floor tile with a continuous grout line that could go the length of the shower where the slope will start. And it’s not that the slope will be very noticeable. Shower floors only have to slope 1/4-inch per foot. But I didn’t want to take a chance on using something like a small mosaic tile in a herringbone pattern and have half … Continue reading Master Bathroom Tile Selections