Refinishing My Hardwood Floors – Sanding Progress

Hey there! I’ve haven’t had much to share this week…until today. We finally have progress! The sanding of the hardwood floors was delayed by a couple of days, which was actually really good. It gave me extra time (with the help of my mom and brother) to clear out rooms, sort, organize, and get rid of stuff that had accumulated. It was like an unplanned spring cleaning, which was desperately needed. Anyway, here’s the progress… The breakfast room doesn’t look much different than it did before since it and the pantry had brand new red oak hardwood flooring (installed about three months ago) that had never been finished. But it’s a lot smoother now! And the pantry… One of my main concerns has been the transitions between rooms. I didn’t expect much difference between the kitchen and the breakfast room since the kitchen floor was only installed about two years ago, but there is actually a slight difference. That one really light board is deceiving. It’s just a random light board. But the flooring on either side of that light board still looks slightly different. I’m hoping it’s not so much that it’ll be noticeable after it’s stained. They did … Continue reading Refinishing My Hardwood Floors – Sanding Progress