Olioboard Challenge:: The Wrapup

The Olioboard Challenge has drawn to a close.  Did you see all seven moodboards from all seven participating bloggers?

If not, I’ve got you covered!

It was so interesting to me to see the different interpretations of “coastal cottage” design.  It goes to show how highly subjective these style labels really are, and how there really are no “rights” and “wrongs” when it comes to decorating your home.  It’s all about choosing items that you love—items that reflect your personality, your taste, your passions.

So let’s take a look at how seven different bloggers interpreted “coastal cottage” style.

First up was Lynda from Focal Point who designed a library/studio.


I could definitely be comfortable in this office!  I really like the rustic European feel of this moodboard.

Next up was Lindsay at Living With Lindsay, who designed a home office…


That desk, in my mind, has to be the perfect starting point for a coastal cottage office.  Beautiful selections!

And then Rhoda at Southern Hospitality showed us her take on a coastal cottage living room.


I really like this “outside-of-the-box” thinking with the use of red and a mix of traditional and contemporary items.

Next up was my moodboard for a coastal cottage bedroom.


The funny thing is that I really tried to think “outside-of-the-box” when putting my board together, but I think mine was the most literal coastal cottage moodboard of all of them!  lol…Oh well.  I guess “outside-of-the-box” is just not how my mind works.

Then we had Shannon from What’s Up Whimsy with her moodboard for a coastal cottage dining room.


Ummm…yes please.  I want this room.  Now.  In my home.  What a wonderfully curated collection of eclectic items that look absolutely amazing together!  Again, more outside-of-the-box thinking that my brain seems incapable of.

Next up was Rachel from Fresh Home Blog with a patio/front porch.


What a perfect setting those items would create!  I love living in a condo, but I often dream of having a small outdoor space of my own, and this seems like the  recipe for a perfect outdoor getaway.

And wrapping up this collaboration was Sheilah from Olioboard Blog, who created a beautiful coastal cottage kitchen.


What beautiful selections, and I love the blue/yellow/white palette.  It’s classic and timeless, don’t you think?

So that’s it!  Seven moodboards, seven bloggers, seven rooms, and seven very different interpretations of “coastal cottage style”.

What did you think?  Did you find any inspiration for yourself?  Did any of these seven interpretations of coastal cottage style speak to you?




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  1. love them all..were can i find print of sea shells and the like..living with lindsay..has 3..they are wonderful for my house..love the wicker style stool…also.

  2. Hey Kristi! This is our first visit to your blog. We found you via Fresh Home Magazine's blog post about the Olioboard challenge. We love the blue/green color scheme you selected for your bedroom. It looks so cozy and relaxing! We're looking forward to keeping up with your work. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey Kristi, Great wrap up. Thanks again for participating. Hope you had fun. I'll be checking in to see how that closet of yours turns out. Love the fabrics you chose. 🙂

  4. Hey Kristi! Great recap of the blogger collaboration with Olioboard! Your Coastal Cottage style bedroom board was beautiful! I especially liked how you made the board more vertical!  I enjoyed meeting you – and now getting to know your blog =) Take care and look forward to seeing future boards from you at Olioboard!

    xo Lynda

  5. This room pictures and furniture appear stunning, they definitely have the potential of making any home look great. Your room arrangement is very good and I'm confident many readers will find your post very helpful in decorating their homes.

  6. In addition to yours which I commented on when you showed us an entry or so ago, I also love Sheila's kitchen! Both are colorful yet relaxing & soothing.

    Guerrina in CT

  7. I loved all of them… since Blue is my fave color they all made me smile…. I FINALLY have a blue bedroom after YEARS of just dreaming about one.

  8. I love the palette of colors you selected for your room board. I absolutely love beachy accessories and have just mastered the monkey fist know which results in fabulous rope balls They would word great in any of these rooms!