My Office:: From Vague Ideas To Concrete Design Plan

So I started with one question, posted on the A2D Facebook Page:  Out of these fabrics, which one should I use for the draperies in my home office…

fabrics for office

For some reason, I had this idea in my mind that everyone would have the same opinion as I had.  I just knew that there would be a consensus, and I would have confirmation that I had made the right choice.

Ha!  Not even close!  The responses were all over the place, but the fabric selected the most was the bird fabric.

Here’s the deal.  I’m not going to use the bird fabric for my draperies for two reasons.  First of all, that fabric is quilting fabric, which means it’s thinner than decorator fabric, and it’s also narrower…a whole 15” narrower.  But also, I have plans to use that fabric in a pretty big way, so putting it on my windows also would be too much.

So here’s the plan (I think):

As you know, my walls are already black.  Deep, rich, gorgeous black.

office walls black

That’s an old picture, taken with my sad little point and click camera.  I’m sure I could get a much better picture with my brand new Nikon camera (yay!), but that would require energy that I simply don’t have this morning.  But you get the idea.  The walls are black.

So I want something bold for the curtains.  They will go on the window (obviously), as well as the closet, which I’m turning into my little sewing “room”.  My choice?  The green chevron.

green chevron fabric

via Fabric.com

I know some people are getting tired of the whole chevron craze.  I’m not.  Plus, I’ve always been a sucker for bold stripes.  I think this green and white against the black walls will be absolutely scrumptious!!

So as I said, that fabric will be used as curtains on the window and curtains on the closet, which will be my little sewing “room”.  So the sewing closet needs some fun, happy fabric, and that’s where the birds come in.  I’ll be using that fabric to “wallpaper” the walls of the closet.

Alexander Henry - Larkspur

photo via Flickr

It’ll also make an appearance in other places, like maybe as a pillow in the chair that I’m going to reupholster in the turquoise and white stripe…

turquoise stripe fabric

via Fabric.com

The chair I’m going to use is one of the pair that I bought at a garage sale for $8.  Yep, a pair of chairs for $8.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with the other chair, but one of them is going in my office, and will sit right by the window for a cozy little reading corner.  It’s already upholstered in stripes…

garage sale chairs 1

…so it wasn’t difficult to envision how it would look in turquoise and white stripes.  So fun!!  Can you picture it with a pillow in that cheerful, colorful bird fabric, sitting in front of a black wall, next to a window in happy green and white chevron fabric?  Oh my…I feel giddy!  Open-mouthed smile

The other fabrics will be used, but I haven’t nailed down anything concrete yet.  But there will be plenty of room for them!  I need to make a dog bed, create at least one bulletin board, reupholster two desk chairs, and lots of other fun stuff.  This room will be all about color!!

It makes me happy just to think about it.




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  1. the bird fabric was my choice too,, but I can see the green looking pretty and bold against the black walls.. cant wait to see it all. 

  2. Wow!  I already love the stripe chairs, can't wait to see how they look refinished.  The bird fabric looks fun too!  Enjoy putting your space together!

  3. I think the cheerful, colorful bird fabric will make excellent pillows and can;t wait to see the inside of the closet you are going to use it in. 

  4. The green chevron would have been my choice.  I love black, white and apple green together.

    I love bright colors… so can't wait to see what you do in this room.

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of the color.  It made me happy just reading about it.  You will be so happy and cheerful in there!  Can't wait to see it.  You are one busy lady!

  6. Love those chairs! I'm slightly envious that you found them for that price, both would look great in my living room as they are, lol. The fabrics you've picked are beautiful, can't wait to see it all come together.

  7. Interestingly, they'd fit in my family room also, just as they are!  I absolutely love the fabric that's currently on them.  Unfortunately, the previous owner had at least one cat with claws, because the sides and backs are scratched to shreds in places. 

  8. Using some of those designs would bring some colour to the room, hopefully we get to see what it looks like when it's finished!