At the beginning of 2020, my mom and I tackled a pretty extensive kitchen makeover in her 1960s ranch-style home. The kitchen had undergone several small changes over the years, but still had the ubiquitous thin wood cabinet doors with the routed design on the fronts, the scalloped wood canopy around the kitchen window, and the drop down paneled soffit (bulkhead) above the kitchen cabinets, among other things that she wanted updated.

This small kitchen makeover was pretty extensive, and went beyond just a coat of paint. It included a kitchen cabinet makeover with all new DIY cabinet doors and drawer fronts, new laminate countertops installed over the old ones, and cabinet interiors updated with pull-out shelves. Then the “new” cabinets got a new color with a coat of fresh green paint. The difference was day and night from the kitchen we started out with.

You can see all of the posts about my mom’s kitchen remodel project, as well as all of the DIY projects that went into creating my mom’s updated kitchen, below.

Please note that these posts are listed in reverse chronological order, so you have to scroll down to the bottom of this page to find the very first post I wrote about my mom’s kitchen makeover, and to see the project from the beginning.

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