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DIY Bathroom Remodel Before And After

If you’re looking for a DIY bathroom remodel before and after reveal I’ve got one for you, because…

I finally finished my bathroom remodel! Woohoo! I’m so excited to be done!  There are now two whole finished rooms in my house.  😀  And they just happen to be the two most challenging — a total gut job down to the studs, floor joists, and ceiling joists, followed by a total rebuild of the kitchen and the hallway bathroom.  The rest of the rooms should feel like a walk in the park after these!

I started this small DIY bathroom remodel on January 22nd — almost exactly six months ago — and have been working on it off and on since then. I took a break during my father-in-law’s two-week visit in March, another break during my two-week blogging break, and yet another break while I finished up the condo. So if I had to guess, I’d say it took an actual three-and-a-half months of work. But I finished it!!

Here’s the finished DIY bathroom remodel…

Bathroom remodel with wainscoting, furniture-style vanity, wall sconces and shelves

People regularly ask me, “Do you actually do all of the work yourself?” So I need to give credit where credit is due. 🙂

  • I have a plumber who does all of my plumbing for me. I refuse to get under my house, so I leave the plumbing to others.
  • My brother-in-law helped me wire the new lighting and outlets.
  • My neighbor and his son and friend helped me remove the old cast iron bathtub, and I also payed them to haul away the 39 heavy bags full of old broken tile and mortar, as well as some other construction debris.

I did everything else myself, from breaking out the old tile and mortar and bagging it up, laying new subfloor and concrete board, installing the concrete board around the bathtub, installing new drywall (even on the ceiling!), installing all of the tile on the floor and bathtub surround, building and installing the new vanity, building the built-in storage area, and on, and on. So I would guesstimate that I did at least 95% of this remodel by myself

Now Let’s Take A Look At The DIY Bathroom Remodel Before And After…

When we bought the house, the bathroom was not only very dated, but it was also incredibly inefficient, with a huge storage cabinet above the tub that was pretty much inaccessible to me, a tiny sink and vanity, and a vanity light with a pull chain. The only outlet in the room was the one on the vanity light, and I couldn’t even reach it, so I basically had a bathroom with no usable outlets.

The bathroom also had a pretty useless window. It was originally an exterior window, but now it looked into the enclosed sunroom. That sunroom will eventually be a hallway once we do our big remodel back there, and since I don’t want a window looking into a hallway, I removed it.

Outdated original bathroom from the late 1940s / early 1950s with mosaic tile floor and tiled walls and tub.

I gutted everything, right down to the floor joists, studs, and ceiling joists, and then rebuilt the bathroom.  It looks absolutely nothing like it did before.

Bathroom remodel with new flooring, vanity, and wainscoting

That’s a pretty drastic change, right?!  😀  Here’s a side-by-side view of the before and after…

Bathroom remodel - before and after

As I mentioned, the old vanity was tiny, and the only outlet was on that vanity light.  All of the cream and maroon tile made the bathroom feel a bit dreary and depressing to me, and that mirror was way too high to actually be usable to me.  (I’m only five feet tall, and that thing was high!)

Outdated bathroom from late 1940s / early 1950s with mosaic tile floor and tiled walls

But now I have a much bigger vanity, with usable counterspace, lots of storage, actual usable outlets, and a mirror that I can actually use and see more than just my face from the chin up.  😀

Bathroom remodel - original 1948 bathroom was torn down to studs and completely rebuilt

FYI, the floor in the hallway is looking a bit rough now, where I installed the threshold, filled in the missing boards after moving the door, and after dragging 39 bags of debris through there. 

I’ll repair all of that, including that one transition threshold board, when I work on the hallway.  So just ignore that and only look at the tile.  😉

Small bathroom remodel - before and after

It’s hard for me to imagine now that the bathroom ever looked like that, but it’s even harder to imagine just how much worse it got during the remodel.

The Process (It Got Worse Before It Got Better)

As bad as the bathroom looked before I started the remodel, it got much, much worse as things progressed. I still can’t believe how many contractor bags I filled with tile and mortar that came off of the walls and floor. The mortar was so thick!

removing tile and thick mortar bed from tub surround and walls in a late 1940s / early 1950s bathroom
bathroom demolition for remodel - removing tile, thick mortar bed, and wire from walls in late 1940s / early 1950s bathroom

And once I got all of that out of there, I had to remove some rotted subfloor as well.

bathroom remodel - 1940s tile, thick mortar bed, and wire removed from walls and floor

As I mentioned before, my neighbor and his son and friend helped me remove the cast iron tub, and underneath there, I found where some animal had made its nest.

original 1940s cast iron bathtub removed - nest and leaves underneath, and damaged / old / rotted subfloor

I still find it hard to believe that I never shed any tears from being overwhelmed by the process or the condition of my bathroom at any point during this remodel.  Now temper tantrums are another story. I definitely threw a few temper tantrums, like when I was installing the concrete board around the tub by myself and I dropped one of the boards on my head.

So while I threw my fair share of temper tantrums, I don’t remember ever just having a good ole sob party from being overwhelmed.  Even when I removed most of the subfloor, and I could see straight through to the dirt below, I was fairly confident that I could get it done.  Not completely confident, but fairly confident.  😀

About Those DIY Projects…

The entire room is one big DIY project, but it’s made up of lots of individual DIY projects. I documented those along the way, so you can go back and see how I made each things. For this bathroom, I…

  • made the vanity out of three inexpensive unfinished oak cabinets that Home Depot carries in stock. I attached them together with wood glue and screws, and then added decorative feet;
  • built the countertop out of pine 2″ x 3″ lumber;
  • framed the mirror using the same trim that I use on all of my door sand windows;
  • made a decorative wood bathtub skirt to cover the plain side of the inexpensive bathtub;
  • covered the ceiilng in strips of thin plywood to look like shiplap;
  • and turned bifold closet doors into double doors that open out into the hallway.

You can find all of these DIY projects linked at the end of this post.

Bathroom remodel with wainscoting, furniture-style vanity, wall sconces and shelves

The previous owners had covered the ceiling in 1 x 4’s and polystyrene tiles, just like the rest of the house.

bathroom ceiling covered in acoustic polystyrene (styrofoam) tiles, probably added in the 1970s

Once I removed the tiles and 1 x 4’s, the old drywall began to crumble, so I had to re-drywall the ceiling.  Then I decided to add a wood slat design to the ceiling using strips of stained 1/4-inch plywood.

DIY dark stained wood shiplap ceiling in bathroom

I was afraid that the dark ceiling might make the room look dark, or make the ceiling feel low, but it doesn’t.  In fact, it had the opposite effect.  The ceiling in this room feels so much higher to me than the rooms with just white drywall.

A previous owner had built this storage cabinet above the bathtub just on top of the tile surround. It wasn’t functional at all because it was so deep that reaching the back of the cabinet was impossible.

original tiled bathtub surround above cast iron bathtub in late 1940s / early 1950s bathroom, with storage above, probably added in the 1970s

Plus, it was like showering in a cave.  Now the tub area feels so spacious.

Bathtub area in remodeled bathroom with wood tub skirt and subway tile
bathroom remodel - bathtub area before and after

The main shower curtain is purely decorative.  In fact, this time I made the panels stationery and hung them with Velcro, so they can’t close.  The actual usable shower curtain is tucked in behind the front shower curtain panel.

Decorative shower curtain used over shower curtain liner

And since I use the breathable fabric hotel liners (not the thick plastic ones), it dries very fast. I’ve never had a problem with mildew on these liners, even though I always keep my shower curtains open.  I don’t like closed shower curtains.  I feel like they make a bathroom feel much smaller. Also, in my case, a closed shower curtain would hide the paneled bathtub skirt that I built.

Decorative wood bathtub skirt built to cover the side of a plain bathtub

The original storage closet was behind the bathroom door.  It actually provided quite a bit of usable storage space.

original linen closet in a late 1940s / early 1950s bathroom

But as I was rebuilding the bathroom, I decided I wanted something a little different.  The original linen closet made the bathroom feel really small, so I opted for a cabinet on bottom with open shelving on top.

Cabinet and open shelves built to replace an original linen closet in a small bathroom
Bathroom linen closet replaced with a lower cabinet and upper open shelves
Bathroom linen closet replaced with lower cabinet and upper open shelves

The double doors may be my favorite part of this DIY bathroom remodel.  The original door opened into the bathroom, which was another thing that made this bathroom feel so cramped.

late 1940s / early 1950s bathroom before remodel - linen closet hidden behind bathroom door

Since it’s just a standard 32-inch wide doorway, and double doors for that size would have been a custom order. That would have been very expensive. So I ended up making my own double doors out of bi-fold closet doors.  I also moved the whole doorway over about 10 inches to make room for a larger vanity.

Original bathroom door replaced with double doors that open out into the hallway to make more room inside bathroom
Hallway bathroom door replaced with double doors that open out into the hallway to save space

The whole room just feels so much bigger to me now, even though it’s still just 8′ x 8′.

bathroom before remodel - original late 1940s / early 1950s tiled walls and mosaic tile floor
DIY bathroom vanity made from inexpensive stock oak cabinets from a big box home improvement store

I actually really did like the style of the original floor, and was kind of sad to see it go.  But I started this remodel because the 1/2-inch lip of tile from the hallway to the bathroom made access impossible for Matt. So the vintage tile had to go.  (Plus, that flesh-colored tile really wasn’t my thing.  Had it been white and black, that would have been hard to tear up.)

original pink and white mosaic tile floor in late 1940s / early 1950s bathroom

I love the new 6″ x 24″ tile that I used.  It has a marble effect, and looks so light and bright.  But best of all, it is now perfectly level with the hardwood floor in the hallway. Matt can now easily access this room. 

I originally used Alabaster grout on the floor, and it ended up looking dirty and dingy.  So I went back over it with Grout Renew in Bright White, and it made SUCH a huge difference!  Now it looks bright and clean. It also made the grout lines kind of disappear, allowing the tile to be the focus.  Before, with the Alabaster grout, the grout lines kind of jumped out at you, stealing attention from the tile.

New ceramic tile flooring that looks like marble in the bathroom

And that’s pretty much it!  Here are a few more pictures…

Bathroom remodel - tile accent backsplash, built in open shelves, DIY wood countertop with undermount sink
DIY bathroom shelve above toilet
DIY wall shelves above toilet and framed artwork on bathroom wall
DIY wood bathroom counteretop with undermount sink
Built-in open shelves in bathroom
Built-in open shelves to replace linen closet in a bathroom

So now to the big question.  How much did this remodel cost? 

The whole thing cost $3,968.  And that includes the $1000 that I paid my plumber and my neighbor.  I did get some things free, though, like the sink, faucet, tub faucet, and drawer/door pulls.  I think that’s it, so if you add the cost of those things, I’m looking at a $4400 remodel.

That’s not too bad, right?  Especially considering that this was a down-to-the-studs (and ceiling joists, and floor joists) remodel. Everything in here is new, so I don’t think that cost is bad at all!  A temporary, lipstick-on-a-pig makeover would have been considerably cheaper, but it would have been temporary.  So I’m much happier that I went this route.

Here’s a final side-by-side look at my DIY bathroom remodel before and after…

Small bathroom remodel - before and after

Products & Sources:

DIY Projects For This Bathroom Remodel

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This bathroom got a colorful makeover in January 2019. Here’s a peek of how it turned out…

You can see more pictures of the updated colorful bathroom here…

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  1. Amazing job! I just want to hug you because I followed along every step of the way and know how hard you worked! Everything turned out so beautifully and I can’t get over how cozy the room feels (without feeling cluttered or messy).

    Congrats & now go enjoy a nice long soak in that tub!

    1. Just what she said! Congratulations on a a victorious completion after all of that hard work! Will you take a break for a few days and rest up? Do it if you need it!

    2. Hello Kirst,

      I also absolutely agree with her comment too. It really looks great!

      Just one question: Where did you install the ventilation to drain the dampness in the room?


  2. Absolutely beautiful!!! I can’t believe how much larger the bathroom looks, even though I know it’s not. And I agree with you on the ceiling, it makes it appear to be taller. All your hard work has definitely paid off!

  3. Holy Cow! This is awesome…incredible work Kristi! You are to be commended and I know Matt is super pleased that he can roll in and out of that space. Kudos to you for all the hard work! Great job!
    Take a break…it’s hot outside…chill and enjoy a much needed and deserved break.

    I hate to ask but what is next on your work list?

  4. It looks amazing. I too have followed you all along this process. Total cost–amazing. I just can’t find any other words except AMAZING–and beautiful!

  5. Kristi, you did a fabulous job here. So much fine detail; it’s no wonder it took longer than you’d expected. I’m happy for you!

  6. Absolutely stunning! What an amazing transformation!! I can’t get over how little it actually cost you (in money , not sweat equity obviously). If you had called in a contractor it was have cost a minimum of 10K probably and they would not have done all the beautiful detailing. Outstanding job Kristi! Looking forward to your next completed project,

  7. Wow! What a real WOW effect! I am really liking the change in the linen closet. I hope to use this idea in the future.

  8. I love it and find so many details in there so very beautiful that I might consider to change several things in our bathroom now 🙂 I adore the new shower curtain, love the doors and the entire new cabinet area and, as ever, am delighted by the wainscoting as well as the paneling on the bathtub. Congratulations for achieving an amazing look and for getting through another huge and seemingly never-ending job!

  9. Girl, you are a class act. And that’s one classy bathroom. The expense would easily have been twice that if you had paid contractors to do all that custom work.

  10. Kristi I knew you were good but dang girl you are a miracle worker!!! That bathroom is as awesome as your kitchen. I am just so proud for you and know if you are not you should be popping buttons with pride at such an incredible job. Beautiful Bravo!!

  11. Wow! that ugly old bathroom turned out to be absolutely beautiful! I was kind of worried when I saw all the debris from the tub and tile demolition–that would have been quite daunting to me (even if I was having someone else doing the work)! I have been hooked since the beginning of the kitchen remodel, and I have become addicted 2 your decorating. I look forward to Mondays to see what you have accomplished. Good for you, Kristi!

  12. All of your work is so beautiful but if I had to pick the biggest and best decision here, it would be the way you moved the doorway and figured out how to make such a great door and leveled the entry for Matt. You accomplish such tough things with style! I will never forget the sight of the cement tub surround with red on it and your post that day and how I felt your pain! I hated that red too!

  13. Wow! This was so worth the wait. Can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to seeing it all finished. Everything looks just perfect. One of the most inspiring before and afters I’ve ever seen. And to have this elegant bathroom at that price is amazing. Wonderful job Kristi.

  14. Congratulations Kristi… an absolutely FABULOUS job. I just LOVE IT..!! And the shower curtain… <3 <3 <3

  15. Kristi it is startling in its elegance. It was so much fun to follow your progression and your blog is a pleasure to read. Thank you.

  16. Absolutely amazing!!! I’m glad you are done, but even more glad to know that I’m not the only one who gets distracted at the 95% complete mark and wants to move on to other things. Congrats on steadying you focus and finishing up. So impressed with all you put into this! You are an inspiration, as always 🙂

  17. Love, love, love!!! Amazing job. You are SO inspiring. My Monday just got a lot better. Maybe you should only do major reveals on Mondays. Just sayin’. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. You wrote: It looks absolutely nothing like it did before.

    That may be the biggest understatement ever.

    It doesn’t even look like it’s on the same planet as the old one.

  19. AMAZING! Been following you since day one. Can you do a tutorial on the shelves. How long/wide are they. I have the same exact floor plan in my BR and have tried at least 5 different decorating ideas. I love that I can see how shelves will look above the toilet. Tks.

  20. Lovely,plus you are able to completely cross that project off your list! And, at the same time you completed the condo! I’d say a very satisfying 6 months!

  21. Ok starting at the doors. Can I just say how much I LOVE those darn doors. I hope you do all of your hallway doors like this. It is elegant without being stuffy and it makes the hall look so open and accessible! The tile on the floor is beautiful. Again elegant without being stuffy. And I like that the tile in the shelving is vertical it draws the eye up and makes the shelves look taller. As much as I loved the original fabric of the shower curtains I love the simplistic look of the new ones more. They accent instead of overpower. The vanity is lovely and large and I will be stealing your countertop idea for my kitchen. I love how you spread the silver throughout the room and pulled the silver in the picture mat. This gives the room glitter without a crystal chandelier that is the rage right now. And last but not least I love the picture. This abstract works so well in here. You teach me that although a room is not perfect when I first do it if I make tweaks it is ok. It does not have to be perfect on the first try. Congratulations on getting a second BIG project crossed off your list. I know that the dining room is next for you but I so want you to work on your bedroom or office. You need a place to relax at night or a room to keep your supplies in. You deserve a room for you. (Or you and Matt if you do the bedroom! LOL) Again just beautiful! Congratulations on a job very well done!

  22. The bathroom remodel looks amazing! I plan on renovating my guest bath and will definitely include a couple of your projects. I can’t wait to start and with your instructions I have the confidence that I can do it.

  23. It looks amazing!!! If I didn’t know better I would never guess it’s the same bathroom at all! You do great work, and should feel very accomplished and proud!!!

  24. As USUAL! Absolutely beautiful. We have 2 very small bathrooms that are in desperate need of remodeling. I wish you could come to my house and tell me what to do and how to do it! I’m too scared to do it myself! I’m so glad I discovered your blog a couple of years ago. I love everything you do. You are a very special person. God Bless and keep on DIY-ing!

  25. I’m so happy for you Kristi that this is completely done and NOT the lipstick on the pig as originally planned. You won’t have to go back and re-do. Just take your sweet love’n time on the other rooms as finances and resources become available so you won’t have to back-track on those either. You’ll sleep better knowing that. Don’t fret, we’ll all be here with you during whatever trials and tribulations you may encounter. Hope you can get the HVAC soon, for both you and Matt. Was surprised to see the new shower curtain though. What made you decide differently? It’s truly a wonderful room. Well done, dear.

    1. Speaking of HVAC, where WILL the ductwork have to be located in the bathroom? I noticed in the before pictures there appeared to be a wall unit of some sort.

  26. I’ve been following you for a few years, but I have to say you’ve blown me away with the kitchen and bathroom in this house! It really is hard to believe what the rooms were like before! Love, love, LOVE this bathroom! When we move in the next year or so, we hope to get a small fixer-upper and you can bet I’ll be looking to you for inspiration!

  27. Every bit of the headache and trouble was worth it. Your finished bathroom is elegant and tasteful without any hint of overblown or tso hat generic look that so many remodeled bathrooms have. The details you labored over were definitely worth it – the vanity color looks even better in the finished space than it did when you painted it. The tile is awesome, the art is just right for the space, and the new shower curtain solution is perfect. This is a wonderful project and I’m so happy for you about the price tag, too.

  28. A fabulous job Krisiti. I was so excited to open up your email for the reveal and you did not disappoint. It is gorgeous.

  29. The bathroom is fabulous! The attention to detail and all the woodworking on the cabinets and panel walls really makes it special and showcase your woodworking skills. I know you are glad it’s complete. I can’t wait to watch the dining room come together.

  30. Kristi, WOW WOW WOW!!!…You nailed it, and it is so beautiful!!!!!!!…All your hard work and vision of this bathroom paid off…I love everything about it! So much detail and the colors say WOW!!!… So happy for you and your finished bathroom…Next!…LOL!

  31. When I first quickly went through each picture, because I was so anxious to see the completed bathroom, I thought the ceiling was the “Wow” in this room. But then I read your post and studied each picture. Everything in here is Wow! Wow! & Wow! again. The detail you add to your work is amazing! There is no other blog I enjoy like your’s. Great job!

  32. Kristi I have followed your blog a year now but have never commented. I do admire you’re perfectionist attitude and ability. But this bathroom makeover is OMG AMAZING. I too have just finished (paying for!) a 30yr old 5×8 bath remodel to the tune of $10,000! So I truly appreciate every little and big detail both for your effort and the cost of it all. You just knock me out and I can’t wait to read all your upcoming projects. I’m so jealous of all your talent! Take a well deserved bath and enjoy!

  33. BEAUTIFUL!!! Love how it all came together. I found your blog just about the time you started this project and its been so cool and inspiring to “watch” you through this process. Thank you for sharing all the stress and details, good and bad, and of course all the diy goodness!

  34. Oh I bet you had fun when you got to put all the pretty stuff in there. It’s all so pretty. Remarkable transformation. I love everything about it. Fantastic job!

  35. AMAZING!!!! You are awesome I am so very inspired by your courage to take these projects on. I have two bathrooms that need to be gutted and redone. I have put them off because they seemed to be such an over whelming job you have helped me see that they can be doable. Love your creative designs. Thank you so much for sharing

  36. Congratulations!!!

    What an incredible transformation!!! You must be over the moon. SO happy for you…and grateful for all your inspiration and tutorials.

    I found you midway on this latest adventure and have to say I looked forward to every email. When you stopped for your FIL’s visit, I didn’t know how you would ever get motivated again…but you did! Thank you for your incredible posts and sharing so much information.

    You are TRULY inspiring!

  37. OMG Kristi…….WOW, I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. The transformation you have done on your bathroom is nothing short of spectacular, it’s so classy and stunningly gorgeous!!!! I love everything you’ve done and it’s so hard to pick favorites, but the doors are definitely up there, as well as the wainscoting, tiling, the built in cabinet and shelving and your new shower curtain fabric is just perfect …..as I said before, I love EVERYTHING!!!!! Your attention to detail is simply amazing. You must be so proud of your vision and achievement, as Matt must be of you too, and we, your blog fans, all are of you too. You are such an inspiration to us all. Can’t wait to follow your dining room transformation next!!

  38. Very nice. You got an incredible amount accomplished in just four months. I’m a real slug in comparison.

  39. Congratulations Kristi, it looks wonderful. I really do lime the new shower curtains so much better. The whole job looks awesome!

  40. I have never written to a decorator before, mostly because someones designs may be beautiful, I never felt like I could live in one. But I have to say, yours are just wonderful, so homey. I love your color choices and mostly your choices of everything else. One word…SPECTACULAR!!

  41. Certainly a transformation and a very beautiful one but I have to ask, “Where do you hang your wet bath towels to dry?” On that robe hook by the tub?

  42. OMG I LOVE it!!! Its beautiful! And you’re right it does look so much bigger! Great, great job!

  43. This is amazing! Even though I followed every step of this, it is still amazing! You are amazing! Well done Kristin!

    1. Sorry for the typo in your name, sometimes my fingers complete the most common word before I have time to stop them…

  44. Absolutely stunningly beautiful!!! And…I love your end game on your shower drapes so much better than what you originally started with. I liked those drapes, but thought they were a little busy for such a small space. This is absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  45. I have eagerly followed every step of this project and am totally impressed by it. Who cares if it took longer than planned? It looks totally amazing and is worth the effort.

    I really like the new shower curtains, the simpler pattern and brighter colours are much more suited to the space than the busier floral.

  46. It’s very pretty! As someone already said- favorites are the new shower curtain, art, and doors.

  47. Gorgeous! I hope you feel proud of yourself after all that hard work! I love how the painting looks, I wasn’t sure at first but it looks great! It adds a nice punch of colour.

  48. Hi Kristi! Would you be so kind as to share the stain and the polyurethane that you used on the wood counters? I think you used Rustoleum? I was thinking of using Rustoleum for a wood staining project, but I think the recommended Rustoleum polyurethane that goes with the stain requires a full 7 days to cure! But I noticed you already have items sitting on the counters. Would you please share? Thank you ever so much!

  49. Congratulations Kristi!! That bathroom is beautiful – so tranquil, restful and welcoming. You did a great job on everything!

  50. Wow,wow, wow Kristi! This has been an amazing journey! You must be so pleased with the result. Well done. Thank you for sharing it all as it has been really inspiring. Congratulations! Looking forward to your next epic adventure.
    Liz (Australia)

  51. I’m giving you a standing ovation! Well worth the wait and all your hard work. Maybe your niece’s bedroom won’t be such a huge undertaking, and you can enjoy all the pretty stuff involved with decorating a young girls room. Take a little break, you deserve it! Enjoy your beautiful new room and the fruits of your labors.

  52. OMG! You did such a fantastic job on this beautiful bath. I love it all, but that ceiling is awesome! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent.

  53. You are amazing! My hubby and I are DIYers and are slowly remodeling our home. We have worked over 2 years already because…we…are…so…slow! You are such an inspiration and I don’t know how you do it!

  54. Love it all! Looks great. Love the shower curtain, the accent pieces, esp the sandtime keeper and the mercury lamp. The lamp is the perfect size for the shelves, gives just enough light to that corner. 1 to 10, I give it a 10, Blessings

  55. Kristie, fantastic job! Now this is where I would pull up a chair in the hallway and just sit and look at the finished room and take in every detail. Remembering how It started and then the beautifully finished room. I love the whole room. The shower curtain caught my eye. Isn’t the green fabric the same fabric you are going to use as edging on the dining room curtains? Have you changed directions or is your plan to use the fabric in both rooms?

  56. Really an incredible job, all around! The finished room really is gorgeous.The one view that you didn’t include is the tiled ceiling of the bathtub enclosure. (I’m curious how the fan ended up looking.)

  57. Wow! Just Wow! This is the most interesting and exciting decorating blog I read! I am amazed at the jobs you took on by yourself! Most of the time you hear the phrase “You da man!” In this case, “You da WOMAN”! I am anxiously anticipating the other rooms. Can’t wait!
    Great Job Kristie!

  58. Wow. Wow! WOW!!! You made that formerly gruesome room look like a million bucks. Seriously. My three favorite things:

    1. The ceiling. I know it didn’t cost you much money, but boy, the effect it has! Most ceilings have no personality. Yours does.

    2. The wooden surround of the tub. Boy, does that read as expensive! Beautiful.

    3. The doors. I genuinely forgot about them, and they wowed me once again. They truly are a worthy gateway to a fabulous room.


  59. Wow! It came out so much nicer than I had imagined! I wasn’t so sure about everything in the process but you have incredible vision and the bathroom is stunning! I love the vanity, fixtures, and tiles, but I’m just blown away how you got this done almost all on your own. What an inspiration to women! I hope you and Matt have many wonderful years together in this house!

  60. Oh, Kristi, it ‘s so pretty it makes me want to cry! Everything just looks so great together; each little piece contributes to the whole. Congratulations on a job WELL AND BEAUTIFULLY DONE!

  61. Thank you so much for sharing these photos! This bathroom is SO YOU!!! Looking at all your past projects in the condo, etc.!!! I love this bathroom and quite frankly I would not want to leave this room! That shower curtain, and all the details are stunning!!! Gorgeous!!!

  62. Kristi
    You inspire me. Out of all the blogs I visit for inspiration, yours is the one I get the most out of. I just love your ideas and following your projects from start to finish. I even love the little detours you take along the way.
    Do you keep walking to the bathroom door and admiring your work? I would.
    I look forward to your seeing what you do next.

  63. WOW it is beautiful!! You are my HERO!! I am constantly telling my husband “Kiristi did this ______” And he said “now again who is Kristi?” I said my friend in Waco. He said you don’r know anybody in Waco, TX!!

  64. You have done an amazing job!!! Love so many things about it…but the wood ceiling may be my favorite!

  65. Perfection!! Just beautiful!! What changed your mind about the shower curtain fabric? (although I think the shower curtain fabric that you ended up with suits the room so much better!!) It’s just perfect!!! Can’t wait for your next project!!

  66. Applause, applause!!!! 3 curtain calls for you! I loved the kitchen and now this bathroom is my new favorite! Kristi, I look for your post every day with held breath! You’ve made an hot summer seem enjoyable!! Take a rest and we all look forward till the next room! Thanks so much!

  67. Absolutely beautiful! I am adoring that new countertop – the blue and brown together look amazing. I actually really liked the old tile, but I do see why it needed to go too. Good work here!

  68. Kristi, I love how you remodeled the hallway bathroom. The before image looks old and depressing indeed, but the outcome looks lively and cozy that it looks like a bathroom straight from a prestigious hotel room. Good job!

  69. Honestly..im in awe…and one of the things that catches my eye the most is the trim around the doors…its all so beautiful…youve outdone yourself..still..that green kitchen is still my fav!!

  70. WOW! Kristi! 140 comments and not one of them is snarky or disrespectful. WE ALL love your work and as stated, can’t wait to see what you will next pull out of your bag of magic. I just recently, (10 or so days ago) found your blog through Hometalk and I immediately subscribed. AND, I have read everything you’ve written, so far. You are truly gifted! I think what sets you apart from the average DIYer is your attention to detail and your can-do attitude. You have such an unerringly great “eye” for knowing what looks good and for what will work and the gumption for seeing a task through to the end. And Kristi, thank you for not following the mainstream and using the ubiquitous Robin’s Egg Blue and the sanded white painted (distressed), “beachy”look. So over that! I love your new bathroom, kitchen, condo and the vision you have shared for your whole house redo. I’m so looking forward to seeing what you do next! I know it will be amazing! So much to look forward to! I can’t wait!

  71. OMG. CLOSET BI-FOLD DOORS. Seriously, the best home improvement idea I have ever seen!! Our master bath is a strange add-on and the door opens into the bathroom at an angle, so we lose an entire corner for storage because of a door that cannot be closed if you’re standing by the sink… you have to see it to understand.

    I did not want to be tearing down walls and re-building stuff for a pocket door, SO THIS IS THE PERFECT SOLUTION! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  72. Kristi I have only recently found your blog and I so look forward to your posts. You are a courageous and brave lady with undeniable talent and such an inspiration. Keep up the posting. Of the blogs I follow yours is the one I look forward to the most. Best wishes
    Wendy (NZ)

  73. Amazing!!! This after pics of bathroom just looks so flawless and simple. Awesome bit of work. I wish I had a bathroom like any of these.

  74. I came across your make overs on PInterest today. I just love your bathroom and kitchen, but a huge fan of your bathroom. It is perfect, and so much attention to detail. Was the cabinets you used for the bathroom kitchen cabinets or for the bathroom cabinets. I’ve been looking into make a change in our master bathroom, but a bit intimidated because the cabinet we have now is 92 inches. I look forward to more of your awesome work!

  75. Kristi, can you send info on the closet remodel? I absolutely love the idea and would like to try in my bathroom. Thanks for all your inspiring ideas!! Love it!

  76. Kristi,

    You are so INSPIRING ! My bathroom is set up similar to yours with the closet behind the door beside the bath tub.. so dysfunctional. I had a leak in some piping so my insurance company is paying me out for a new Vanity and flooring. I am going to use your idea’s and guidance from your blog I will try to keep you posted and followers thru Facebook pictures I think I can post pictures there.. Your Blog is AWESOME …. If I need to click or do something to get you Money let me know… Beth Birdsell Phoenix AZ

    1. Beth, I’m so glad you feel inspired! And YES, I’d love to see pictures of your bathroom progress, and of course, pictures of the finished room. Have fun planning and designing! 🙂

  77. About that ceiling again… would you recommend a ceiling like yours for a basement ceiling with low heights? It would be a big area but we need something to cover the floor joists and pipes. I don’t like the spray-paint everything black look. Do you think a dark slat ceiling would work?

  78. I have a similar layout with my bathroom. How many hours would you say you invested in this project. I love everything about it! Great job.

  79. It is beautiful. Did I miss something? I don’t remember the light fixture changing from the drum light to this one. I followed along this project and you inspired me. Your gave me the courage to start my own projects at home and so far I haven’t regretted it. I’m reworking my house with an eye toward accessibility. I, like Matt, have MS. Mine is relapsing/remitting and I’ve been blessed to be in remission for seven years. BUT, I know that will likely change one day and I need to be prepared for whatever may come. So far, with you in the back of my mind telling me I can do it, I’ve redone my tiny (5×7) bathroom and I’ve raised my laundry room floor level with the rest of the house (it was two steps down). I just finished building a kitchen island at my daughter’s house (I’m teaching her now) and I’m getting ready to gut my own kitchen! In the past, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to do things like this because I am not a professional, but seeing everything you’ve been able to accomplish helped me take the leap and give it a try, and I haven’t regretted it. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Your blog may be about decorating and DIY, but it has been about so much more for me. I’m sure I’m not the only one out here that your example has empowered. Blessings and gratitude to you 🙂

  80. Hi, I came across your site while trying to find pictures of 19.5″ depth vanity with an undermount sink. I have to say that I absolutely love what you have done here! You are amazingly resourceful and have great taste. I wanted to know if you would be able to tell me the cut out size for the sink in this bathroom? Thanks for posting all your great work!!!

  81. Your bathroom looks absolutely gorgeous! I love the tile floors. I am about to use it in my master bathroom. I have one question about the grout. I saw you originally used alabaster grout, but thought it was too dark and covered it with Grout Renew Bright White. So, if I am trying to get the same look should I get Bright White grout to start with? Also, I have read reviews about this tile and some say that it breaks easily. Did you have any problems with tiles breaking? Thanks!

    1. If I had to do it again, I’d definitely use bright white grout. I haven’t had any problems with mine breaking easily…or at all.

  82. Hi Kristi,
    Lovely bathroom! You did a great job! Have you found the sconce bases hold up well? I just ordered them, but I am worried about rust and/or pitting.



  83. Oh! Forgot to ask: Did you take the frame out of the linen cover that came with the sconce, in order to hold up your glass shades? Or did you do something else? I notice your glass shades have the large opening at the bottom.

    Thanks again!

  84. Wow! Amazing transformation, just love it! I am definitely going to use some of these ideas. Great Job!!!

  85. I am glad to see people still posting replies on this remodel. Although it is not my style, you did an amazing job and I can certainly appreciate your attention to detail. I had to laugh however as I have also had building materials fall on my head in the past; usually while I was stretching to reach a tool that was just a little to far from my hand [while balancing something overhead of course]. Over the years I have learned plenty of tricks to solo remodeling however and I know when to get help in order to be as safe as possible! Please let your readers know to have plenty of quick clamps, temporary blocking and screws, multiple ladders, proper safety equipment and help [if needed] on hand!
    Thanks for sharing and hope that you still enjoy remodel work!

  86. Thanks for sharing this informative post!
    I have been reading this blog, that gives me new ideas for Bathroom Renovation and interior design related stuff.

  87. Wow! This transformation is very impressive! If I had to choose my favorite part of your custom remodel it would be a tie between the wood on the ceiling and what you did to that closet space. I do custom work in SC and like to find inspiration online and your blog definitely does that, inspire. Keep up the good work!

  88. Ok this is the first time I have EVER loved something so much that I’d try to figure out how to leave comment! Amazing!! I don’t know if it’s cooler, your design (love love love the ceiling and backsplash, the nook- ok everything) or the fact that you did that, you mostly on your own. Anyway I am in love with your bathroom. Great job!

  89. No way to get any tips for those wall shelves? How long? How deep? Where you got those brackets/corbels? We just took down some closed in shelves above our kids’ toilet and I can’t get the design right in there. Your shelves would be perfect! My dad could make them and I would paint them.

  90. I am interested and using the stock cabinets in our bathroom. Now that a year has passed can you tell me if the cabinets Warp or are impacted by the moisture in the bathroom? The Home Depot salesman tried to talk me out of buying them for the bathroom.

  91. The vanity is amazing! It adds a superb accent in the room. However, I must ask: is there enough light in the shower area? I believe this to be an important aspect to any bathroom.

  92. Saw this on Pinterest recently. You did an amazing job with a relatively small space. We liked it so much that we are using the basic design as a template for our smaller bathroom. We changed up a few things as we have a newer vanity. I did our floor in porcelain tiles similar in appearance to your ceiling. I will also do the walls as you did, and copy the mirror and surround as the trim job is the same as what I did on our windows (the sconces you used are discontinued). After your caveats on the tub refinishing, I decided to have it done professionally. We may also do the skirt to match. So
    awesome to see someone who has developed the skills to undertake this kind of work which is usually relegated to the opposite sex. Keep up the great work and thanks for the ideas!

  93. I just came across this on Pinterest. It is amazing!! We are redoing our powder room and using bead (?) board on the walls. I am feeling much better about that decision now.

  94. You are my new best friend!! I just jumped in head first to fulfill my dream of flipping a house and I will be living in it for the most part. I will, however, gut the bathroom first and complete it before move in and YOU MY DEAR just gave me all the inspiration and instructions I needed to have the nerve to get started. I do have a ton of experience but always had an extra hand. This time, it’s all me. Thank you and keep up the posts, I’m very grateful!!!

  95. A lovely job, overall, especially the vanity and the changes in both doors. I’m sad that you replaced classic midcentury tile with stylish ones – in 10 years someone will walk in and whine that it’s “dated.” Classic never goes out of style. And I’m horrified – I’m ALWAYS horrified – when plaster is replaced with not plaster. Otherwise – nice job.

  96. Hi Kristi I’m writing to you because I just came across your post on Pinterest. You are my Hero, I want to be just like you!! One question what did you do with the window in the bathroom? I’m looking to redo my bathroom and it also has a window and I’d love to get rid of it too.

    1. I removed the window because that’s not an exterior wall, so it just looked into another room. I removed the window, framed the opening, and then drywalled right over it.

  97. You apparently have no respect for the classics. If you want a new bathroom, then buy a new house. Vintage style homes are becoming very rare and need to preserved.

    1. And you apparently have an over-inflated ego, and think way too highly of your own opinion. I despise you arrogant, know-it-all people who presume to dictate to other people what they can and can’t do with their property. This is MY house, purchased with MY money, and I’ll do with it what I damn well please. I could’t care less if some internet stranger doesn’t approve.

      1. Amen!

        The hyperbole from the likes of COURTNEY and SEVEDICA GOMEZ are amusing at best. These narcissistic comments belong in the garbage.

    2. Oh my word! This is an amazingly GORGEOUS bathroom, and I can’t believe you did it yourself. This is inspiring that I can do the tile job I can’t get any professionals to do. 🙂 And I’ll get to keep the money I would have paid them, too. . . Bonus 😀 I seriously adore your accomplishment here. The paneling on the ceiling was a brilliant choice, and I *love* the mosaic tile echoed in the cabinet at the vertical orientation – super cool!

  98. Why did you remove the original window and does the bathroom have any light from outside? I agree with all of the comments I’ve read so far. Your renovation is brilliant. What a beautiful bathroom you’ve created. I have not seen the kitchen. I’ll have to find it; I’m intrigued.

    1. When the house was built in 1948, that window was an exterior window. But at some point, an enclosed room was added onto the back (the previous owners called it a sunroom), so that window looked into another room rather than the back yard. At some point in the future, we plan to tear down the sunroom and add on a new master bedroom, laundry room and family room, so that window would have looked into a hallway, so I took it out. The bathroom doesn’t have any natural light since it’s basically in the center of the house.

  99. People are still commenting 4 years later!

    I can’t quite put my finger on what makes your work so stunning. It is handsome and original.

    1. I drywalled over it. It was not an exterior window, so it looked into another room in the house. That area will eventually be a closet, so there’s no need for a window looking into a closet.