Bathroom remodel - before and after of a small but full hallway (guest) bathroom after a budget remodel

The original hallway bathroom (full guest bathroom) in our 1948 fixer upper felt very dark and small, even though it had a window and a tiny vanity. For this hallway bathroom remodel, I tore out all of the original finishes and fixtures, right down to the wall studs, floor joists (the dirt ground below the house was fully exposed), and ceiling joists, and then rebuilt it myself.

I did the original remodel in 2015 (see the original before and after of that remodel here), and then gave the bathroom a more colorful makeover in 2019 (you can see the original remodel vs. the more colorful current version here).

The original bathroom remodel, which was only the second extensive, down-to-the-studs remodel I had ever tackled myself (second only to our current kitchen), stretched my DIY capabilities further than they had been stretched before. Even though this was just a small bathroom remodel (i.e., much smaller than our kitchen), the scope of the project was a bit more extensive, and I learned so much and gained so much confidence doing this project myself.

You can see the whole project, from the very beginning, to the end of the original bathroom remodel, and through the second colorful makeover, in the posts below.

*Please note that these posts are listed in reverse chronological order, so you have to scroll down to the bottom of this page to find the very first post I wrote about the hallway bathroom remodel, and to see the project from the beginning.

All Hallway Bathroom Blog Posts (from most recent to oldest):

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