10 DIY Projects You Can Make With Old Cabinet Doors

If you’ve ever been to a Habitat For Humanity ReStore, then you know that cabinet doors are abundant and cheap.  Every since my trip there a few weeks back, when I saw the row after row with stack after stack of brand new cabinet doors, I’ve been trying to think of projects that can be made with cabinet doors.

Are you aware that cabinet doors can be used for more than just hiding stacks of dishes in your kitchen cabinets?  Oh, there’s a whole world of possibilities out there!  Here are some of the great projects I found made out of cabinet doors.


1.  Turn a cabinet door into a chalkboard:

Cabinet door chalk board from Lolly Jane (left) and Life In The Fun Lane (right).



2.  Turn a cabinet door into a serving tray:

Cabinet doors made into serving trays from Crafty Nest (left) and Pumpkin Pie Crafts (right).



3.  Use a cabinet door as a frame for a large photo.

Cabinet door used as a frame from Joy Is At Home



4.  Turn a cabinet door into a decorative clip board:

Decorative clip board from The Creative Crate



5.  Turn a cabinet door into a chess board (or other board game):

Chess board from Just Something I Made



6.  Make a photo collage using a cabinet door:

Photo collage from A Thousand Words



7.  Create a coat hanger using a cabinet door:

Coat hangers from Crafty Scrappy Happy



8.  Turn a cabinet door into a jewelry organizer:

Jewelry holder from Life Made Interesting



9.  Use cabinet doors to organize office and craft supplies:

Office and craft supplies organizer from Meridian Road



10. Turn a cabinet door into wall art:

Wall art from A Turtle’s Life For Me



So have you used cabinet doors in creative ways?  Chalkboards and cork boards are definitely the “go to” craft that people like to make with old cabinet doors, but there are so many other creative ways that people have used them!  If you have a brilliant idea, please share!

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  1. says

    Great ideas I hadn’t thought of! I make chalkboards out of cabinet doors, but I love all the other uses! I just found some extra doors in the garbage. Now I have more ideas! Thanks for sharing. -K

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