Metal & Glass Side Table Makeover (Music Room Progress)

My cute little settee for the music room arrived a few days ago, so I took some time to get this area of the room all set up and finished. Well, it’s finished for the most part. The pillows you see on the settee probably aren’t going to stay there. Probably. Maybe. Heck, I don’t know. Anyway, part of getting this area finished included a side table makeover. Here’s how my little side table turned out… If you’ve been around here for a while, you may recognize that table. I got a pair of those tables free from Overstock soon after we moved into this house. They were originally black metal and glass tables that looked like this… I ended up painting the metal on the tables with gold spray paint, and I used them in the living room for a while. Then during the original kitchen remodel, I did a little back-painted glass experimentation on the tables (because I was considering back–painted glass as a backsplash in the kitchen), and then I never used the tables again. They’ve been sitting in the sunroom (i.e., my storage room). So when I pulled them out to consider using them in the … Continue reading Metal & Glass Side Table Makeover (Music Room Progress)